Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Then and Now.

Ooh, there's a lot out here today.  :)  Most of what you will see on me is a repeat, but because of my "new" body, the pieces are fitting me different, so I felt like this would be a service to give a revised look at the pieces again.  I do have at least a couple of new pieces in here, as well, so it isn't all re-runs.

A lot of blog friends have been active, so there is quite a few reviews from that front, too.

I have NO coupons right now, however if you use the code WCM1 (found this one from CC--THANKS!), you will receive an additional 15% off with free ship and returns.  I am planning on updating my sidebar to reflect that.

I will add a direct link to Boden's US site at the bottom of this post for all the mobile users...with the reminder of the code down there, too.

Okay, onto the roundup:

Regular Boden:
Uptown Heels.  I bought these in a size 40, which is one size down from my "tts" Boden 41.  That said, I often buy shoes from Boden in a 40, nearly as often as the 41, so who really knows anymore?

I have last year's Downtown Heels in a nice pretty neutral color and since I wore those a ton last year, I kind of knew getting these in the navy would prove to be a smart move.

I was able to get these shoes during the mid-season sale with a 20% off, and since they are now nearly sold out, I was fine to pay that amount.  Most shoes, though, I am holding off on because they are fully stocked, in all colors and sizes, meaning that those shoes will be around during the clearance in early July.

It was just warm enough to wear these today, with our temps in the 70s.

These shoes are narrow through the front (like the reviews say), so if you do have a wider foot, you may need to size up, but if you have a wider toe box AND a narrower heel, these will likely be the wrong shoe for you as the reviews all mention the heel being a bit too wide.  (Not my experience, by sizing down, the length is exactly right, the heel is just narrow enough, and the toe box is a touch too narrow, which will be fixed by the stretching of the leather over time.)  Quick note, I bought the 41 last year in the downtown, so if you own those, and want these, size down one from that size.

You can't really tell, but the navy leather has a yellow/lime piping, which was a great match for my old school J. Crew lace top.

Those pants, btw, are Johnnie b. and will be reviewed at the bottom of this post in the Clearance section.

Uptown Heels
Uptown Heels.  Almost all the shades are selling out, except the tan.

Border Print TunicWorn originally in this review post.  I love this tunic as a maternity top/tunic, and really love it as a regular tunic/dress.  In fact, my hubby definitely wants me to wear it this summer as a dress, he likes it with leggings but thinks it will look really pretty with just a pair of flat sandals and bare legs.

I am in the size US 6, which hits right above my knees.

I was about two weeks postpartum here and found that the tunic, combined with the leggings (these are the maternity leggings I posted about here), managed to keep my lumps and bumps fairly well hidden.

CW made us laugh here, posing with her hands on her hips, too.

This is a better view of the side.  You can see how I still have a bit of the belly left here, but nothing that the pattern didn't help camouflage.  I love pieces like this post baby and post surgery, the leggings and tunic are so soft and forgiving and stretchy that they give confidence by just being something that fits and are "normal" clothes.  Don't get me wrong, I spend a good 50% of my days (even now) in pjs and sweats (surgery scars still hurt!), but to have pieces like these are so valuable.  :)

Border Print Tunic
Maternity Leggings
Border Print Tunic (top) and Maternity Leggings (bottom).  All of these are fairly well stocked, but there are a few on backorder and a few showing low stock.

Plait Trim Top.  I originally wore it here.

Wow, what a difference a few months and a whole lot of inches make.  This top is not short anymore. This is definitely tunic length on me now.  I sort of wish that they had a petite length (they don't...come on Johnnie!) so I could reorder and have it hit higher on my hip (more flattering, imo), but eh, whatevs.

The rest of my outfit is a mess, I needed a quick change outfit, so I grabbed my Duo Maternity white khakis (soft belly band better for the scar), flip flops, and my bag.  Watch out world for my wrinkled pants.

The top looks way better without the pants and flip flops.  :)  I wore this on Tuesday, so 3 weeks postpartum.

