Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boden: Lavish Tunic Plus Other Updates.

Oh, man.  The backlog...the BACKLOG!

I seriously have some ungodly amount of photos of ootds to publish, plus other info, etc. to relay and I just don't know how I am going to get it all done.  Gotta love being the sole source of food for the world's largest man baby.  (See photo of Gus with my dad at the end for proof.  I will remind you that Gus is barely a month old.)

Okay, so I will just try and kill a couple of birds with one stone...namely this post.

I had the chance to go out with my husband to see the amazingly wonderful film Damsels in Distress a couple weeks ago on an afternoon (yay! matinee!).  (Thanks, dad, for taking the kids!)

Since I had been not really dressing up beyond an hour here or an hour there (yay! sweats! postpartum!), I really enjoyed getting a dress on (no! need! for! nursing! access!) and chilling with Mr. Dina to watch a movie about other women who love to dress up, too.  (And solve problems...and talk about their problems...and get depressed...and create dance craves, etc.)

Dress/Tunic: Boden Lavish Tunic, Size 10.  This is from the limited edition line.  I had worn the light blue version last fall (size 8), but when I got this one on sale in December, I decided I needed to let the light blue one go (I listed it for sale--finally--at the JCA exchange this week).  This new size fits me better (especially through the hips) and the color really works better for my skin tone.  There is a similar Limited Collection tunic available now, the Beaded Embellished Tunic.
Tights: Assets.
Shoes: Clarks Artisan.
Purse: J. Crew Collection Frankie Bag.

Yeah, as much as I like the previous color, this one is deeper hued, and seems to look better with my fair complexion.  I think someone with gorgeous olive skin could wear the light blue really well.

No purse!  And when I did have the purse, there were no diapers (!), wipes (!), or a breast pump (!!!).  :)

Aww!  My dad is in heaven, and so is Angus.  He likely just ate.  Ha.

Look at Gus's legs!  Good gracious.  Any bets on height?

Okay...onto Boden updates (non-Boden fans, you all can leave now.  Chortle.)

1) I found an article recently about Boden and its infiltration into the American market.  I was really surprised by a couple of points.  It turns out that though we (readers of this blog) think Boden is taking over America, in reality, it has BARELY MADE A DENT.  They believe that the country is becoming more receptive to Boden's quirky styling and fun prints, etc., so expect that there will continue to be more media presence (like seeing their products in the pages of Marie Claire and Glamour), and expect that products will more often come from the Pittston warehouse instead of the UK (thank goodness for shorter shipping times, an issue for many of you).

2) Speaking of Pittston, a fellow blog friend, Carrie, let me know that the Boden outlet has officially opened in Pittston (a city close to Scranton, NOT Pittsburgh like I originally thought).  They have fairly regular hours and carry quite a few prior season's clothing.  I have not yet gone, but maybe one day some of my fellow MD/DC/VA Boden friends and I can make the trek?  The address is: 73 South Main Street, Pittston PA 18640.  Has anyone gone yet?

3) Finally, my Boden affiliate sent me a wonderful coupon for those of you that like to have an extra % off with free ship and returns.

Who doesn't?  I am sure even the girls in the Damsels in Distress movie like extra money back on their fab clothing purchases.  BTW, one of the girls in the movie is a DEAD ringer for one of the Boden models.  Here is the girl from the movie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and here is the model (says Angela in the catalog).  Yeah, I thought so!

Okay, so the coupon is for 15% off and free ship and returns.  If you are a new customer, they will even throw in a beach bag to say thanks for trying Boden for the first time.  (Hey, if any of you do get it and are not new customers, would you let me know?  I have always been curious how well they actually track that.  I have received "new" customer promos before, and clearly NOTHING about me says new customer.)

If you are on a mobile device, the link is below, but if you are on a traditional computer, you can also find the link in my sidebar.  Enjoy!
New Customers receive 15% off and a free printed beach bag. Plus free shipping and returns!

P.S. I plan to do the Boden roundup tomorrow (yeah, I know I have said that before)...if you have a review or a link to your blog and you fear I won't see it (not an unfounded fear, btw), you can e-mail me the info at dinagideon AT aim DOT com. You all have a great night!