Friday, April 24, 2009

My Easter Best (Well, Not Really)...but Still Points for Trying...(April 12th, 2009)!!!

I must have tried on five different dress and cardigan combos on Easter morning and none of them worked. So frustrating. I don't know what it was...everything fit...but most of them felt "off."

Until I put on a few years old Target dress and a VERY old cardigan from Chadwicks. Then it clicked. It looks so much fresher and alive than anything else I tried on that morning. The only J. Crew? My awesome Alessia peep-toes in root (love them).

Here they are--side by side--didn't really mean to put them this way, but whatever--looks good to me.
The dress is Merona and it is that stretchy, jersey type material that is so pretty and SOOOOOO comfortable. The cardigan is basic, but at Chadwicks prices (very inexpensive), so worth it. Best part? If the white cardigan gets stained (has not yet--I am a bit of a freak about stains), I won't stress too much because it cost so little. The shoes I have professed my love for so many times I could write a novel on them. ;)
So what do you all do when you find all your clothes feel wrong? I obviously go with tried and true as my backup. (Maybe I will create a poll to see what we all like to do.) Have a nice afternoon, everyone!


AppGal said...

Ooh, this look is great, and you look so SLIM! have you lost more weight?? I think I remember this dress from Target awhile back. They do have some great stuff...I was wearing a Merona skirt myself today :)

Slastena said...

Dina,the color of the dress matches your beautiful green eyes perfectly. You look so airy and spring-y in this dress. Very pretty!

dinagideon said...

AppGal: I am so loving your comment...any woman I know loves to hear "have you lost more weight?" I have lost a bit more but it has slowed down considerably. For awhile I was averaging 1.5-2 pounds a week and now I am averaging 1 pound if I am lucky! Oh, well, being 10 pounds away from my goal makes me feel good so even if the goal takes longer to get to, it's okay!

I love Merona stuff. I love almost every piece I have bought from that line. And it has lasted. The material isn't as fine as the J. Crew material, but it's okay...for what you get a lot! :)

Slastena: You are so sweet. My son gets confused when I ask him what my eye color is. If I am wearing green or yellow, the answer is green. If I am wearing aqua, blue, or navy, it is blue. If I am wearing any other color, the answer is silver (he doesn't know the word grey yet). I actually have blue-grey eyes, but the center (near the pupil) is yellow, so it often appears that my eyes are green.

I know you must do the same thing with some of your outfits because there are certain colors that may your eye color just POP! :) Have a great day!

HeidiG said...

You look so pretty and Easter-y. I couldn't do bare legs because I was so cold - I actually changed into a cashmere sweater and jeans after church - and even wore my TUggs to walk Lucy. I just couldn't get warm that day!

Jemma said...

I love the alessia peep toes, I have them in the grey color, you look very spring-y!