Thursday, April 30, 2009

What to Wear to a Wake...on Very Little Energy...

Okay, admittedly this is a post that is a bit weird...what to wear to a wake, but after I posted my review of the necklace, I saw that people could benefit from what the heck to wear when you need to appear a very "certain" way.

I literally got off the plane from DC to CA and then with my family hightailed it to the hotel where I had about three and half seconds to get ready for the wake. Fortunately, I knew before I left what I was going to wear. The Tuesday before I left for CA (April 14, 2009), I wore a very similar outfit to school. You may remember it from this post. Since I hadn't worn it long and it was very fresh, I decided to just wear the darn outfit again (obviously with different undergarments, I am not a heathen). I changed it up, though. I wore a bright pink short-sleeved cashmere cardigan from J. Crew (Summer 2008) and the skinny patent leather belt in root from J. Crew (this winter 2008). I wore the grey Alessia peep-toe heels with this (figured it wouldn't clash with the belt too badly).

My main concern was to look nice, formal, yet more relaxed than I would need to be for the actual funeral. I think this outfit is exactly what is needed at event like a wake. (I went way more formal and classic for the funeral itself.)

Here is the full-length view.

Full-length view with the cardigan. The flash failed to fire properly, so I just pumped up the "fill-light" in picasa...that is why the image is so grainy.

Here I am with CW. She has only one piece of black clothing, so I knew I had to reserve that for the funeral, so I put her in one of Rex's old "formal" baby outfits...I realize she looks like a boy, but at least she was dressed right for the occasion. I forgot to put her bow in her hair (which definitely helps with the gender confusion).

Please bear in mind that I was EXHAUSTED when these photos were taken. The wake started at 10 pm Eastern time and we didn't get done till nearly midnight Eastern time.

I hope this helps some of you all out there who may be faced with such an occasion in the future.


HeidiG said...

You don't look exhausted at all, you look radiant. But put CW in the pic and you always do! Love the outfit - excellent re-usage (thanks for the assurance that you are, in fact, not a total heathen.) Very helpful info.

I really need to start wearing belts. One of these days...

ashley said...

what a chic outfit! love the belted top and that s/s cardi tops it off perfectly! :)

Anonymous said...

You look lovely and very appropriate, and the behbeh is squinchable! Too cute for words.

dinagideon said...

HeidiG: Well, I felt tired. :) Isn't CW ridiculous? What a cutie-patooty.

I am wearing yet another outfit with a belt today. It will eventually make its way onto the blog. I would love to see you in more belts!

Ashley: That cardi is one of the best purchases I have ever works with so many items I already own. And thank you for thinking it is chic. ;)

Anon on May 4: So sweet of you to say, and I love that you say that my behbeh is squinchable. I am totally going to start calling her that...LOVE IT!

HeidiG said...

That would require me actually getting a belt. :) (like I said, one of these days...)