Friday, May 11, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Redo.

Oh, my.  Have any of you ever taken photos on a point and shoot only to have the photos you have taken completely disappear because of a corrupt SD card?  Well, lucky me had that happen on Tuesday.  I wasn't so upset about the ootd photos because really in the end that is all just a bit of fluff, but the sweet photos and videos of Angus are gone.  Sigh.  It was only a week's worth of photos, really, but I definitely had that sinking feeling in my tummy I when realized they were all gone.

I now have a card that isn't corrupt, but it did take me a couple of days to reshoot the review photos I had for this review roundup, hence my lateness.  At least this week it isn't because I am overwhelmed by having to feed Gus non-stop.  I am at the point with him where he is still really hungry, he just eats more at each feeding allowing for longer stretches between nursing sessions.

Before we start the roundup,  there are ALL SORTS of specials going on in Boden this week, including a WHOLE new one today.  I am having trouble keeping up.  I may just have to do a separate "my picks" post for the last two promos that came out, I initially thought I would have a 20% off summer looks picks post, but then today Boden sent around an e-mail about 25% off Limited Edition (thanks Molly for pointing it out to me!), so to make my life easier, I am going to combine those two into one post.  (I did one on their 30% off selected spring styles here.)

I also have a post to do on Star magazine's profiling of an outfit that included the Boden spring trench in yellow, too, so do expect that in the next day or two or three or... (LOL.)  (BTW, I had a photo of that, too, but yep, that image was corrupted!)

I will include links to the sales at the end of this post for mobile users, but I will also include a link for 15% off (anything not in the sale) and free ship and returns.  As far as I can tell the free ship and returns works for any of these promos, so definitely click on the 15% link, even if you only plan to get something from one of the big promos.

Okay, onto to the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Twist Jersey Top.  I own this top in the grey version, which I did a review of when pregnant.  I have since reworn the grey version (but did not get photos) and it is definitely a nice long top on me (almost a short tunic).  I made the right call to purchase this pink version in a size 6 petite...this top hits at my high hip which is definitely more flattering on my short torso, larger hipped self.

Other than that, the fabric is just as awesome, the color is very saturated, and the shaping of the top itself is very nice since it highlights the neckline, which on most women is not a problem area.

This outfit was just okay with this top.  The original outfit I wore looked better, but que sera and all.  Cardigan, shoes, pants are J. Crew.  This color matches the warmest pink in the sunshine peonies cardigan best.  This pink color IS NOT a baby pink or even a purply pink, it is definitely working towards the yellow/orange end of the spectrum.

I wore this to the Mother's Day Teas that both CW and Rex's classes had.  CW was especially thrilled with my choice of pink.

I am doing my version of "chicken arms."  Mr. Dina does this pose all the time and it drives me nuts.  Of course I did it here, so now I say to my past posing self "Dina...chicken arms!"

Twist Jersey Top
Twist Jersey Top. This top is in the current 30% off sale, but only this shade and the blue shade.  The grey and green shades are only 15% off (and that is only with the coupon code).  No matter what, all of the colors are in either sold out or low stock status.  I can see why it's popular.

That said, there are quite a few petite sizes left, so if you can wear petite tops (remember, even if you are tall that doesn't mean your top half is necessarily tall), you can look in the petite tab.

Capri Dress
Capri Dress.  The very sweet LaurenPhD sent me a review two weeks ago on this dress.  I unfortunately let it slip my mind last week, so this review is one week late (and it's my fault!).  THANK YOU LaurenPhD and I apologize for taking so long to get it on the blog. 

Here are her thoughts: I ordered it in the "royal blue," which is actually a dark periwinkle, but I don't mind. I really like the dress. The cut flatters my pear shape and the faux-wrap flap in the front covers my tummy issues. The fabric is really soft, just like the jersey maxi dress. My only issue, as I noted on the Boden site, is that there are darts on the inside of the breast area that are visible when wearing the dress. I had the same problem last year with the everyday jersey dress, which I ended up returning. But the darts in the Capri dress aren't so bad, so I'm keeping it.

