Sunday, May 20, 2012

J. Crew Factory: Inspiring Me Now.

I recently, because I have decided to enter the year 2000, have discovered the "prt sc" button on my computer's keyboard.

And because polyvore won't "clip" images for me to use in my polyvore sets when J. Crew and all the others use Adobe Flash Player for their cool outfit looks they often publish on the front pages of their websites, I decided I needed to figure this junk out already.

And here's the all, the most savvy or at least semi-computer literate out there, have been doing this "print screen" thing for years...and the pin didn't drop for me until. three. weeks. ago. when I accidentally touched the "prt sc" button instead of the backspace button, and a little photo appeared at the bottom of my screen that said "screen shot saved."*  BING!  Aha!  So that's how all those bloggers got the awesome images of outfits and models and catalog shots that I couldn't save or clip to polyvore, etc.

*It saved an e-mail I was writing to Mr. Dina one day...the day I was REALLY mad at him.  Heehee...I now have physical, photographic proof that I am capable of sticking up for myself.  ;)

Those of you who have been doing this for years, my hat is off to you.

And yes...I was the girl who worked at both Babbages and Software, Etc. back in 1993 and 1994.  I fear my "hot computer girl" cred will go down the tubes by admitting I just discovered the "prt sc" button, but to be fair, back in 1993 and 1994 most computers were big hulking machines with a mouse running on its mouse wheel to keep the processor, you know, processing.  LOL.  ;)

Okay, so what is this HUGE aside about me being a computer not so nerd leading towards?

I really really love many of the clean, classic, and fun, colorful looks that my favorite retailers are coming out with, and since I love to have the images for my polyvore account so I can create outfit sets (inspiration, you all!), I figured I would just say "stuff it" to Adobe Flash Player and screen shot the heck out of my faves and publish them here on my blog.

So tonight is J. Crew Factory, but I have images from regular J. Crew, Boden, and Madewell that I will be publishing soon enough...

And as long as the companies keep coming up with adorable outfit ideas and pretty catalog images, I will continue to keep publishing posts like this!

#6--This was from April's rollout of Factory items.  I have this retail skirt (Paisley Pencil Skirt from Summer 2012) and (like many JCAs) a plethora of striped tees, so this will be a no brainer.  Now if I could do my hair and makeup like that, I will be one happy lady.

#7--Same rollout as #6 above.  Lots of folks have the Victoria cami from 2008, and it was nice to see them re-issue it in the factory nearly four years later (even if it was in poly).  I liked the idea of wearing it on its own with shorts and heels, very pretty and unexpected for the summer.

#11--April rollout, again.  The casbah print was wonderful from last year, and I love that they did this in a pencil skirt.  I own the silk top so I didn't get the pencil skirt, but I like the thought of a slight pink pattern with the casbah.  Lots of bloggers have this skirt, I would love to see one of them try this.

#8--April, again.  Simple, clean lines, and chic.  Looks like blonde Audrey Hepburn 2012.

#4--Last one from April.  This look can be easily replicated with my silk casbah top, would likely have done it anyhow, but I like the reminder.  :)

#8--This is a look from the current rollout (May).  I think Angela looks beautiful here in this simple pairing of perfect accessories and colors for the bold paisley printed pants.

(Angela, like Edda, is one of my most favorite J. Crew/Boden models, so I love seeing her modeling again.  J. Crew is smart to pick up on the love many of us have for the old school J. Crew models.  Now if only they would bring back Vanessa.)

#11--This is also May 2012.  Now I would normally have never put this look together myself, but I love the idea of a tunic with a shorter skirt, if it comes out looking like this.  We'll see if I can try and do this with any of the pieces in my wardrobe.  I love those wedges, too (the Maryanne Leather Wedges).

This is what the outfits look like all together on the main page of the factory site (after you click "women" from the front page).  The one above is all the April 2012 outfits.

What have you been inspired by from J. Crew factory lately?