Friday, April 10, 2009

Dina's Day at Disney (or How I Managed to Keep it Together at the Magic Kingdom)!!!

I have a tiny, teeny, little confession to make...I LOVE DISNEY. I have been visiting Disney in all its forms since before I was CW's age. I have been to Disneyland almost as many times as my years on this earth, and I have been to the parks at Disney World a lot, too. (I even went to Tokyo Disney when we went to Japan!) Is it any surprise that we made our way to the Magic Kingdom on our first full day in Florida?

Overall the day was great. Hot, sticky, and crowded, but still it's Disney!!! I decided to wear simple and colorful to make my day as awesome as possible. I packed a dress, too, for the dinner we would later eat in Downtown Disney. Maybe I am a freak, but if I am going to eat at a place that costs nearly $30 a plate, I am going to dress up (I was the only one in our group to do so, though).

Here is where you can see the polyvore of this outfit. You may notice that the Lisa dress moves from Saturday to Sunday...this dress is very packable, even after one full day of rides and fun at the Magic Kingdom. :) You will see it in the last photo of this post!

The outfit I wore in full-length (at the beginning of the day): Parisian Polo by J. Crew in tea rose; Striped Bermuda shorts by J. Crew in pink; and Critter Flip-Flops (from 2006?) by J. Crew, the critter is a flamingo on a olive green background.

The kids already look tired, huh? They made it through the day, though! I will tell you...Rex is sleeping a lot right now...I think to make up for lost sleep time while we were in Florida.

This outfit was so awesome for the day...very comfy and soft and casual but still bright and pretty. And the flip-flops were great for walking and standing feet felt great at the end of the day!

Here is a close-up of the Parisian polo. I love this color and I think the longer placket is so nice and unusual...sets it apart from other types of polos out there. I am a huge fan of J. Crew polos...I must own ten of them, in all sorts of colors, from the past five years or so!

I have no idea why Rex is fascinated with the button-hole. That kid is fascinated by everything. I hear this is common for two-year olds, but since he is my first two-year old, everything he does is new for me, too!

I confess to having a great love for the chocolate-covered frozen bananas that all Disney parks sell. Every time we go to a Disney park, I have to buy one. As I have gotten older, it is the only snack I eat the entire day (I use to down like five snacks when I was younger), but mmm....what a snack to enjoy!

In this picture you may notice the addition of a no-hassle headscarf by J. Crew from last summer (2008). These headscarves have a lot of fans over at J. Crew Aficionada...and I agree. I ONLY wear them on days where I will be out the entire day, but for those conditions, these accessories are a perfect way to protect your scalp from the sun. I have to wear mine with barrettes or else the scarf will fall off...but not a bad proposition overall.

I love the stupid face I am making in this pic. I guess this proves I am not vain if I am willing to show this picture off! (It actually reminds me of pics I had taken of me at 13, when I had no self-confidence...)

Here is the headscarf close-up. You will notice that CW also has a headscarf of her own. On 3, everybody say "AWWWW!" It is actually Rex's old hat, but doesn't matter, does the trick, and she doesn't look too much like a boy. ;)

Here is the Lisa dress in Kelly Green. This was from Summer 2008. I bought it off ebay for NOTHING. :) And I love it. Slip on and go...very very convenient for travel. For those of you scared of the bright colors, I think it comes in black, too.

I choose to wear a cami with this because I am not a fan of showing too much off to the world. (Of course, I do have a blog about clothing, but you know what I mean!)

The sunglasses perched on my head? They are BROKEN. Rex ripped them off my head on Tuesday and they were toast. Sigh.
The necklace is a miraculous medal that my mother-in-law gave me A LONG time ago. Yes, I am Catholic. I wear my medal on travel days, holy days, and any days I need a little extra grace. :)

Have a great night and Saturday, everyone. Next up: Monday at Cocoa Beach!!!


Patina said...

You looked like you had so much fun and the kids are adorable. I love CW's hat/scarf and the Kelly dress is to die for cute on you!

Alexandra said...

Nice pictures!
There is nothing better than comfy short and flip flops for warm weather! The green dress is super cute on you!
Thx for sharing your pictures!

HeidiG said...

Love all the pics. Looks like so much fun. Yes, I would say bringing 2 cute young kiddies to Disney would definitely benefit from a little medal-wearing. :) The dress is just fantastic on you, too!!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

looks like a great time! I have the Lisa dress in Navy... love it.

AppGal said...

OH that lisa dress is beautiful on you! i have it in green as well and wish I had scooped it up in every other color it came is THAT comfortable! looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love Disney too...when I lived in FLA as a child it was a common vacation destination :)

Unknown said...

You survived D-World! It's so good to see sun protection in effect. I loooooooove the Lisa dress on you. It's not too dressed up, imo. I'll bet you felt flowy & beautiful. Me likey.

3-Penny Princess said...

Aww, everyone looks so cute! You all look like you're having tons of fun at Disney... so envious! I'm glad you got your choco banana fix:)

I love that dress on you - both the color and the style. The tea rose is also your color. I think we have the same skin tone because I could totally wear all your colors, especially the oranges, pinks, corals, and yellows.

Happy Easter!

dinagideon said...

Hi, Patina: I half put up the pics of the kids for you...I know you enjoy them so much!!! :)

Alexandra: Warm weather is so much fun but definitely require specific types of clothing (i.e. keeping you cool and/or protected from the sun). You get to be more creative and use more pieces in the winter, but I would rather have less creativity in exchange for AWESOME weather!!!

HeidiG: That miraculous medal comes with me everywhere...I definitely get a lot more grace than maybe I deserve sometimes but it's okay...Rex by himself makes all my prayers worth while (he is quite a whirling dervish). :)

Sparrowsandsparkles: I bet you look so cute in it (and you should get it out soon and show it off). Navy is such a great color for so many people. HeidiG, do you have the Lisa Dress in navy? I bet you would look tres cute in it, too!

AppGal: I get the same way about J. Crew pieces. I have multiple polos, shorts, pants, etc. When you know you will wear it often, it is TOTALLY worth the investment! :) Maybe Ebay is calling your name?

GigiofCa: I did feel pretty and flowy. Jersey is my favorite type of fabric...I think it is a universal flatterer. (Plus it packs so darn well...) :)

3PP: It is a really good thing all of the chocolate covered bananas and Steak and Shakes are in Florida because I would be HUGE if I had daily access to them.

It is too bad we are not the same size...we could trade clothes back and forth. You would swim in my size (or drown depending on the piece) and I would be like the incredible hulk in yours. But I will be keeping a close eye on your polyvore sets for inspiration!

Slastena said...

What a fun filled day! I totally share your love for everythiung Disney. I've been close to 5 times and don't mind going again and again. Parks get updated ofthen and there are new things to discover every time. And of course, kids love it!

PD. I own Lisa dress in strawberry- very versaaile and really beautiful. I adore your green version.

Christina said...

I love the Lisa dress. So comfy!

Tippy said...

I really enjoyed this post! I was just telling my bf today that I'd love to go back to Disney! I wish I had gotten the Lisa dress. Their summer knit dresses are very packable like you said :)