Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stuff for Polyvore and Many Thanks!!!

First things first...the last three posts I have written have had some amazing and very sweet comments. Thank you very much, everyone. I am afraid that when I comment back it will be another set of one general comment first and then specific answers to any questions asked in the post.

Second...I AM OUTTA SCHOOL!!! Although I am teaching three weeks of summer school (to kindergarten...squee), I KNOW I will have WAY more time on my hands than I did before. Obvioulsy not a ton of time (still have two babies/toddlers), but still I know I will be able to keep up with this blog much better than the past month! So YAY!!!

Third...I get annoyed with Polyvore because it is REALLY HARD to find things. So I don't pull out my hair, I am just uploading a bunch of pics of shirts, pants, and skirts that I own. Some of these uploads are of me wearing them (mainly tops), some from ebay (of things I have bought), and some from J. Crew that for one reason or another I couldn't directly upload to Polyvore myself. Sigh.

So either enjoy my tops, pants, and skirts, or move onto another post because really these pics are all kind of boring. :) SMILE!

Oh, if you want to grab these items from Polyvore, I should have them in my items later today!

From Macy's, Spring 2009, Charter Club.

From Disneyland, Spring 2009.

From Anthropologie, Spring 2006, forget the designer.

From J. Crew Outlet, purchased off ebay.

From Target, Spring 2009, Merona Collection. I have this in polyvore already, but need a better resolution copy.

From J. Crew outlet, Spring 2009, purchased off ebay.

From J. Crew outlet, who knows when, purchased off ebay (noticing a trend?).

From J. Crew outlet, who knows when, purchased from...shocker...ebay.

From J. Crew, Summer 2009, couldn't upload this pic to polyvore...annoying.

From J. Crew, Summer 2009, another impossible to upload to polyvore.

From J. Crew, Summer 2008, bought from ebay.

From Ann Taylor Loft, Spring 2006.

From Ann Taylor Loft, Spring 2006.


Kristin said...

How do you like the swimsuit? I've got a bunch of JC suits on their way to try on. So many look so beautiful in the pictures but we all know how well that translates to real life!!

Unknown said...

I'm no technie. Not at all. But I think the J Crew images are .bmp. Perhaps you need to change them to jpeg or gif or something and then they'll load.

dinagideon said...

Kristin: I do love this swimsuit. I find it funny that J. Crew swimsuits are the one place that I wear a small more often than a medium. This tank, for instance, I purchased in a size 6. I am pretty sure they size their one-pieces to your bust. I also think that because I am a swimmer, my body is shaped to fit in swim-wear easier...

The only thing is that the strap is a bit long, so I will have to take it in a bit...I do not plan on wearing this tank without the strap.

I also purcashed the ruched jersey lomellina tank in pine and that is a GORGEOUS swimsuit...expensive but BEAUTIFUL. I got that in an 8, and I think it fits just fine. I could have gotten a 6, but either way it works...the halter strap is extra-stretchy for just that purpose!

Hope that helps!

Gigiofca: Who the heck knows...I will give it a try...we'll see! Thank you!!!