Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: Day Three. (Plus J. Crew/Madewell Reviews!)

Everyone!  Hi!  Thank you all so much for helping me through my semi-mini fit last night.  Ugh, blogger.  I have only had one other post disappear, and that was super early on in my blogging history, so I guess I thought it just couldn't happen again. 

So in that vein, I am gonna keep this short and sweet, so any effort I put into tonight's post isn't gonna to give me angst if it goes away.  ;)

I wore an outfit today that I had been planning for ages.  I created the polyvore a while ago after I ordered the bubble necklace in papaya, and saw the gorg image of the model on the website wearing it.  (That photo is at the bottom of the post, btw.)

Well, the polyvore sort of panned out.  My calves were the issue this morning.  Yeah, my calves.  Not because they have grown, oh, no, but rather that the boots that I had intended to wear with my outfit wouldn't zip up past the 3/4 point.  Huh.  (I have fairly thin calves, so I was a bit surprised to say the least.)

In the end it worked out as I re-wore my Alpine Boots that I wore yesterday, and had planned to do a review on, but didn't after the fiasco with blogger, so guess who is doing the review tonight?  Yep!

Top: Alexa Chung for Madewell Amelia Tee, Size small.  I ordered this when Madewell was offering 30% off all sale items.  I really don't need another striped top, but I love how this one seemed substantial (the cotton is very thick and heavy, btw, in real life), and I loved how the stripes are not solid but rather thin and wispy looking.  I was pretty sure it could be a go to piece for me as a stay at home mom.  I would say this runs a bit small, as I ordered it in my "size up" from Madewell (I wear an extra small with them normally), but I am not not saying that because of Gus belly.  In fact I am saying it because I feel like the shoulders, arms, and bust are just fine in the small (and would have likely been too tight in the extra small).  Since I have had no weight gain there, so trust me when I say size up.  The body is clearly a bit loose if it can accommodate a 7 months pregnant belly, but I believe the look is meant to be a bit loose there under normal circumstances.

Leggings: J. Crew Signature Leggings, Size Medium.  They have changed the overall feel of the leggings from last year, but not in any substantial know?  It just feels different, and not in a bad way.  Hard to describe really...

Boots: J. Crew Alpine Boots, Size 9.  These boots were described in the copy as "shearling lined throughout."  Well, yeah, technically, but if you are genuine shearling fan, these are only lined through the cuff in true shearling.  The rest of the boot is lined in faux shearling, which lacks the plush feel of the real stuff.  I would have been p-oed if I had paid anywhere near full price for these thinking they would be true sheepskin boots.  The price I bought them at?  I can deal with the faux stuff, but I want to send that warning out to you all.  I would say these run true to size for the J. Crew "whole sized" items, which I always size down to wear (I am a 9.5 in J. Crew normal shoe sizing).

Necklace: J. Crew Bubble Necklace, Papaya.  I will do the review after the next photo.

Close-up of the top and necklace.

I was not a bubble necklace fan when they first came out, but after countless other bloggers showed how they wore theirs, I was a definite convert.  However, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon way after ebay started selling fakes, so I knew I didn't want to take a chance on getting one that may not be made super well.

When J. Crew re-issued this one (and the double strand Palm Springs Necklace, which I reviewed here), I was in "old school J. Crew" heaven.  :)

The bubble necklace is awesome if you are a statement necklace kind of gal.  It is big, well-made, and definitely not for the shy.  The papaya is an especially "large" statement to make as the top beads are a lighter orange color and the smaller bottom beads are a traditional orange color.  Very much the first thing you see on the outfit.  I adjusted the chain so it would fall higher on my neckline, but you can clip it where it is meant to be clipped and have it sit a bit lower, as well.

I was lucky enough to pre-order it during the 30% off promo, so this was just at $100.  I don't know if it is worth the whole $150, but I like it enough at the $100 to tear off the tags.

Side shot of the belly and boots. 

Yeah, this image started me on my quest of recreation.  :)  LOVELY image and J. Crew needs to keep this up...

Winter Wardrobe: Day Three.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I had intended to wear. FWIW, the Charley Shearling Wedge Boots did zip up tonight, but (and you all are gonna love this), I had to lay on my bed, put my leg up in the air, pull on the boot, carefully zip up the back, adjust, and then repeat with the other leg. LOL. They look really fun and are super-warm and definitely different than any other boots I own, so thank goodness I made them work. :) I believe that they will stretch a bit more in the calf area eventually so that I won't have to do the "bed trick" (yeah, I know that sounds bad) very much longer.

I got the Charley boots on 30% off, and I think they are a decent price at that amount (they are real shearling and have super-soft suede), but full price, nuh uhn.  No way.  Oh, and calves that need extended calf boots?  Don't even bother applying.  Ridiculous.

You all have a great night. Me--sleep is calling my name.