Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boden: Diminishing Discount Sale Picks!

Good Tuesday morning, all!  If you missed it, I wrote (briefly) about this sale in this giveaway post of mine from yesterday (at the very bitty bottom of the post).  (In addition to reading the bit about the new Boden sale, please do enter the giveaway for that GORGEOUS necklace!)

Anyhow, if you haven't figured it out by now, Boden is offering their diminishing discount again.  Every season they do this type of sale, where the first four days of the sale has the highest discount (20% off), the fifth day has a smaller sale (15% off), and the final day has the lowest discount (10% off).  These all come with free ship and returns.

This time around only some items are on sale (I think in the past all items went on sale, but do correct me if I am wrong).  Unfortunately some of the best items are not on sale, including the lovely LouLou dress, the Lucy Shirt, and the Soho Dress. 

However, if an item you want is NOT in this sale, and you just can't wait any longer, I have left up my sidebar coupon for 15% off with free ship and returns as that coupon still works and will continue to work until the 10th.  Only use that coupon for items not included in the sale, though.  (On Friday, I will likely just recommend using that coupon since on that day all items in the sale revert to 15% off anyhow.)

There is no stacking of discounts, so you can't use the 20% off and then apply the 15% sidebar coupon (but wouldn't that be great if we could?).

Okay, so enough discussion...let's get on with the picks!

British Tweed Blazer. Was 224, now 179.20.  I have a lot of wool blazers, thanks to a few years of collecting J. Crew blazers from 2005-2009 (when Robert Noble wool was used), BUT J. Crew's offerings of late have been almost awful compared to their past.  It is time for another company to step in and up the quality "game."  Boden is marketing their wool products heavily this year, including a magazine type spread in their website about the wool they use for their garments (Moons mill in Yorkshire).   Based on that and the fact that this jacket is highly rated, I will go ahead and add this jacket to my picks for this sale.  I think this particular pattern is the one that will stay classic, especially since it is a great neutral with a more subtle plaid.  (The other ones are great, but a bit more "showy.")

Waxed Motorcycle Jacket. Was 198, now 158.40.  I kind of dig the edgier look of this jacket.  Very un-Boden, however still very Boden, because instead of making the shape wholly impractical for women, they added darts and shaping to stay true to a woman's shape instead of keeping harder lines found on the men's moto jackets.  The jacket is also coated for inclement weather, which around these parts is a necessity (but maybe not so much if you live in Arizona).  I also love the way they styled it on the model in the catalog.

Pimlico Dress. Was 128, now 102.40.  I am not sure why this dress isn't more popular.  It has a fun, ditsy print in multiple colors, and is made from a stretch jersey (which Boden does particularly well).  Hmm.  Well, whatever, I want to make sure you all don't miss it!  If I were to get this, I think I would go for the red shade as I have enough navy and grey in my closet, and the other colored shade (green) is not a good version of green for my coloring, sadly.  ;)

Drapey Jersey Dress. Was 128, now 102.40.  This dress comes out every year and every year it sells well.  I am not a huge fan of the patterns this season, but the solids are, well, "solid."  :)  This shade of deep blue/purple is lovely and would look great accessorized with a printed wool scarf, colored tights, and a pair of riding boots.

Slouchy Merino Jumper. Was 98, now 78.40.  I think I picked this one because of the dropped shoulders.  I love Boden's merino items, they are always well made and soft and DO. NOT. PILL., but I normally wouldn't add it to my "picks" because sweaters are kind of boring.  However, the dropped shoulders combined with the unusual shape elevates this from the same old to something a bit more exciting.  (I also love the way they styled this on the beautiful Helena Christensen.)

Fitted Cable Jumper. Was 98, now 78.40.  This is another boring sweater, but this time it is made more interesting from the combo of amazing color and cool, classic cables.  This was paired with the Glamour Tweed Skirt in the catalog (not this shade, though) and I quite liked the look together.  I suspect this sweater runs short, though, so bear that in mind if you have a long torso.

Grainy Leather Pumps. Was 84, now 67.20.  If J. Crew made these shoes, these would cost nearly $150 (or more).  These are all leather, with the exception of the non-slip sole, and come in many fun shades.  At $67.20, you could pick up two pairs and your order would still be less than two pairs of J. Crew flats.  

Contrast Mary Janes. Was 168, now 134.40.  The sixties heels are selling like hotcakes.  These (just as awesome) Mary Janes are not, though.  Because of that, you can buy these at a pretty good discount.  These are all leather (including soles), and not to pick on J. Crew (okay, I am, I admit it), but these would be twice the sale amount if our favorite American Prep Purveyor produced them.

Charlotte Top. Was 78, now 62.40.  This reminds me of the Boden Limited Edition Silk Flower top I purchased last year.  Because that top is awesome, I will go ahead and recommend this one.  :)

Lace Top. Was 98, now 78.40.  My review is here.  I love this top.  I bought it at $78.40 (during the preview) and I would do so again, in a heartbeat.

Zip Ankle Skimmer. Was 88, now 70.40.  I decided to give these a try and although I have not done a formal review, I can recommend them, but with some caveats.  I purchased this color in a size 8 Long.  The good?  The color is true to what you see on the screen, very pretty and will pair well with quite a bit of what I already have in my closet.  It also has a bit of stretch, which is great if you struggle with pants (I always struggle with pants, blegh).  I also adore the length of the inseam in the tall, at 31 inches, it is right at my ankle bone.  :)  The meh?  The waist may be too large on you if you have a great amount of difference between your waist and hips.  For me, it is fine, right now, but the moment I lose the last ten pounds (lucky me holds onto that weight until I wean), I will need to take in the waistband.  The bad?  If you are not a fan of zippers, there are zippers at the ankles.  I like them, so it was no issue for me.

Fab Felt Hat. Was 58, now 46.40.  This type of hat is everywhere this season, and almost all clothing companies are doing some version of it. Why overpay for a trend?  Some companies are selling this at many hundreds of dollars.  Umm, no thanks.  About $50 seems right.

Okay, that's it from me!  Do you have any picks that you would like to share?  If so, go ahead and leave a comment!

Below you will find a direct link to the sale.  You need to use it to get the discount applied.  :)
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