Saturday, April 25, 2015

Boden: Autumn/Fall 2015 Preview is Live!

London Cashmere Sweater!

Hey, all!  Happy Saturday.  I was subbing all day yesterday and was unable to get to my computer till late last night.  There was an email from them letting me know that the Boden Preview was live and ready to purchase from, all with 20% off.

Before I get to the preview, let me take one moment and tell you all about the 20% off tops promo going on over at Boden right now.  This came right on the heels of Boden's dress promo from last week, which I spoke about in this post.  Anyhow, it is "up to 20% off," with the more popular items only garnering a 15% off amount, but because Boden is Boden, there are also quite a few tops that are more than that amount off, including a few for "up to 50% off."  ;-)

Alright, so the preview.  A week ago, some blog friends and I were talking through email and we realized we had all received an email from Boden telling us that things are changing with Boden and the way they process all preorders.  From now on, all preorders will be AUTHORIZED at the time of order, and that hold will be there until your order ships, which usually means a couple of months away.  Umm, no.  I mean, you do you, Boden, but wow, that is like the ultimate, "hey, if you have a low credit line, don't even bother buying from us, because we can only cater to those whose credit lines are ginormous and don't have to worry about putting daily needs items on their cards in the meantime."  I mean, it is possible that I read this wrong, but if I order $300 in preorder, that $300 is tied up until the items ship, but because I have seen Boden operate before with their credit processing, I also know that the initial hold amount could stay on longer, too.  So if my credit line is $1000, that means 30% of my line is tied up for months waiting.  And even though this may be beyond Boden's comprehension, some of us SAVE up to make sure we can pay the amount when we are told it will ship.  At least that was how I did it in the past.  Now I have to save up in the past to save up some random amount so I can buy when the preview order actually is ordered?  Huh.  Okay.  BTW, if your credit line is $50,000, that $300 preview order is a tiny amount of your line squandered away, under 1% of your line. 

Anyhow, I feel it is absolutely necessary that you all know what is going on with the orders so that if you decide to order you are ready for the new system.  I can't order anymore in preview, unless it is with gift cards or credit on my account.  Like a weirdo, I keep my credit line super low, as I hate the idea of carrying a huge credit debt on my record.  I think it is bad enough already, and I am not going to let a huge number sit there in the meantime.  But--if you can handle it and it works for your finances--then just know what is going on! 

Okay, onto the pretty of the Fall 2015 preview.  It is pretty, and there are a few lovely items.  That said, I need for the whole preview to be on view as I think it seems incomplete or lackluster.  I will do a preview "picks" post but fortunately I have nearly a month to do as the 20% off code expires on May 24, 2015.  The code, btw, is 7D4N.

Right now, I only see a few items I would definitely be interested in buying, which for me is a big deal.  Normally I fill that basket up and swoon over everything, so for me to only like a few items is sort of noteworthy.  I am glad they had this Harriet Shift Dress (above) and the London Cashmere Sweater (the top photo in the post) as I was getting concerned I had happened onto a Loft or Ann Taylor preview.  No meanness to Loft or Ann Taylor, I have some great basics from them, but it is a bit "zzzzz" overall.  I go to Boden looking for the unusual, the quirky preppy, the great tailored items in very beautiful, bright, sweet colors.

Do you have any picks?  Would love to read your thoughts since I think maybe I just have skipped right past a lot of the pretty this morning.

You all have a good day and enjoy the preview!