Monday, November 17, 2014

Boden: 30% Off Select Items and 25% Off Everything Else!

Hi, all!  I swear I have ootds/made by me files to publish here, but Boden always manages to go and have some kind of sale (or brings out their *summer* stuff in November, lol) pushing other posts to the back.  Whatever.  ;-) 

Fortunately I will have some time to get the overdue posts published soon enough, and really, can't complain about a sale, amirite?

This sale is not a big surprise, since they typically will roll out sales like this super close to the end of the season as an attempt to get older/less popular items sold before the big BIG sale starts (usually 40% off right before clearance time).  And they really hope to move some of this before the clearance officially starts.  I would say it works some of the time, with items moving when the price makes it to the sweet spot of a price that is just decent enough on a really cute item.  But other times, the clothing item is just a dud and it literally takes reducing it to 70% off in the second cuts at clearance time to move them.

I usually am pretty bad at predicting what will go to 70% off, but I will tell you I have owned a few through the years that I bought in preview that eventually made it to 70% off, and as long as I wore the item many times before it got to that point, I never mind, since clearly I loved it!  I don't know if that is cold comfort, but it works for me. 

Anyhow, in this mix of 30% off are a few items that I own, including the Amy Dress (here at Boden, review here), the Sophia Dress (here at Boden, review here), and the Charlotte Top (here at Boden, review here).  I do want to point out that the Charlotte Top cost me less than it costs now, so I think you could safely wait on that one unless you see your size is getting low in stocks. 

There is also a current coupon code for 25% off that is actually fairly decent, ESPECIALLY if you end up using it on an item that is popular, likely to sell out, or a popback.  For instance if the much beloved Flat T-Bar Point (here at Boden, review here) pops back for you in your size, 25% off is a great deal, since that shoe has been sold out in all colors for a long time now.

Okay, that's it for now.  :-)  I should be back with more soon, likely the skirt installment that I mentioned in my last "made by me file."

Have a great night!  Talk soon!