Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boden: Extra 15% Off Clearance AND Sale Items. Finally!

Hi, all!  Great news for anyone in *Boden* love that always lamented the fact that Boden never offered an extra % off their sale/clearance items.

Yes, I know, technically, that they have had % off clearance items in the past for a weekend of savings, and I remember the great prices and saw the response of the people who wanted just that (glee, many comments of "do this again," etc.). 

But Boden has NEVER offered a % off regular season sale items...until yesterday (it may have been Monday, but I am traveling and have less access to everything).  So in addition to prior season items receiving an additional 15% off, the current season sale stuff is also 15% off extra.

BTW, I actually was able to announce this over at my blog's facebook page yesterday, I tend to be able to do that since I find updating their mobile site much easier than the blogger platform's mobile site.  I also receive messages there easily, which is another way that I found out about the sale (I had received an email from Boden, but the extra email from a facebook reader made me realize what the email from Boden had meant since I hadn't opened the Boden email yet).  

So here's the deal...if you see an item in clearance or on sale for 50% off, then the 50% off price will show up, and after you put in the code on the shopping bag page, the extra 15% will come off the reduced 50% off price.

It doesn't matter what the % off is, it could be 20% off, it could be 40% off, or it could be 70% off, those will all be additionally reduced by 15% by the code.

THE ONLY things not reduced an additional 15% are the items that are technically still "full" price.  Boden is reducing those with the code, but only by 15%, so the price they fall to is whatever full price is minus 15% off.

Here was my purchase from yesterday (I had a credit from that awful fitting wrap dress):

Casual Jersey Dress
1. Casual Jersey Dress, Jaffa Painterly Stripe (I am a sucker for the pattern, I have it from last year, but this new price and beautiful color swayed me), size 6L (my size from last year), originally $78, then 50% off to $39, then an additional 15% off to $33.15. 

Smithfield Boot
2. Smithfield Boot, Black, size 40 (size 9), originally $198, then 30% off to $138.60, then the additional 15% off to $117.81  I am nervous about the size since I vacillate between the 40 and 41 in Boden, but since I usually size down in boots, I bet I can here and will be fine (fingers crossed).

Some items I noticed that are reduced to ridiculous levels (these are from the clearance section and only in certain colors):

Eliza Coat
1. Eliza Coat.  My favorite coat from last season, one I reviewed here and here, and wore plenty since then (here and here for example).  It was $288, then reduced by 70% to $86.40 (which is amazing on its own!), then by an additional 15% to $73.44.

Zoe Dress
2. Zoe Dress.  I have no experience with this dress, but I own a few of the Boden medium-weight ponte dresses, and they wear very well and work beautifully in most office environments.  This red version is deeply discounted, originally $148, then 70% off to $44.40, then the 15% off that to $37.74.

Milano Dress
3. Milano Dress.  I do own this and love it, and the new price on the black/white is amazing.  If you have been on the fence about whether this one is for you, maybe the new price is enough of an incentive to try it, lol.  ;-)  Originally $198, then 70% off to $59.40, and finally 15% off to $50.49.

Okay, that's all for now!  Do you have any picks? 

Use the code 5V6G to receive the additional 15% off.  If you forget the code, the Boden home page has a reminder there, too.