Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dina Lives Down on the Farm!!!

Red, White, Blue, and Black!!!
Red, White, Blue, and Black!!! by dinagideon featuring American Eagle Outfitters

Yee-haw! So I actually REALLY like this silly, stupid outfit I am wearing today...but yes, I fully realize that it kind of makes me look like a hayseed.

I wore it mainly for comfort (I am walking home in this heat and humidity), but I still wanted to be somewhat colorful. So out came this beauty (laughing as I write this):

The top is Liz Claiborne purchased from TJ Maxx in February. I have no idea when this was made, but I GUARANTEE Isaac Mizrahi had nothing to do with it, so I am guessing 2007 or 2008? I bought this top because I love the plaid in these colors, plus this cotton is SOOOO soft. The shape is basically shapeless, but eh, whatever, not only is it comfortable now, I can wear it if I ever get pregnant with #3!

The capris are the lovely roll-up capris from this post. They are just functional...although the color is very lovely, especially in real life.

The shoes are some Earth Vegan (no animal products at all) sandals that I bought off Amazon for a steal last year (I have never paid full price for my Earth shoes...ever).

Yep, for polyvore...although I do like the plaid top in my set. Although I doubt it would come in my size (that is, adult).

More to the way, does anyone have any interest in a video of my daughter cracking up as she flings a balloon back and forth in front of her face? Mr. Dina and I of course LOVED it...but just asking you all if any of you would watch it?


Drewablank said...

Whyyy, howdyy, Ms. Dina! :D

I swear when humidity strikes, comfort is the first, if the ONLY, thing that dictates my outfit for a day. And of course, with this wonderful humidity comes the fabulous afternoon thunderstorms! Woohoo! Gotta love it.

Which reminds me....please do be careful in walking home, Ms. D. :)

And ooh, ooh, I wanna see the video!

Patina said...

You look cool and comfortable.When it's hot and humdid, comfort is the word for the day. That's where my cheapie dresses come in handy. They are lightweight and cool. I even leave the heavy jcrew jewelry in the jewlry box on those days lol.
Yes, yes, yes I want to see the video also

dinagideon said...

Okay...two people want to see the video...I will get it on the site once I get home. (That is if I make it home--just kidding, drewablank--but I will be safe, promise!)

Anonymous said...

Oooh yes, post the video, I love laughing babies!

AppGal said...

bring on the video! i bet it is soooo cute...i love watching adorable kids do adorable stuff :) Love the outfit! it's very cute and not at all "hayseed"-(so funny btw). It's worth it to be comfortable on these hot days, isn't it?!

Summerilla said...

I vote for the video!!

I think your outfit is cute. This weather is driving me crazy. HOT HOT HOT and humid and thunderstorms galore.

HeidiG said...

Howdy, ma'am! Great outfit for the day!! :)

ashley said...

oooh this looks like a very fun outfit! i like!

Cloggsy said...

Man I LOVE plaid shirts - my problem is, I do them with cut off denim. Yeah yeah, tragic I know, maybe it's from my horseriding days?!!

Love your red shorts - they really suit you.

Slastena said...

Cute! I love plaid and do like this outfit on you!

dinagideon said...

Drewablank: Haha. :) These past few days of weather are just a recipe for hiding out indoors with the AC on high...but I do like to get out comes my real "casual" self. Yesterday (thursday) I was fairly polished, but today (friday), I look like I am on a cruise. :)

Patina: I would wear more dresses but when walking the dresses ride up (because of my backpack). I am also nursing CW still and dresses make that kind of hard...if not impossible...

Also, you are totally right about the J. Crew jewelry...definitely on hold with the exception of some of my "lighter" pieces. :)

Anon at 4:15: I got the videos up yesterday...and judging from the response, my kids were a hit. Hope you enjoyed it!

AppGal: I knew you would totally appreciate this a teacher, you know what it is much comfort will I have for getting through my day? Especially those who teach the younger kids. If I was a kindergarten teacher, I would probably always wear outfits like this!!!

Summerilla: I am glad you like this outfit. I was actually sort of surprised by how many of you did. :) Good luck with the you are well aware...what, four-five more months of this?

dinagideon said...

HeidiG.: Well, thank you, too, ma'am!

Ashley: Thank you! More popular than I could have ever imagined...

Cloggsy: Maybe you and I can go to a hoe-down together. I would love to hear you talk "southern." ;)

Slastena: Thank you so much!