Tuesday, January 24, 2012

J. Crew: Jaspé pullover and Mini Orbit Necklace Review plus OOTD.

Hey, all!  I have two posts today that specifically deal with reviewing J. Crew items!  :)  With tomorrow being an insane Boden review day (OMG, SO MANY REVIEWS for the roundup), I figured I will get these done, especially since the next review post is on an item that if it pops back up on the internet will be an extra 40% off (which would be awesome for whomever grabs the popback).

But right now I want to focus on two items that are "new" arrivals.  Technically the Jaspe pullover was in the last rollout and not the one on Thursday, but I know that a lot of you love this material, so I wanted to get this review out as soon as I could.

The necklace is in store only right now, but that doesn't mean it won't be rolled out on Thursday...I hope it will come on-line as it is a really wonderful necklace that is a decent price and a perfect "something something" for topping off a simpler outfit.

I wore all of these items today, which just shows how much I love them both.  I figure if I wear them quickly (bought them last night), then the items were definitely meant to be keepers in my closet.

Clearly I can't do that with everything I own right now.  LOL.  But for the things I can wear, I pull them out as quickly as possible.

I really really love this outfit.  I did a lot today, including a freaking run to Costco, and at no point did I feel uncomfortable or miserable.  Everything from the top all the way down to the shoes helped buoy my mood.  :)

Top: J. Crew Jaspe Pullover, Heather Indigo, Size Extra Small.  I picked this up last night at the store after having spied and fallen in love with it on-line.  I have no idea if this will sell out or end up in the clearance bin for $5, but I HAD to have it last night.  The unusual texture of this tee is soft and the fabric is pretty thick.  The three-quarter sleeves don't bother me at all since I normally scrunch my sleeves anyhow.  The scoop neck is really flattering, too.

The color is my favorite bit, sort of mid-blue with greenish undertones and a true white threading throughout.

Sizing is typical J. Crew, pretty large.  I find it utterly amusing that J. Crew's tops are stretchy and long enough that I can continue wearing my tts xs top size, even at 31 (!!!) weeks.  All this means is that the top will be looser and much longer when I am not pregnant.

Pants: Duo Maternity, wear them constantly...

Necklace: J. Crew Mini Orbit Necklace, Sage Green/Blue, $39.50.  Considering the regular Orbit necklace is a hundred dollars more than this necklace, I think this is a great option for those of you who love the look of the regular orbit but want to save some dough.  (I do plan on buying the regular orbit at some point, but will wait it out a fair bit, just in case it makes  it to sale.)

You can see the mini orbit closer up in the last photo.  Also, Rose modeled the red version last night over at this post.

Shoes: Boden Lounge Shoe, Size 40.  I will do a more in-depth review of these shoes tomorrow.  Quick thoughts, though...these run LONG and NARROW, just like my feet.  :)  I sized down in length to a 40 (should really wear a 41), and the width/length exactly fits my foot.  This never happens to me.  I am a happy girl.

From the side.  Gus was a happy boy.  He was moving A LOT today.  I think he agrees with the Jaspe.

CW is wearing a pair of crewcuts tights that are as darling as her, grey knit tights with hearts (Girls' Heart Tights).  They are size xxs-xs and are large enough they should work for a year or two longer.  Great deal at $7 on sale.  :)

Hands on hips, including CW.  She RUNS to the modelling sessions every AM.  Cracks us up.  I indulge her as I figure some of you really like my reviews and my ootds, but the vast majority of you stop by to see her and her brother.  ;)

I can totally tell I am gaining weight from this pregnancy.  Normally my face is not this full.  It doesn't bother me, but it is weird to realize that of the 20 pounds I have gained, some of it has been in my cheeks.  LOL.  Bit chipmunky.

This is a good view of the necklace and the texture of the tee.  I actually like both pieces enough I may consider seconds when (and if) they go on sale.  The tee also comes in a pretty light grey and the necklace come in many colors, including red, navy, and one other color (can't remember).

OOTD with Jaspe and Mini Orbit.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit as I wore it today (including the coat, which I did not get photos of but wore in the last post).

Hope this helped some of you!