Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ROYGBIV: Red. A Whole Lot of Red.

Ooh, yeah.  So I have something like 6,000,243 312 outfits of the day to publish, and I have no desire to actually publish them all in their own individual posts, so Mr. Roy G. Biv is gonna help me out.  Today is R's turn, let's take a look at the outfits that focused on red.

(Although in the world of J. Crew/Madewell, Red could be Orange as far as they are concerned.  I mean modern red?  Totally gets the side eye from me for not really being "red.")

In order, from earliest to newest...
Dress: Madewell, Gazette Shirtdress.  Thumbs up from me for being perfect for a nursing mom, easy access to the "goods" without being all in your face about it.  At some point I will do a mommy style monday about great dress options for nursing moms, and I will definitely highlight the humble shirtdress.

I bought this dress on super sale in a size 6.  I was 3 weeks postpartum here and it fit perfectly, so if you see this dress popback, know that it runs large.  I like it all loose like this, even now, but if you prefer a closer fit, size down at least one or two sizes.

Earrings and Bag: J. Crew.

Shoes: Cole Haan.

Pockets are nice.  Can be closed with the flap, but I don't like the look that way, so I just tucked the flap in.

My friend Ellen took me out for Mexican food as a way of welcoming me back into the real world.  I had a nice, big margarita and it tasted R-E-A-L good.  Tasty.

Jacket: J. Crew.

Mr. Roy G. Biv presents Red.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.

Hat: J. Crew Factory.  Yay, Hipster.

Top and Sandals: J. Crew.  The sandals, btw, are the Kira printed sandals.  I sort of "bit" on the whole apple print thing, but I do actually wear them, so there you go.  I bought these in my tts J. Crew size, 9.5.  They are made well, almost all leather, and were comfy from first wear.  Shopwithm did a review here.  :)

Skirt: Gap Maternity.  Yeah, I was 4 weeks postpartum here.  You all feel that, right?

Sunglasses: Target.

Baby Carrier: Also red (!!!), Baby Bjorn.  I have had this for-freaking-ever.

BTW, that is a Pepsi Throwback in my hand.  Oh, yeah, that is some fine drinking there.  They use the formula from 1984 or some such (real sugar, you all) and my goodness, so perfect.  I only drink one or two of these a week, but man, addictive.

Oh, and I was at a teeball game.  Rex is in his second year of barely listening to the coach.  (I kid.  That was last year.  He listens 65% of the time now.  That's progress, people.)

We later hung out and went to lunch, so I had my handbag with me.  This is a really old school J. Crew bag, the Anya bag, which they renamed the Peyton bag.  I don't get it, whatever.  Anya bag here on Vanessa in the Paris Catalog...Peyton bag that I own.  Do you all see any difference other than color?

Sweater: J. Crew Factory.  You all remember that crazy insane sale they had a few weeks back where the entire factory site was 50% off and then we could take an additional 30% off on top of that?  I got this sweater which was originally $70 for $10 (or some crazy amount near that).  I don't own many cotton sweaters as our climate doesn't really call for summer sweaters, but I do like them every so often, and this color is DELISH.

Top and Necklace: J. Crew.

Jeans: Seven for All Mankind.

Shoes: Target.

I wore the top because CW is still enjoying the matching momma/daughter thing.  She is going to outgrow that top soon.  Sadness.

Angus won't likely wear her little teeny liberty print shirt, so unless there is another little girl in my future, we will need to hold onto the shirt for CW when she has daughters.

Angus was just under one month old here.  The info on the file says we took it on 4/23 which would have made him 29 days old.

Ah, all the info in in the picture.  :)  Yay for remembering to do that.

The photo says 4/24, so again, around a month postpartum.  

The Tippi sweater in Orchard print is lovely and is the same print as the kira sandals.  I bought an extra small.  It fit fine at 5 weeks postpartum, but will likely fit me way better next year when I have lost the last ten pounds off my frame.  Gigi did a fab review of this sweater (she also links to a million other reviews).

The necklace is the orbit necklace, the big sister to the mini orbit in the outfit above this one.  This is a whole lot of necklace, honestly.  Do not purchase unless you like statement necklaces (which I clearly do).  Gigi has some close up of this necklace here.

Okay, you all, that's it.  Mr. Roy G. Biv will be back with Orange soon.  (And not modern red, although I could get away with it.  Feh, J. Crew.)