Plait Trim Top
Plait Trim Top.  Definitely proving to be popular.  Nearly sold out, except a few sizes.

Flowerburst Scarf.  Wanted a bit of something something to wear out with my "hipster" outfit last night.  I am finding I am turning to scarves far more than I ever did in the past.  Huh.

Anyhow, I originally wore this scarf in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  Since then, I have worn it multiple times, meaning that the cost per wear is getting lower and lower.  :)

Rest of the outfit will be discussed in another post (same is true with all the other outfits featured in this post), but for those of you who can't wait...pants, Garnet Hill; shoes, Mossimo (Target); top, Madewell.

Flowerburst Scarf
Flowerburst Scarf.  All colors still very much available.

Casual Jersey Dress
Casual Jersey Dress.  Wow.  That is all I can say about Egyptomaniac's review.  Not only is it super well written and thorough, but it also looks AH-mazing on her.  :)  (Sadly, the 20% off promo she published is no longer working, le sigh.)

Chic Spotty Tunic
Chic Spotty Tunic.  Poppy's Style hits a homerun again with this beauty, with bare legs and pretty flats, natch.  :)

Stripy Tunic
Stripy Tunic.  Can I just tell you I am so glad I found Poppy's Style?  A woman who loves tunics as much as she does is a soul mate of mine.  :)  She looks quite lovely in the dusk version! 

Must Have Jumper
Long Sleeve Breton Top
Must Have Jumper (top) and Long Sleeve Breton top (bottom). Poppy's Style wears it much like Vanessa (in the top photo), with the radish must have jumper paired with the navy/white long sleeve breton top.  What a perfect combo!

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans. Lolcatgirl wrote a fab review of these jeans in a recent post over here at this blog. She says: The linen crops in white reminded that I've been meaning to post how much I like Boden's skinny jeans in white. The material is nice and thick and not see through. I've tried both the J.Crew and Madewell ones and they don't work for me.  Thanks, lolcatgirl!!! :)

Boden Maternity:
Breezy Jersey Dress.  I am so relieved that I could wear this, not pregnant.  I mean, I was fine to not ever wear it again, if need be, but to find out I can wear it and not look pregnant is nice, as I really love this dress.

I wore it here originally, and then again here.

CW is also in Boden, from last fall.  :)

Here is the front view.  I changed out the tie to tie in front, rather than the back.

FWIW, my friend who we were visiting for lunch did not think it looked maternity, which I was glad to hear.  ;)  However, I DO NOT recommend this dress if you are nursing momma.  Yeah, umm, not so good at that.  Next time I wear it, I will have a pumped bottle ready to go.  I worked it out in the end, but I don't plan on doing that again to the neckline ever again.

Breezy Jersey Dress
Breezy Jersey Dress.  Available in all sizes and colors.

Clearance Boden:
Slim Fit Cargos
Slim Fit Cargos.  See the very first photo to see them in action.  :)

I bought a 32 Long after carefully deciding which measurements would work best for me. right. now.  I don't think I will likely wear these next fall (the waist and hips will be too large), but it is nice to have well fitting pants that are slim enough in the legs but still forgiving at the waist and hips.  I may take the waist in when need be, but these were SO cheap that I kind of don't mind not doing so and just reselling them.

I may buy the 30 Long for next fall as I like the silhouette, but I worry the legs will be too narrow, as the 32s are exactly the right measurements for my thighs and calves.  Hmm.

The length is perfect at 32 inches, but if you are shorter, or your inseam is shorter, the regular length is 30 inches.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...the lovely AJC did a wonderful overview of Boden, and many of their past styles in this post here.  It was great to take a photographic journey of the best of Boden.  :)

Okay, that's all.  Phew, there was a lot to cover today.  LOL.

Now I am ready for some wine (yay! WINE!).

Mobile users, here is a direct link to the website.  Remember, on your shopping bag page to use the code WCM1 for the additional 15% off.  :)
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Night, night, all!