Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Some New Summer Stunners...

Hi, all!  I am thrilled that I have found moments here and there to get this post published, finally.  It literally goes like this...find a few minutes, edit some photos, feed Angus, clothe the children, down some food, do the dishes, find another few minutes, find links for the roundup, repeat family needs, find a couple more minutes right before bed, grab a few html codes from my affiliate site...

It's all worth it though, I love seeing what everyone has in their closets from Boden, so even if it means staying up a few minutes later, watching a few minutes less of TV, or waking up a little early, it's all good.

Well, as I hinted at in the last post, most people who ordered from the Summer preview likely have received most of their items, unless an item or two were backordered.  I have had a chance to look at the Boden website and I see that reviews are also starting to come in, so that's good, gives folks who didn't order during the preview an opportunity to decide if an item will really work for them.

I still have no decent coupon for Boden, but the affiliate often doesn't provide me with awesome coupons at the beginning of the season, but I anticipate receiving fairly decent ones in the near future.  Until then, use the code WCM1 for an extra 15% off and free ship and returns (mobile users of this blog, there is a link to Boden at the bottom of the post).  (THERE IS NOW A NEW DIRECT COUPON--valid until 5/15/12, yay!) I used the WCM1 Friday morning in my shopping bag page and it worked (I noticed a dress I had been eyeing was close to selling out in my size so I thought I should order it just in case).

Okay, onto the roundup:

Regular Boden:
Textured Cotton Skirt.  I did a review of this skirt WAY back when I was pregnant, but now that I am not, and can fit into this skirt, I thought it was high time to wear it and review it in real life.

The skirt still fits exactly as I expected.  It is just right in the hips (I am almost to the low hip measurement I was before getting pregnant), with a lot of extra room in the waist.  This is problematic if you are a pear shape like myself.  I have a few extra inches on my waist because of my baby belly, and even with that extra, I still can easily take the waist in by two or three inches.

Truly this skirt is meant for a more straight shape, one whose body has less distance between the waist measurement and hip measurement.  For this skirt to truly fit someone well, the waist would be 33 inches and the hips would be 40.  (I am wearing a size 10 Long, fwiw.)

If you do like this skirt and are a pear, like me, then you may need to think about whether the cost to alter it (or the time it would take to do it yourself on a sewing machine) is worth it.  To me, it is.  I adore the mod pattern and since it would only take me ten minutes to take the waist in with the sewing machine, I will keep it.

From the side.  I also have provided info on this outfit for those of you that like my ootd posts.

From the back.  I am a bit bugged that the pattern is not matched at the mid seam there, but not all that much.  It could look way worse, and since this isn't a designer piece, I don't really expect it.

We were headed out for the evening and CW wanted to be in the photo, too.  :)  She has a Boden skirt (Spring 2011) on, too.

You can tell the long is really long on me.  Part of that is because the skirt is pulled down.  Once I take in the waist, I won't be able to do that, and the hem will be closer to my knee.

I actually felt really comfortable the whole evening (out to dinner to celebrate Angus's one month bday), the skirt wasn't too tight (even in the hips), but sizing up from what I had originally bought allowed for that.  Remember, measure your hips, compare it to the garment measurements (use the link from the stock photo to go that page directly) and then order from that.

Textured Cotton Skirt  
Textured Cotton Skirt.  This has been a best seller, even with the crazy sizing issues.  We ladies must be mad for the print. BTW, they photoshopped a different color skirt on the model in the stock photo, since the original color sold out completely.

Alfresco Top  
Alfresco Top.  I wore this to take CW to dance class on Wednesday.  You can see my OOTD and a review of it here at this post.

Ibiza Tunic  
Ibiza Tunic.  Poppy's Style is as pretty as a picture in her tunic.  Bare-legged, too!  Perfection!

Effortless Cardigan  
Effortless CardiganThe radish colorway that Poppy's Style wears is just lovely with her dark hair and fair skin!  The whole outfit is wonderful, even if it was just made for errands.  :)

Boho Tunic  
Boho Tunic.  Poppy's Style has a great written review of this tunic.  She did end up sending it back for another size, but her fit info is very helpful.  Fingers crossed the next one fits exactly right!

Glam Jersey Tunic  
Glam Jersey Tunic.  Despite some debate over at the FB page about this tunic, Poppy's Style quite likes hers.  And despite what she says, her legs could never look stumpy, even in navy flats.  Her legs look wonderful in that tunic!!!

Fab Jersey Tunic  
Fab Jersey Tunic.  This is a new piece from the Summer selection, and Poppy's Style does a wonderful overview of two of the colors and the fit.  Thanks!!!

Woven Trim Jersey Dress  
Woven Trim Jersey Dress.  This dress was so off my radar, owing to the terrible shots in the Boden catalog (model is adorable, but the styling is bland).  Egyptomaniac turned a whole slew of us back onto it.  She looks GOOD!  :)

Notes on Items:
Strappy Beach Dress  
Strappy Beach Dress.  This dress that I fell for when it debuted a few weeks ago is definitely bitten quite a few ladies, and is looking like it could sell out.  I decided to purchase the size 8R, as opposed to the 6R, based on the two reviews that are on the site right now (last night, now there are more and I am thoroughly confused, grrr).  The garment measurements are crap, truly.  I think a drunk monkey put the measurements in one night, late at night.  So, in other words, unhelpful to those of us who actually, you know, use them to help us decide what size to get.

Esme Dress
Glamorous Maxi
Mia Dress
Scarlet Dress  
Limited Edition.  There are new arrivals, including the Bella Dress (top--photo only, the dress is NOT AVAILABLE, huh, scratches head), the Esme Dress (second from top), the Glamorous Maxi (third from top), the Mia Dress (second from bottom), and the Scarlet Dress (bottom photo).  I love the styling and how they look on the model.  I don't know if any of them do it for me just yet, but give me time, you know how I feel about a pretty printed frock (such a crazy crazy thing to over-love).

Okay, ladies (and gents?) have a great Saturday night, Sunday or Monday (whenever, really!)...I am done for now.  (Stick a fork in me...)

Mobile users, below is a direct link to Boden.  It appears I now have a direct coupon for 15% off and free ship and returns!!! Holla for a good coupon!