Saturday, November 15, 2014

Boden: Summer 2015 Live at the Preview Site and 30% Off Dresses Until Tomorrow Night!

Hi!  Happy Saturday!

UPDATE (11/18/14): Found the code for 20% off Summer Preview items.  It is W8L5, and it expires on November 28!  Enjoy!

UPDATE:  The original post was going to be on the 30% dresses promo, but I just found out from Lou (see below, lol) that Summer 2015 is live at the preview site.  Like her, I feel it is utterly ridiculous.  I think I will have to take a look 'round and write more on this tomorrow.  But--I know most of you love seeing the pretty summer things, so I knew I had to mention it!

ORIGINAL POST: Lou, of What Lou Wore 365, had mentioned to me over at facebook that this 30% off sale would be happening starting yesterday, but I spent about seven seconds on the internet yesterday, so to be honest, I have no idea if it actually did start yesterday or not.

But it is in full swing today, and if you really wanted a dress but had hoped for a better percentage off than last week's 25% off, then this promo is probably for you.  That said, there are a few dresses that were probably better discounted last week when there was a way of stacking promos together (the current 20% off does not stack with this 30% off).  Some of these dresses had been discounted by some amount around the time of the switchover to the winter new arrivals, but because this is 30% off ALL dresses, they needed to keep it uniform.

For the winter dresses, this is the first *big* percentage off, so if you had you eye on one of those, then this may be a good percentage for you.  There are many dresses that are on deep backorder or on nearly selling out and those dresses are probably not going to get a greater further reduction, so if you fancy one of those then you may want to take advantage of this offer.

The best example of this is the Hartland Dress which is very popular (it's the squirrels!), and the colors that are selling out or on backorder are definitely worth the $82 price.  If you can hold out for the white version (selling less well), that one may end up getting a deeper discount eventually (but not guaranteed).

As per usual, if you have an interest in any of these items and want to see them on a person (besides on a model), the Boden Weekly Review Roundups here might have the dress you are looking to view IRL.

Okay, hope you have a great day!  If you have a dress you want to recommend (or a summer 2015 pick!), definitely let us know in the comments!

I know some of you like to get other things when shopping, so if that's the case, I made sure to include the below coupon (the most current code the affiliate offers).