Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Amy. Ready for Winter!

Hey, all!  Happy Wednesday!

Before I start this bloated, late BWRR, I have a few reminders.

1. The Black Friday sale is starting tomorrow for Boden and will last until Sunday.  From what I can see, it is for 30% off everything, which is 5% off more than what the current coupon code is in the sidebar of this blog.  I can't link to the sale just yet (though I have the links in my affiliate directory), but I will make sure to get them in there so they are ready to go tomorrow morning.

2. The Cyber Monday deal seems more vague, but the promise is that certain items will be up to 40% off.  I am betting those items in the 40% off will be of the "out since August" variety, with maybe a few less popular items from winter thrown in for good measure.  I am nearly 100% positive that the Amy Dress (which is my review of the "roundup") will be 40% off.  That is a decent price for a dress that works well through multiple seasons, but only if it will work for your frame, which I know it doesn't work for all. 

Once I find out more about the Cyber Monday deal, I'll let you all know.

3. The Boden Summer 2015 Preview is set to expire on the 28th.  I will do the picks post tomorrow since I know time is of the essence.  My hope is that they will extend the shopping period for the preview, but that only happens every once in a while, so I can't bet on it happening this time.  I never got around to officially publishing the preview 20% off with free ship and returns code, but it is W8L5.

Lou did write up here favorites, and I see a few I definitely agree with, so I think our lists will be slightly similar!  :-)

Okay, onto the roundup!

Amy Dress. Size 6 L.  I did a review of this dress way back when the temperatures around here were hot and muggy, and the dress was perfect for then.  I was a bit skeptical that this dress would work for me in the winter (even though it isn't even winter yet, technically, Virginia didn't get the memo), but with the right additions from my wardrobe, the dress worked VERY well for the colder temperatures.

The tights and the wool cardigan were great at keeping me warm and toasty while leading parents through the school on the open house tours.  The only issue I slightly had was that the front of the skirt got caught on the tights while walking outside with my coat buttoned up.  I suspect that was an issue of static cling, and will need to pull out some of my favorite Static Guard to better prep my clothing for the lack of humidity.
Heehee.  I look so stiff here.  LOL.

Anyhow, the sizing is still spot on, but the dress may even fit me better now than it did in the original review post.  I lost a few pounds and the weight really fell off from waist to upper hip, so the dress falls even a touch better through the lower torso, so it looks better overall.  But it is nice to know that if I gain the weight back, I can still wear the dress.

I also want to point out that this dress was washed and hung to dry before wearing it this second time.  It was a touch wrinkly, but nothing that a quick ironing job couldn't fix.  So it's also practical.  :-)

Amy dress
Amy Dress.  Healthy stocks in nearly all colors.  Unfortunately no size 4L in two of the shades.  That appears to be the only size people are buying.

Milano Dress.  Size 6 L.  I am so sorry for these really crappy phone photos of this dress.  I only had like four seconds to get the photos before I left for my day of subbing and the phone was the only camera I had handy.  You can still see how it fits, though, so if you needed to see how it looked on me before deciding on it for you, here you go.  :-)

The fabric is very forgiving, and the 6L feels great on, definitely not tight at all, but because of the stretchy knit material, it still hugs my curves.  I love the waistband detail, really very flattering and great at creating shape.  I personally need those black bands on the sides of the skirt, though, wow, it makes me look slimmer through my bottom half because of the illusion it creates.

I don't love the other colorways, even though I love color, I feel like the colors are odd together, so for once I went with a neutral.  I paired the dress with a scarf to keep me warm, but ideally I would have preferred a single pendant necklace (with a larger pendant for presence).

I did write up another review of this dress here, btw.

Milano Dress
Milano Dress.  The stocks for the color I chose are fine, with only one single size sold out.  The other colors are very low stock, though, especially the beautiful glittery shades of gold and navy.

Rainy Day Mac
Rainy Day Mac.  I have worn this a ton already this season, but have only captured its awesomeness a couple of times. The review with those photos is here.  :-)  Definitely a great fall weather coat for Virginia, very cozy, warm, but not too heavy.  Highly recommended if you live in an area with temperature variance in the winter/fall season.

Chepstow Top
Chepstow Top.  I wore this out to run errands one day in late October.  Unfortunately this top is pretty much sold out barring two colors with one or two smaller sizes available.  I guess we have yet another winning Chepstow top from this fall.  (Last year's sold out, too!)

Alexa Blouse
Alexa Blouse.  Lou wrote up a review on this top here.

Jewelled Flats
Block Heel Slipper
Fashion Pointed Pump
Brogued Chelsea Boot
Fun Scarf
Fun Hat
Ankle Socks
Jewelled Flats, Block Heel Slipper, Fashion Pointed Pump, Brogued Chelsea Boot, Fun Scarf, Fun Hat, and Ankle Socks.  Lou was at a Boden party recently and was able to see and touch and caress all these lovely items in real life for us.  :-)

Everyday Sweater
Embellished Sweater
Textured Stitch Sweater
Mohair Mix Sweater
Fancy French Knot Sweater
Everyday Sweater, Embellished Sweater, Textured Stitch Sweater, Mohair Mix Sweater, and Fancy French Knot Sweater.  Lou's attendance at the Boden party was fruitful to say the least!  She also did a post on her favorite pieces from the knitwear line.  (I agree with the Everyday sweater choice, I did a review on that one here, btw.)

Festive Fun Sweater
Arabella Party Blazer
Flocked Spot Ponte Dress
Hartland Dress
Annabel Blazer
Embellished Collar Sweater
Perfect Party Top
Ella Skirt
Sequin Cardigan
Alicia Dress
Beatrice Dress
Embellished Spot Dress
Furry Shopper
Slouchy Leather Bag
High Jinks Sweater
Sophia Skirt
Festive Fun Sweater, Arabella Party Blazer, Flocked Spot Ponte Dress, Hartland Dress, Annabel Blazer, Embellished Collar Sweater, Perfect Party Top, Ella Skirt, Sequin Cardigan, Alicia Dress, Beatrice Dress, Embellished Spot Dress, Furry Shopper, Slouchy Leather Bag, High Jinks Sweater, and Sophia Skirt.  Okay, Lou wins the prize for most amazing photographer and reviewer of Fall/Winter 2015.  I love it!  These items above are all in this massive post of hers from the Boden party she attended.  (She had to split it into three parts, woah!)

Pattern Sweater
Hartland Dress
Pattern Sweater, and the Hartland Dress.  A Pear to Remember created two darling outfits featuring these two Boden pieces.

Hartland Dress
Highgate Dress
Ponte Skater Dress
Hartland Dress, Highgate Dress, and Ponte Skater Dress.  A Pear to Remember did her official reviews of these dresses here.

Soho Blouse
Soho Blouse.  Avril looks perfectly put together in an outfit featuring this darling spotted blouse.  

Okay, all, that's it for today.  LOL.  I am sure that's enough for you all.  :-)

Be back tomorrow with some summer picks!

The coupon below goes live on Thursday, November 27, 2014, so if it is still November 26, it probably won't work!