Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Blue Cardigan Times Two.

Happy end of the weekend, you all!

Right before Angus was born, I was able to go to the Fair Oaks J. Crew and spend some alone time just enjoying shopping with no kids around (well, sort of, lol, Gus *was* there).  I had seen the space dyed cardigan on line in the gorgeous blue/purple hue and although I wasn't sure it was me, it was always in the back of my head to look for it when out and about.  Well, I lucked out because it was at the Fair Oaks store, in my size, and on sale.  Yes, it was my "I am about to have a kid" present to myself.  And since he's a boy, the blue was perfect.  ;)

I wore it a few times postpartum around the house but the above outfit was its first official outing, to CW's dance class (if my memory serves me, it's been a few weeks since I wore it).

All the info on the pieces of the outfit are in the photo.  My favorite part of this outfit is my hair and the bag, which is a freebie from Clinique (Milly/Clinique often partner to create these giveaway bags and I like to use them as clutches).

The top has a ditzy floral pattern, the cardigan has the slight stripe to it, and the bag is a larger floral, but since the color scheme is similar the patterns ended up "going" together.

Later that night, we went to Potomac Mills as a family, and because (you all are gonna love this) my belly started to hurt, I switched from my tighter fitting cords to a much nicer looser fitting pair of loft pants in a cotton sateen.  God bless the roomier fit of Loft pants!

I wore the crewcuts top because Girlfriend (nickname for CW) said she wanted to match momma.  Since I know she won't be up for this much longer, I will just go with it for now. 

I made this face as Angus was staring at me (I was doing peekaboo or some such), and of course Mr. Dina was snapping the photo at the same moment.  Whatever.  It just shows that I can do other faces besides *smile* *half-smile* and *look pensive*. 

The sandals are a new Madewell purchase, the Crisscross Boardwalk Sandal.  I took a size 9 (they only have half sizes).  I really like the look and found them to be very comfortable for walking.  The ankle strap is a bit of a bugger, but only because I am not of fan of bending over and fiddling with buckles and such.  But the sandals are worth the extra effort.

BTW, CW's jacket is vintage Levi's from the 70s, this one was owned by Mr. Dina's sister.  Rex owns the one that Mr. Dina wore.

Okay that's it.  :)  I anticipate working on the Boden sale post soon (the extra 30% off select spring styles that I mentioned in the last post) and some other ootd posts.  One day I will eventually be back to normal posting!  One. day.

Have a great night!