Towelling Hoody
Towelling Hoody.  Ah, our favorite "come to Jesus" model is back.  :)  Now that I have the catalog, I can see she is just a happy go lucky kind of lady, but this pose will always have tittering.

Poppy's Style let us peek into her summer wardrobe a bit and it includes this wonderful cover-up in the red colorway.  She reviews it with a fine tooth comb, so definitely check it out if you are on the fence about whether it would suit you this summer.  I will say, I have this one, too, and I agree with the review regarding the buttons (very big!) and the thickness of the fabric (quite warm, especially for American South summers).  I will keep mine because I swim in other seasons outside of summer, but it really is like wearing a thick hotel towel on your body.  :)

Ruffle Trim Tankini Top
Ruffle Trim Tankini Top.  Yay for swimwear reviews.  :)  I fully support swimwear reviews, as they are pretty rare BUT so very helpful!  Poppy's Style shows off the green version of this swimsuit and I must say the color is divine with her coloring!  Love!

SPEAKING OF POPPY'S STYLE...She and SCHOOL GATE STYLE were both highlighted in a Daily Mail article about British Mums blogging about style and the school run.  I will spend more time dissecting the article in depth when I highlight the Star magazine inclusion of the Boden spring trench, but I figured some of you would enjoy reading this article earlier.  Yay and congratulations to two of my most favorite British Mum bloggers (even if one is in Northern Ireland and the other is in Atlanta)!  ;)

mini Boden:
Dinosaur Action T-Shirt.  You will see all three versions of this at some point in the next few weeks.  They are a big hit.  I clearly chose the exact right shirts for my two oldest.  Rex owns the grey (London/T. Rex) and blue (NYC/Brontosaurus) versions and CW owns the purple (Paris/Stegosaurus) version.

Rex loves the graphic.  The darn thing could be made of scratchy itchy paper and he would still wear it.  So would CW, for that matter. 

I personally love the fabric.  All mini Boden tees are made well and LAST and LAST and LAST, but this tee is made from an especially soft cotton.  It almost felt velvety, if that makes any sense.

The shirts are true to size, but as per usual, I sized up one so they can wear them an additional year longer.  Rex is the 5-6 size and CW is the 4-5 size.

Dinosaur Action T-shirt
Dinosaur Action T-Shirt.  I am not known to be the world's thriftiest shopper (yeah, yeah, I know), but I definitely can say I know when I am getting a great price.  All of the Boden tees are worn and worn and worn and worn by my kids and they last forever.  All of Rex's Boden tees will be passed down to Gus, too, so there is an extra bit of cost per wear lowering.  At $24 (before the 15% off) each, I would say this tee is definitely worth every penny spent.

Okay, I believe that is all.  There is a VERY good chance I missed a review, if so would you mind dropping the info in the comments or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com?

For mobile users, here are the links I promised.  I do not have one for the 25% off Limited Edition sale, but I will likely receive one soon enough.

First--click on the 15% off and free ship/returns link (sentence below this paragraph) to ensure that you will at least get free ship/returns.  Unfortunately the 15% does not stack with the 20%, 25%, or 30% promos going right now, but the free ship/returns at least takes away the sting of paying to get something sent to you in the mail.  BTW, this coupon says that new customers can get this, but this 15% off, etc., is for everyone...the new customers will receive a free beach bag with their first order.

New Customers receive 15% off and a free printed beach bag. Plus free shipping and returns!

Second--below are the direct links to either the 20% sale items or the 30% off sale items.

Hurry - while supplies last, find selected summer products now 20% off. Choose from summer printed dresses, skirts, shorts and sandals!

Limited Time Only! Find 30% OFF Select Boden’s Spring Products! Choose from sweaters, tops, pants, shoes & dresses. Valid May 4th-18th. Hurry while supplies last!

 Finally--Enjoy your (sale) shopping!

 Okay, all, talk with you soon!