Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Lots and Lots of Everything!

Hi, all!

I had so hoped to have this up earlier than right now, but today definitely got away from me...let's see...ballet, then lunch, then playdate, then no nap (ugh), and finally four seconds with Mr. Dina before he went to a movie with a friend (guess who gets to put the kids to bed?).

Anyhow, I promise the wait is worth it. We have a few new arrival IRL photos and reviews AND quite a few sale item reviews. :)

So let's get started.

But before I do that, let me just let you know that I still have not heard from my Boden affiliate program regarding the snafu of my 15% coupon in my sidebar leading folks to the British site instead of the US site. Eep. So until then, I am giving all of you the same advice I gave on Sunday (it seems to work perfectly this way, so yay for that)...

1. Instead of using the sidebar link, use an item stock photo (like the ones littered throughout this roundup) to get to the Boden USA site.

2. Click on that photo which will take you to the US item page. There will be NO discount applied, but no worries.

3. Once on the site, click on the shopping bag icon which will take you to the shopping bag page itself.

4. On that page, locate the code box (it is on the lower left hand side), and put in this code AF29 (which is what the affiliate link had as the code when I tried it last week). This code is for 15% off and free ship/returns. If you have another code, you can use it there as well.

(If this doesn't work for you, DEFINITELY let us know!) Thanks!

Okay, so let's get this roundup started...

Plait Trim Top.  I had alluded to this in the last post how much I adore this top, but I really heart it now.  From what I can tell from the Boden USA reviews on this top, I am definitely not alone.  There is something wonderful about the soft slubby cotton combined with the length and the unique design and braided neckline.

One caveat, though...this is an awful lot of look.  As you can tell, I wore very muted pants (Duo Maternity) and shoes (Uggs Rain shoes--it was coming down that morning) with the top so I didn't look like I escaped from Margaritaville in the middle of January.

Close-up of the braiding and print.  The seams are perfect everywhere and the braiding is held on very securely.  In this climate of cutting corners on what is slowly becoming a disposable climate, Boden is holding true to its quality edict.  I truly appreciate it...I have so many items from other retailers where I have to eggshell walk around them in order to keep them from being destroyed after one wearing.  Good on you, Johnnie B.

The bonus with this top?  It stretches just enough to go from "longer top" while not pregnant to "utterly perfect" maternity normal top.  LOVE.  And the baby bump looks kind of cute all gussied (pun not intended, but awesome that my tired bleeping brain managed to make it) up!

From the back.  So you know, I purchased a size US 6, which is plenty big enough everywhere.  I think at my thinnest "non-pregnant" weight, I might consider a US 4, but eh, it's all good.  If you are smaller on top, I would say if you want to size down, you probably can.

BTW, Mr. Dina really liked this top, so I guess that's a guy's thumbs up.  ;)

Plait Trim Top
Plait Trim Top. I adore all the colors, but don't plan on buying anymore...the one I have is plenty, but I would love to see the other hues on others!!!

Textured Cotton Skirt.  Oh, the pretty taunting little vixen you are.  Sigh.  She is exactly what I love, bright colored pattern on a classic shape like a pencil skirt.  Unfortunately the love affair ended when I realized that she has no fit similarity to last year's big winner of the same named skirt.  I loved last year's so much that I bought two colors, both navy and fudge.  Measurement wise, only the length and waist were the same.  The hips on this one (SIZE 8 LONG) were teeny, measuring at most 39 inches.  Yikes.  I have no problem wearing a size 10 or 12, if that is what I need, but to name the skirt the same as last year's and then vary the sizing that much is just cruel.  Ugh.

So I have re-ordered the 10 Long, and with luck, I hope to measure the hips and find a measurement more closely resembling last year's version...about 40.5 would be plenty (that is what my J. Crew pencil skirts all have, fwiw).

I did manage to get this pulled up over my hips, but it was very tight.  My hip measurement has not changed much since getting pregnant as Gus has been sitting so high (see the plait trim top review), so I can confidently assert this skirt is running small.  (And so the other reviews state...phew, not alone.  And they aren't with child either, if that makes a difference, lol.)

