Friday, April 3, 2009

Mahali Dot Capris and Pacific Blue Polo!!! (Worn on MARCH 31, 2009.)

First things first, between my dealing with my favorite victim and the trip I made to Richmond yesterday, I have had very little time for updating my blog...this polyvore and outfit pics are from Tuesday, March 31, 2009.

Mahali Dot Capris and Pacific Blue Polo!!!
Mahali Dot Capris and Pacific Blue Polo!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches
Here is the Polyvore of the outfit. The shoes and watch and sunglasses are a wee bit different...but obviously it is a close enough fit!

Here is the outfit, full-length, on me. The J. Crew mahali-dot capris are finally at the point where I fit into them. Because of the way they are constructed (the waist is generous), the size 10s are a wee bit loose. Fortunately, the material is stretchy so the legs and hips fit well enough to compensate for a too large waistband. I love this pretty and retro.

At first I was unsure what to match with these capris, but then this beautiful polo found its way into my home. It is the J. Crew classic pique polo in Pacific blue (or something like that). I have to order mediums in all polos because they are quite tight. Even the medium requires a bit of stretching of the fabric by me before I feel comfortable. But once it is stretched enough, it fits like a dream. And the colors J. Crew have in polos is inspiring. I also have the Parisian polos in crisp celery and tea rose (and they are coming to Florida with me).

The flats are the Etta Suede flats from Winter 2008 (J. Crew). The color is a mix of pewter and gold which is very versatile and the shoe's shape is flattering to my rather long and skinny foot!!! The necklace is the Erickson Beamon for Target Clear Bead necklace that I can't seem to get enough of lately!

And here is my super-hero, Rex, wearing his favorite outfit...Batman! :) Love it!


tm said...

the shoes are a perfect match! I think they are from 2007, actually-- I stalked them for a long time, lol! :) I love that jcrew uses certain colors often, so you can easily mix old items with new, and it still has a fresh look.

the more I see the mahali print, the more I like it. too bad they do not come in petite-- the 26" inseam on the regular capri looks more like ill-fitting highwaters! Plus, the bigger proportions can lead to the dreaded saggy butt/crotch! But they look very good on you, tall lady! :)

tm said...

to clarify, the regular capri inseams look ill-fitting on me and my short legs. :) This print also comes in shorts, but I wonder if it comes in a skirt, too?

Beth said...

Cute! I want those pants. I have had them in and out of my cart.

ashley said...

love the outfit! i bought the shorts in that print! can't wait to get 'em! love the color top you paired it with! :)

Unknown said...

tastymoog -- I don't recall this print in a skirt, but I could be wrong. You should try the shorts. I tried the deco dot shorts which I think are the same length and they were a surprise. In a good way.

Dina, beautiful capris and the blue polo really goes well with them!

Emily said...

I am really wanting the shorts in this print. I want to pair the shorts with a scoop and the aqua Target bubble necklace. For some reason I just think it would be cute.

I love that you paired the capris with a polo. Totally chic!

HeidiG said...

Love the outfit! That blue is so pretty on you. Way cute pants, too - love the retro-ness of it!

prince snow farm said...

I love the blue on you. It is so springy. We can't quite do the short sleeves yet here in Massachusetts. In fact, at the rate we're going, probably not until May. After April school vacation I do drag spring clothes out, even if I shiver all day long! Thanks for your always bright and cheery inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi--I posted my first IRL Jcrew outfit on my blog...there's a picture of "my Baby" on there too...but he's ALOT bigger (20 Years old)! smile

Slastena said...

Dina, I love Mahali print so much that I picked up shorts in that print. I'd rather have capris, but they did not have them in my size. Sigh! Such a petty fresh print and goes perfectly with brights. Rex is a cutie. :)

A said...

I adore the Mahali print too and couldn't resist getting the shorts and capris with the extra 30% off recently. Love this look on you with the blue polo top!

dinagideon said...

Tastymoog: I do believe you are right...the shoes are 2007. :) I usually remember these later pieces from that year because I had Rex that year...but well, you know... :)

I think my step-mom has the same problem as you...she needs petite because of her shorter rise. Even though the length is great for petites, it has a funky length so I know that it can look a little these pants are no where near short enough everywhere else!!!

Beth: Have you gone ahead and gotten them? They are stretchy and have a fun pattern!!!

AShley: I love the shorts, but man, that 3 inch inseam looks so stupid on me. It is like the exact opposite problem of the petite ladies. All you see are my legs and hips. NOT A GOOD LOOK unless you are twelve and have no fat on your hips and legs. ;) I know you look great though in that length...celebrate!!!

Gigiofca: Thank you for answering Tastymoog's question. :) Also, isn't that pacific blue a divine color? So rich and saturated...

Emily: That outfit sounds so darling...would love to see it in real life!!! (If you decide to get the pieces...)

HeidiG: Well, thank you! Have you considered getting something in that blue? I bet it would look nice on you!

Monogramgirl: Yeah, I have heard you all have had it rough in New England. I can barely stand the colder days here and I know our temps are way better than what you all get there. :) But thank goodness for J. Crew and their brightly colored least we can look BRIGHT and be warm...

luvallthingsjcrew: I have been enjoying your blog...I am so glad you joined us on our venture...I am quite addicted now! ;)

Slastena: The shorts are awesome, and I KNOW you can wear them (hello, giraffe shorts!), so celebrate...but you are right, the capris are very versatile and can be worn most days of the year. Maybe final sale will have them in your never know!

A Bigger Closet: I cannot wait to see these on you. THEY WILL LOOK AMAZING on your sleek body!!! :)

KatyO. said...

So nice! Is there any color you *don't* look great in? ;)