Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Boden: "Up to" 20% Off Dresses!

Clara Dress is 15% Off...

Hey, all.  Eep.  This promo ends tomorrow.  I had thought it was going to run longer.  My apologies for the late notice.  I *did* know about it on Monday, but between work and kid rearing and other stuff, I just couldn't get the post done.  I also was HOPING to have another coupon for you all so that if you wanted to purchase a dress and something else from the range (like shorts or a cardi, etc), that you would be able to with a discount of some sort.  But nada from the affiliate program.  All they have now is the "Boden" banners that get you there to their site but give you no discount.  Ugh.  I hate putting those banners up because I honestly don't want people clicking over to the site and giving me a small commission unless they get something too.  So while I will install a placeholder over there in the sidebar until they start giving me coupons back (it's been nearly two weeks, btw, don't even know what's going on), only click on it if you have a code or something.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY BODEN FULL PRICED.

(Sorry, Boden, you know we expect discounts after years of receiving the percentages off.)

Anyhow, till tomorrow night all dresses, in all "xx chromosome" ranges, are on sale "up to 20% off."  Hmm.  Well, I guess that means the dresses no one is buying are 20% off, while the rest may be 10% or 15% off.  That said, many of the older dresses in the range have stayed at the higher percentage off from last week's tax sale, anywhere from 30-50% off.

As per usual, I have some reviews of dresses, as do my blog friends, here at these BWRRs (Boden Weekly Review Roundups). 

Kiera Dress
Kiera Dress.  I have not had a chance to review this properly, but I have received this one.  I plan to wear it to my son's First Holy Communion.  I chose to purchase a size 8 L and based on the fact that it fits properly through all my bits, I chose wisely.  I would say it runs small, especially through the bodice (though the bodice seems a touch longer than the typical Boden bodice, I may have to take the straps up a touch).  I also have another contender for the WHY BODEN WHY race as they once again made the skirt lining a touch smaller than the skirt itself.  So stupid.  Anyhow, this time it isn't as terrible as it has been in the past, but it may require a seam ripper and a newly sewn side seam or two to ensure it doesn't catch at my low hip.  The colors are stunning (I chose the yellow bird floral one) and the fabric is quite nice.  It is very well made and will last a long time.  Great springtime formal dress for all those occasions.  ;-)

Casual Jersey Dress
Casual Jersey Dress.  Size 6 L.  I have these from last year, so I knew it would fit, and it did, exactly as last year's.  I am glad I didn't size up to the 8 L like I did in the peach one, I think the yellow stripey pattern would have looked very frumpy in that bigger size.  I think I will have to take it up by two inches, but that is a super easy alteration that should take me no longer than five minutes on my machine.  (I could wear it below my knee like I did on the navy version, but I think it will look nicer and more casual a touch shorter.  The 6 R would likely fall above my knee and be too short.  I am so difficult to please, lol.)  The color of the yellow stripes is very pretty, a saturated shade that veers more towards orange than green.  Maybe TANG but not that bright?  Egg Yolk?  TANG and Egg Yolk mixed?  Yum.

Anyhow, I hope to have good news for you regarding the coupons through the affiliate program soon.  I really hope this doesn't mean a "Boden will no longer be issuing coupons through their affiliate program."  My husband does a lot of freelance writing and notices when the companies he collaborates with stop talking with him as much it may mean the end of their contract.  He is often right, though not always, thank goodness.  I wouldn't say I am getting bad vibes from this, it likely is Boden's marketing team trying things out as a compare and contrast, but you never know.  Sigh.

Till my next post, enjoy (sale) shopping!