So SIZE UP if you have larger hips.  Trust me.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. I received a comment from a blog friend who said nearly the same thing as me: Just received the textured cotton skirt in gray and the sizing is AWFUL. I've never worn a 6 skirt, but that's what I'll need. And I likely won't get it until May. So aggravating. I was a 2 in dresses last year and one in cotton (not stretchy) fit a bit snugly so I decided to play it safe and size up to 4 in the skirt and tailor down if needed. I definitely need a 6, though the waist will be huge. So disappointing because the skirt is gorgeous. The gray and black color would make it wearable in March in NC and I can see it with white, peach or aqua on top for warm weather. (THANK YOU, MARY G--GREAT REVIEW!)

Border Print Tunic
Border Print Tunic.  I have received mine, and find that the size 6 I bought is lovely, but have not yet had a chance to wear it, so I will hold off my review till next week...that said, the very cool Ema of My Closet, My Baby, and I did a in-depth review of this tunic last week.  :)  This looks like it may be a popular choice, just like last year's Terazzo Tunic.

Animal Bow Flats.  The wonderful Molly (of the blog My Closet Travels) e-mailed me a few IRL photos of items that I currently have and love.  :)  I see the love is mutual for Boden's use of leopard print this year.

Anyhow, she says of these flats: The Leopard flat, Size 37, these ran a wee bit big so I bought insoles for them. They fit great now and are so comfortable. I am amazed at the level of comfort with these particular shoes. Once the snow is done flying I'll be wearing these shoes a lot.

I ordered a size 41, which is supposedly my "tts" Boden size, but for me, it varies.  A lot.  :)  The clincher on these working so well for me is because they are long and narrow.  (I need narrow A LOT more than long...I have freaky skinny feet.)

Leopard Tote and Fab Wallet.  Molly did what I did and purchased the wallet to match the bag.  I think they really do work so nicely together, and the plus being that the wallet can work well on its own, as well.  I love the grey here, and had the tan completely sold out and I couldn't have gotten the combo I did, I would have been more than happy with the grey versions.  Very pretty!

Molly says of these: The bag and wallet. LOVE!! I first saw your pics in Paris with the other color way and loved it immediately. I waited patiently for a discount and bought it at 20% back in December. It took over 4 wks to arrive but it was worth the wait. I have rec'd tons of compliments all wanting to know where I bought it and then people asked me about Boden. It's roomy and holds my wallet, calendar, make up bag and all the other essentials a girl needs in there bag. I love that it snaps at top so I don't worry about it being open or things falling out.

Fab Wallet (close-up).  Molly added this detail shot and also included a bit more on this item specifically: What I like about the wallet it that it has lots of room for credit cards, license, money, coins and other stuff I stick in there. It's chic and a real conversation piece just like the tote.

Animal Bow Pumps
Animal Bow Pumps (heehee, definitely a British thing, flats are pumps).

Leopard Tote
Leopard Tote.

Fab Wallet
Fab Wallet.

Molly wanted to add one more bit of info, on Boden in general: Why Boden now? I guess because I read your reviews faithfully and because I wanted a change. I still love J Crew but I was ready for something different. The patterns, the colors, the fabric, WOW! Beautiful. I wish they could ship quicker than 3 wks but like you I'd say it's worth waiting for and these are items that not everyone owns.

THANK YOU, Molly! Great reviews and I 100% agree regarding Boden's niche impact on a market that desperately needs something a bit more unique. ;)  (And let's hear it for more items being shipped from Pittston, PA, please!)

Embellished Cashmere Cardi
Ruffle Front Dress
Embellished Cashmere Cardigan and Ruffle Front DressI wore these two together out on the town for lunch with the family.  :)  I felt good, which is saying a lot for a mom of two (almost three) who is definitely nearing saturation level on this pregnancy.  (So tired, so so tired.  God bless Gus sitting right there on my diaphragm, preventing the luscious embrace of deep sleep.)

You all have a great night.  Enjoy the new arrivals as they come in...and yay for anything that makes us feel wonderful, no matter what the day might bring.  ;)