Friday, November 28, 2014

Boden: Summer 2015 Preview Picks!

Hey, all!  Happy Black Friday.  :-)  Just in case you didn't see it, Boden started their Black Friday deal yesterday.  I wrote more about it here at this post.

Also, my blog friend, Katie, is a representative for Stella & Dot, and they are having a Black Friday sale.  I love helping out my blog friends, so if you need to get some gorgeous jewelry, definitely check her shop out.  There is a 25% off all sale items going on right now, and last year when this type of deal was going on, I scored some gorgeous pieces for my wardrobe.

Okay, now onto the Preview picks.  Remember, the code for 20% off with free ship and returns is W8L5.  That code is set to expire tonight (really, Boden, give us a few more days, pretty please!).

Before I do that, I want to copy a paragraph I wrote on the preview in yesterday's post:

Okay, before I leave you, a quick warning to those of you who ordered in the spring 2015 preview.  CC and Lou both left comments on yesterday's post that Boden is shipping out the preview orders IN DECEMBER instead of the January we all saw when we ordered during the preview.  Obviously, with the festive season coming up, most people budget for gifting for others in December and not for spring clothing that was supposed to ship nearly a month later.  I was already a bit concerned that the promised date of delivery was January 5 (or some early date), but now that the shipping will be in early to mid-December, I am, like others in the same situation, very pissed.  None of us want the items now, I want them in January as promised.  In an ideal world, I would prefer they ship the items later, like in February, like they used to WAY back when.  Anyhow, if you don't want to get these items shipped to you in December, call and cancel your order.  It is the only way that Boden will learn that we are NOT okay with early shipping.  They did this in the fall, too, but circumstances of fall stuff coming in early August seems more reasonable than spring stuff coming in December.  Are you all with me?  LOL.

I am still very bothered by this, and my hope is that Boden is reading these comments and thoughts, and listening to all the canceling of orders over the phone, and that in the future, they *won't* send things out WELL before the promised delivery date.

Rosalyn Dress.  This beauty is one of my favorite kind of dresses, the type that look like a skirt/top combo.  I am so in love with this type of dress, I made one from a vintage pattern for one of my entries for the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge.

Sandra Sundress.  The spaghetti straps are the wrong choice for a lot of women, but if you can get away with teeny straps, how pretty would this frock be on some lovely beach somewhere in the middle of a summer's night?

Verity Dress.  This dress is such a stunning mix of bright colors, big florals, and a nice simple silhouette.  To make life even better, this dress is $88, much less than other Boden dresses, so if you are on a budget but can get one piece, this may be the right one for you.

Vintage Bow Dress.  Swoon.  If this one makes it to the end of the season next summer and is 40% off, I am 100% going to buy it.  But since I have a lot of pretty dresses in my wardrobe now, I can't justify buying this one so early.  ;-)

Amille Maxi Dress.  A switch-up from the usual maxi style Boden offers, this one is still made from the nice, heavy jersey, but in a solid and with a less fitted bodice.  The color is to die for, as well.  I want to go swimming in an ocean that color.

Annie Dress.  The fabric, the shape, and the length are very office appropriate without being super stuffy.  This would be an awesome choice for a teacher.

Francine Dress.  This is a bit iffy.  While I applaud Boden for going for it since this color combo and print is definitely not for everyone, I am more than slightly concerned about how BADLY the skirt's fabric was placed.  As a sewer, I am starting to notice when fabric is poorly cut and sewn, here it is at the waistband and it is throwing off the entire design.  The only part that appears okay is the middle orange portion.  Now, I recognize that the waist is curved a bit, which is why it is biting into the skirt's print, but if this has happened, I think that possibly they made the wrong choice for this dress design.  An allover print would have been far less distracting and noticeable.

Knitwear and Tops:
Alexandra Top.  Though I am not choosing this one for myself, I just love the grey chambray with the pretty white embroidered bib.  I think so many of you would look amazing in this design.

Cecile Top.  The effect of multiple embroidered flowers becoming just a few at the hemline is attractive to my eye.  I love that it is also on a cap-sleeved dotted blouse.  So pretty and feminine.

Elegant Shimmer Sweater.  The subtle sparkle of this silver sweater is sublime.  LOL.  :-) 

Anyhow, what a great layering piece for winter*, and a perfect "it is a touch cold at night" coverup.

*And haha, if Boden sends this out well before it is supposed to be shipped, we can actually wear it in season.  

Knitted Kaftan.  I know there are other printed sweaters out there, but this one is so different and unique, and those colors, wow!  I think this one should sell well simply because it is bound to work for so many women and be a standout piece without being difficult to wear.

Mariella Top.  I just gave away my yellow/tan Summer Amelie dress to my sister-in-law because I didn't love the summer version of the Amelie on me as much as I love the winter version, but I did LOVE the yellow/tan.  Well, lo and behold, there is an exact copy of those colors in this blouse, *which* is a style I can wear!  Yeah! 

Sun Top.  I used to wear tops like this all the time.  J. Crew made a gazillion of these in the mid-2000s.  I still have a few floating in my closet.  If you missed out on this style back then, this is a fine way to start your own mini-collection.

Skirts, Pants, and Swimwear:

Chino Skirt.  I feel like my preview picks are always an excuse for me to go CRAZY and pick items with bright colors or over the top prints.  Here I prove I can pick practical!  Okay, so it is in purple, but the length!  The fabric!  The pockets!  So practical!  Also available in a ton of other shades!

Florence Skirt.  Clearly I can't stay away from impractical too long.  ;-)  This photographic print is reminiscent of last year's beachy print from the Nancy dress.  Of course I want this one.

Olivia Pant.  I admit to wearing wide-legged palazzo pants in the 90s.  In England.  So I have to suggest you all get a pair from the Great British purveyor of all things clothing.  Oh, those pants.  I wore them constantly.  Not so sure my butt looked that great in them, but whatever, right?

Rash Vest.  I love my rash guards and wear them a lot, but I coach swimming.  That said, if you are a fair skinned lady, the spf protection you get from these is awesome.  And this print?  Amazing, sure to stand up any of the bikinis that are sure to be ubiquitous at your pool this summer.

Summer Pencil.  This design and color seem to shine from within, it is positively popping off my computer screen.  Apparently this is a jacquard fabric, but I can't really see the texture, but I bet it will be very obvious in real life.

Okay, that's it from me!  Do you have any choices of your own from the summer collection?  Thoughts on Boden sending out the spring stuff in December?

If you need the coupon for Boden's Black Friday sale, it is below.