Sunday, September 16, 2012

OOTDs: Shorts. Again. Plus a Giveaway Winner!

I don't know if it is me being exceedingly lazy or if it is because it has actually been really hot here lately, but I have been wearing a whole slew of outfits incorporating shorts.  Since I have a definite love/hate affair with these leg-showing garments, I vacillate between wanting to wear them all the time in summer and wanting to burn them all at the stake and only wear dresses and skirts for the rest of my life.  :)

But before I begin the outfit parade, I want to announce the winner of the Stella and Dot giveaway (from this post).  And the lucky lady/man to receive the beautiful blue/gold Bahari necklace is: PEGGY! picked #6 (of 14 discrete entries, there were 15, but one of those was a repeat by a blog friend).  I counted #1 as the earliest entry and #14 as the last entry, and the #6 spot was Peggy's entry.

Peggy, Rachel will be in contact with you soon! For everyone else, I am nearing 1000 blog posts, so do expect the giveaway party to begin again when I hit that number. ;)

Okay, let the shorts short stories begin:
This photo is so dark.  I was up at 5 am that morning as I not only had to get Rex to kindergarten, but we had about a thousand errands to run that day.  The slog begins.  I was definitely tired that morning.  Fortunately I had laid this outfit out the night before, which helped.

Info on the pieces in the picture.  I last wore the antique paisley shorts here, and the silk flower top here

This is a close-up of the items and my makeup.  Very little makeup, mind you.  I may look sleepy, but at least I wasn't trying to fake it (or something, lol).

I wore this last Saturday to attend a Virtus training (have to be trained in child abuse prevention before I can volunteer in Catholic schools).  I needed comfort, but because it was likely to be cold in the room (yay AC!), I knew to wear a longer-sleeved top.  Well, it wasn't cool, so I was a bit toasty, but whatever.  I am sure I kept everyone awake.  All they needed to do was look at my bright neon Tippi for a jolt of visual caffeine.

I was headed to Angus's Little Gym class (he is a bug!) and knew that traipsing around on the mats with him would require a bit of casualness, so I found my yummy sequined sweatshirt from J. Crew as the perfect topper to the teal shorts and shoes.  The dotted clutch is just a bit of fun, really. (Invitation Clutch in Dot still available.)

I last wore this sequined sweatshirt here (I guess it is still my mommy go-to!).

Close-up of pieces, and a very smirky smile.  Looking smug, Miss Dina. ;)

Yay! I can wear the heartthrob shirt buttoned up.  Woo and hoo. 

I wore this navy/red/white combo on Thursday, for bowling.  For those of you following along in my bowling league endeavors, my score vastly improved.  Dottie and I are still the low scorers on the league, but Dottie (who has to be 90 if she is a day) still kicks my butt, with her average a good seven points higher than mine.  I would like to think all the sweet older ladies on the league aren't laughing at me, but I kind of am okay if they are.  ;)  (BTW, I think they tolerate my awful scores because Angus is so cute.  Without Angus, I am sure I would get the proverbial ax.)

I last wore the shirt here (so very pregnant).

For those of you who are curious about the Mila dot-print ballet flats, they fit true to size and are utterly adorable.  :)
I liked my makeup and hair that day.  :)

Finally, I wore this outfit on Friday.  We were running around like crazy folks, between the dentist, Marshall's, and AC Moore, I had to have an outfit that would last the whole day. 

All of these pieces are pretty old, especially the shorts, which are from Fall 2009.  I wish J. Crew still made 4 inch inseam shorts.  I also really like these because they are made from a suiting fabric and are lined.

The space-dyed cardigan was last worn here, btw.

Okay, that's it, ladies and gents.  I hope the rest of your Sunday is fabulous!

And once again, congratulations to Peggy!