Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Business As Usual.

Good evening, all!  It's been a good week here in Boden land.  I am sure many of you enjoyed the triple deals at Boden this past weekend (one of which is still going on--the 30% off select styles--that one expires on the 18th).  I didn't have the budget to get anything, but if I had I would have likely gone for the red lovely eyelet dress from the Limited Edition line.

I did read from a blog friend, CC, that she had received an e-mail announcing that she could purchase 3 items full price and receive the fourth for $1.  These are common in Boden, and I have definitely enjoyed them in the past.  I did receive the e-mail, but again, I am not able to purchase much right now, so I will likely not use my offer, but I was able to get the code, which is XI47 for you to use if you need to (put it in the shopping bag page in the code box when you are ready to check out).

As usual, my sidebar coupon is still good for all items (except those on 30% off or in clearance), so if you only have one or two items to get, that would be the coupon to grab.  I also will include that coupon at the bottom of this post for any of you on a mobile device.

One last thing...I really hope that on Saturday morning we have a new promo, maybe a diminishing discount?  I recall there being one last May about this point and those diminishing discounts are fab--really good % off to start and slowly getting less awesome as the days continue.  I'll cross my fingers that this happens!

Okay, onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Fun Jersey Dress.  I wore this way back when I was really pregnant, so it is nice to do an IRL review when it fits like it is meant to.

I am wearing the size 8 regular, and it fits wonderfully, not too loose, but definitely the right amount of "fitted" for my bodice.  I can see why this one is all sold out (really, there are popbacks, but when you go to the item page, it is really insane how little is left, even in petites).

This is how I knew it was a homerun...Mr. Dina was all, "ooh pretty, I like that one on you."  I was surprised, I thought for sure he would hate the flowers.  Men are sort of surprising.  I never know what he will love or hate.

Front view.  Hits at one inch above the knee, so I could see this as being a wonderful teacher dress, utterly comfortable, fairly conservative, and just the right amount of casual dressy.

Back view doesn't make me look especially wide, even through the hips, so that means the shaping is done nicely.  Good work, Johnnie and co.

I laugh out loud at my face.  I think I need to give this picture to Lisa of Respect the Shoes for her next outtakes post.

Fun Jersey Dress
Fun Jersey Dress.  If I had the funds, closet space, and it popped back, I would so buy the pink in my size or even the size 6 regular.  It is so pretty.

Woven Trim Jersey Dress
Woven Trim Jersey Dress.  Egyptomaniac showed off an ootd post with her new love, this dress.  She also does a mini review of one of the other colors (hint--it's BRIGHT!). 

Stripy Tunic
Stripy TunicSchool Gate Style is perfection in this tunic, pairing it with skinny jeans and a really lovely white scarf. 

Must Have Jumper
Must Have Jumper.  Poppy's Style shows off the pretty quail egg colored version for us in her cute, casual, and slight preppy ootd.  :)

French Knot Skirt
French Knot Skirt.  Lolcatgirl left me a comment at the last BWRR which included a link to an IRL photo of it in an outfit  (photo one and photo two) and a photo of it showing its true color (very helpful!).  She also had this to say about the skirt: French Knot Skirt in Pewter, Size 6, color has a purplish cast. The product photo is more accurate than the outfit photo.

Woven Trim Vest.  Lolcatgirl incorporated this tank top (called vest in the UK) in her outfits, including the one with the skirt, and one with the skinny jeans.  She has this to say: Woven Trim Vest in Truffle, Size 6. Not very fitted. Product page is accurate. They must have used clips or pins in the outfit with the French Knot Skirt(This product is not in my affiliate program, to see availability, click on the link I embedded in the name.)

Skinny Jeans Lolcatgirl provided a great photo of these for us.  I rarely get IRL reviews of Boden pants, so this is very helpful to us that have been a bit nervous to try them out.  (This product is not in my affiliate program, to see availability, click on the link I embedded in the name.)

THANKS Lolcatgirl!  :)

mini Boden:
Rough Applique T-Shirt.  I showed you all this in the same review post that my fun jersey dress appeared, so clearly Rex and I are harmonious in what we wear.  :) 

I post this mainly to show how well mini Boden tees hold up...I believe we have washed this at least four times since February 1st and you can see how well the applique and color stands up to washing and drying.

Rough Appliqué T-shirt
Rough Applique T-Shirt.  This one is on 30% off, so it is $19.60.  Good price for a shirt that will stand up to what your kid will put it through. 

Clearance Boden:
Trimmed Velvet Blazer 
Trimmed Velvet Blazer.  Poppy's Style got this adorable blazer in clearance for $41.40.  WOAH!  That's a great price for a really nice jacket.  Good score.  There are a few left.  :)

Alright it is really late at night.  So tired. :o  <-----That's me emoticon yawning.

For mobile users, here is the 15% off coupon that is running in my sidebar.  You do not need to be a new customer to receive 15% off with free ship and returns.  The only thing new customers get is the beach bag (really cute and kind of wish I could have one, lol).

Night night!!!