Monday, November 10, 2014

Boden: Save 25% Off Everything!

Festive Penguins--25% Off!

Hi, all!  Haven't been by to say hi in over a week. Woah.

I subbed a ton last week and was out a few nights, too, which led to a large amount of being off-line.  To top it off I have this large sewing project I am in the middle of for the Fabric Mart blog (the post will go live this Wednesday), so it is fair to report that while not active here, I am active elsewhere.  :-)  The plus side is that I am sewing up some pieces that are perfect for my upcoming trip to Mississippi and will allow me to have a base color scheme/items for the ten day trip so I don't have to lug with me ten outfits.

Okay, so my first post in a while is about Boden, of course.  LOL.  Anyhow, from today until Thursday night (November 13, 2014), you can save 25% off everything (barring clearance) with the code 8A8C.  Now it is possible I will get a set of sidebar coupons that will just apply the code automatically, but that hasn't happened yet, so for now, the code is fine and works (just tried it).  (I received the new link a little bit after initially publishing this post--it is below at the bottom of the post.) You will also receive free shipping and returns.

This 25% discount reduces to some other discount on Friday (I don't know yet--the mailer I received was not accurate on the initial amount off, so I am not trusting it for what we will get off on Friday), but as with any diminishing discount sales, you want to get the savings during the first part of the sale, unless you happen upon a long soldout popback on Friday.

Now for some awesome-er news...if you had an eye on something from way back at the beginning of the season, there is a good chance it is 25% off an already reduced amount from full price.  For instance, the Great British Puffer was originally $148, but went down by 30% in the past few weeks, to $103.60.  Because Boden is smart, and they realize there are still plenty of stocks of it, the 25% off is off the $103 price, taking the puffer down to $77.70, which is nearly 50% off the original price.  There are other examples of this, too, including some of my favorites from the fall season, the Amy dress (was $198, then $138.60, now $103.95), the Charlotte Top (was $98, then $68.50, now $51.45), and the Millie Skirt (was $88, then $70.40, now $52.80--only some colors, though).  I reviewed the Amy Dress here, the Charlotte Top here, and the Millie Skirt here (though the color I reviewed is not the additional amount off). 

You can also look at any recent Boden Weekly Review Roundup for more reviews of items from the fall and winter season.

Okay, that's all for now!  Do you have any picks from this diminishing discount sale?

Link to sale below!