Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Hot Day at Riverbend a Boden Top!!! Plus, a Review of the Miss Trish of Capri for Target Sandals!!!

Boden Top for a Hot Day in DC!!!
Boden Top for a Hot Day in DC!!! by dinagideon on

This is the outfit I wore today to go take Rex to his Bug Walks and Critter Talks class. It is a lot of fun...they have all sorts of awesome creatures for us to check out...but today we needed to dress right for the weather. I don't know about you all, but here in the mid-Atlantic it was like 95 degrees. Insane. Don't worry--I LOVE this weather. Always have, always will. I don't know how my ancestors can be Scandinavian...I definitely did not inherit their love of cold weather.

The top is the Boden top I spoke about in the previous post. I ordered in 2007 after I had Rex. I ordered it in a 12 (size 8 here) but didn't realize that Boden truly means what it says about its sizes...they are true to their measurements. I couldn't wear it until I was almost 5 months postpartum. With CW I was able to wear it sooner, but of course, it was winter, so I chose not to. This is a light cotton button-up. Not the best material for keeping you warm. I bought it because I love the print so much!!! (Their prints are either love or hate. I love. A lot. But of course I love the Campo di Fiore print from J. Crew that a lot of people really hated...hmm.)

The capris are just some Target purchase for like 15 dollars. They are a color I needed so I bought them. They wrinkle very easily but suit this look and some of my other looks perfectly. Plus, if you are a dork like me, the fact that you can roll the pants to two different shorts lengths (bermuda and a slighter shorter bermuda--11 and 9 inches, respectively) really gets me excited. (Not chic in the least--haha--some of you will get that statement!)

The shoes are Miss Trish of Capri for Target. The review will come at the bottom, but they look so sweet with this outfit. No, don't worry, I did not take them out for the bug walk. They just came out for the other activities...some old J. Crew flip-flops went on the walk instead.

This is a close-up of the fabric and print. LOVE IT! The teal and red and white are so summery and fun. You will probably see me wearing this again, real soon. :) Plus, I am going to clip this to expect some sets with it!

Okay, the Miss Trish sandals. They fit true to size (I wear a ten narrow). The shoe is a bit wide, but obviously I expect that if I wear a narrow. I almost went down to a 9.5, but am glad I didn't. My feet totally cover the foot-bed (which is all leather). The uppers are man-made. The red you see here is the true color. Very pretty color, almost a brick red. The starfish are also very pretty, in real life (unlike my un-pedicured toenails...but who has the time...not me). I was totally worried about the starfish falling off...but no worries, they are bolted in with hardware. You can actually spin the starfish...Rex is gonna love that when he discovers it! All in all, I have to say this purchase was totally worth it. 29.99 is a great price for something that is well-made and very unique.

I had first heard about these shoes from sparrowsandsparkles in her post here. I also happen to own the sandals with the turtle. :)

Have a great day!!!


Patina said...

cute, cute, cute. You and gigi always temp me with your finds. I am resisting the urge.....for now (smile)

Unknown said...

You wear the Miss Trish well. Very cute.

ashley said...

totally cute outfit! i LOOOOOOVE those sandals! its soooo hot here too! i don't know what do to because it's like an uncomfortable hot! eeek! glad you had a great day! :)

AppGal said...

it was HOT here this weekend too! but by HOT i mean like 80 degrees (which is hot for the mountains!) I grew up in Columbia SC, which, IMO, is one of the hottest places on earth. The humidity kills me. During the summer, it regularly gets beyond 100 with the heat index. I just get cranky in that kind of heat, but I'm glad someone likes it! :) That's why I will never leave the mountains, where it rarely gets above 90!

Anyway, the boden top is oh-so-cute. I love their catalogs. I read the last one like a book. I love the questions they ask the models! And was pleasantly surprised to see your fave model Vanessa in there! It is nice to be able to learn a little about the faces that model the clothes :)

Beth said...

Love the whole thing! CUTE!!!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

The Miss Trish sandals are awesome on you! Love them - and the Boden. Very cute. And thanks for the shout-out! :)

HeidiG said...

You look so great - perfect for the day. Love the Miss Trish sandals - wish they had been more comfortable on me - they are just so cute!!

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

I agree...cute, cute, cute! LOVE Boden clothes, but have never ordered from them...I think this should be the year I do! :)

A said...

Your outfit is adorable Dina! They're such great colors for a sunshine filled day and also reflect your lovely, warm personality. :)

Beth said...

Love and want the shoes now!!! Cute outfit Dina.

dinagideon said...

Patina: I am so happy to tempt you...I know you would look beautiful in Boden. ;)

Gigiofca: I love these stinking sandals...Thank you!!!

Ashley: When I saw you all in New England had that weather, I knew we were in for it here. I wonder how SC held up? It gets even hotter and more humid there. You know what is funny? During the summer, it gets hotter and more humid in DC and Richmond than in Florida...because FL gets winds and we in VA get nothing. It is so still, you can actually cut the air with a knife. I am glad to know you survived it!

AppGal: Yes, mountains have much better temps in the summer. I am truly unique in my love for heat and humidity. :)

The Boden catalogs are GREAT! Thick, fun, beautiful pics, and the bits where the models expose themselves are great. Vanessa is made even more likable from her responses.

Beth: Ah, thank you! I love that this company makes clothing that women can wear but are fun pieces that kids would wear. Why do we have to be serious and chic all the time as adults? ;)

Sparrowsandsparkles: I am so glad you posted on these sandals. I would have never even known to look without your post!!! So thank you!

HeidiG: Thank you! You know, I can wear almost any type of shoe, but I have the darnedest time with pants. It is fascinating to hear what works on one person but doesn't work on someone else. You can wear some of the neatest neutrals, like black, navy, and grey really well, whereas if I try to wear those colors without an accent color, I look HORRIBLE. :)

FFM: If you order from Boden...YOU MUST promise to join the Boden is Bodacious Polyvore group. I know your combos would be AWESOME!

A Bigger Closet: You are just the sweetest to say that...thank you so much!

Beth: You should go to I had a rough time finding these sandals in my local ones in my size. No problem on the internet. :)

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

Dina, I didn't even know you have the Boden Polyvore group...great idea! I went ahead and joined...I've used Boden in numerous sets and love the clothing. I hope you don't mind that I don't actually have any of the pieces!