Saturday, April 18, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Such a Long Time! Back with a Seatown and a Sale.

Hi, all! 

It has been a long time, both for updating the blog and having a review roundup. 

I returned from our Illinois/Indiana trip (I instagrammed a ton of it, btw) on Sunday and since my return I have been subbing and sewing.  I finished up both and while you can't see the fruits of my subbing labor, you can definitely view my sewing labor here at this Fabric Mart blog post.

Boden is having a "tax season" sale right now.  It is all that is going on, as far as I can tell.  All of my coupons have expired, and even though I emailed the affiliate program on Thursday asking them when the coupons would be back, I haven't heard back from them (sigh).  I did see the "tax season" promo, and was at least able to get that sale link up as well as announce it over at the facebook page, but I know a lot of you want the coupons, and the moment they come back to the affiliate program, I will absolutely let you know and put them up in the sidebar!  The sale right now is on select items, there are a lot of them in the sale, so if you have your eyes on something from earlier this season (with a few from the first summer rollout), you will likely see it in the sale.  Currently the items in the sale are for 20% off, so a fairly decent discount, especially if you think you would wear the items sooner than later.  The sale ends tomorrow night (Sunday, 4/19), btw.

Seatown Shirt Dress.  Size 6 Long.  I went with my normal "fit and flare" size in this dress and it was perfect, maybe even a bit too big (it stretches out from the cotton/linen blend), but I am keeping it because I think I am more than happy with the way it feels and looks, and doubt going down a size will make it better.  And hey, what is better than a looser fitting summer dress when the temps are in the 90s with saturating humidity?

Love the pockets, obviously, but the openings are a bit small, so it isn't super easy to get your hands in them.

The sleeves are not proper set-in sleeves, rather they are cut-on sleeves, which adds to its retro look.  You can see an example of a dress from the 50s with cut-on sleeves here and it looks really close to this dress, so bravo on keeping it true to era, Boden!

The smallest bit of this dress is the waist, so size for that.  I have between a 28-29 inch waist, and the 6 was more than fine.  Like I said above, I could have gotten away with the 4, but that waist tie does allow me to cinch it in more if I so desire.

The length is awesome in the long, skimming right below my knee.  I wore this to church tonight and it was appropriate for that occasion, but I in no way felt frumpy or stuffy, either.

I typically get pooling at the back of my shirts and dresses, but here there is none, which means that there is ample room in the skirt for my bottom AND the bodice itself is short enough for my shorter torso.  So keep this in mind if you have a longer torso, it may run too short from waist up for you.

I look slightly pregnant here.  I am not with child, lol.  Just a reminder that with this poofier skirt to stand in a way that doesn't just your hipbones slightly forward lending itself to the "with child" appearance.  I suspect if I had more up top I would look less pregnant, but since that WILL NEVER be in my cards (outside of surgery), I need to properly stand up.  ;-)

This print is so beautiful.  Really very unique and special.  Love the red buttons, too.

Seatown Shirt Dress
Seatown Shirt Dress.  This color and the navy/white dots version are selling very well.  Only one of the colors is in the 20% off sale, the orange/green palms version.

Tilly  Sweater
Tilly Sweater.  I wore mine again in the last month (and again in Chicago, those pictures will come later, but you can see it on Instagram if you desire).  I am so glad I purchased this one!  This one is on sale, but most of the small sizes are sold out.

Verity Dress
Verity Dress.  Lou wore this recently to work.  What a pretty dress for her!  :-)

Leather Sandals
Colourblock Breton
Leather Sandals and Colourblock Breton.  Lou gave these two Johnnie b. items a go and reviewed them for us.  

Soho Ankle Boot
Honor Top
Embellished Floral Top
Perfect Party Top
Soho Boots, Honor Top, Embellished Floral Top, and Perfect Party Top.  Avril went for some of the Johnnie b., too, in her recent try-on of some gorgeous sale items.  Check them all out here at this post.

Casual Dip Back Sweater
Sundowner Dress
Pretty Pleat Skirt
The Shirt
Pall Mall Dress
Printed Jersey Shirt
Casual Dip Back Sweater, Sundowner Dress, Pretty Pleat Skirt, The Shirt, Pall Mall Dress, and Printed Jersey Shirt.  A Pear to Remember went through her Boden spring choices, giving us a great review for each one of the above.

Wideleg Jean
Florence Skirt
Wideleg Jeans and Florence Skirt.  Audrey Bella took some time to review these two for us here. 

Seatown Shirt Dress
Broderie Jersey Dress
Rosalyn Dress
Seatown Shirt Dress, Broderie Jersey Dress, and Rosalyn Dress.  Audrey Bella also gave these a try on and shared her thoughts about them here. 

BTW, I finished up my "dupes" of the Rosalyn Dress for my daughter and me.  We wore them on Easter.  I did a review of the sewing pattern here, and eventually (sooner than later, I hope), I will make sure to do the OOTD/Made by Me post here at the blog.

Alice Mid Heel
Eliza Tunic Dress
Alice High Heel and Eliza Tunic Dress.  These seem to be quite popular at Boden, and after seeing them on Lizzy, I can see whyShe also wore them with the Eliza Tunic Dress here. 

Ava Dress
Holland Park Dress
Ava Dress and Holland Park Dress.  We have a new blog friend joining us today, Amy from Shopping and Sewing, which you know means she and I may just be twins.  LOL.  Anyhow, she gave us a look see at these two pretty dresses here at this blog post.

Lara Coat
Lara Coat.  Amy from Shopping and Sewing gives us a look at this pretty coat, too!

Okay, that's all for now!  I am glad to be back and really glad to share all these great reviews with you!  Thank you to all my blog friends for their reviews.  :-)

Spring Tax Sale! Enjoy 20% off select styles at Boden USA!