Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Ton of Pea in the Pod Coming Your Way.

Yeah, let's just keep the "theme" posts going since I clearly am unable to post outfit of the day posts in any sort of timely manner.  :)  (And I can't even blame this pregnancy for this, have been doing this since nearly the day this blog was born.  Whatever.  Seems to work for me.)

Okay, there are so many outfits to highlight, so let's just begin...

Quickly, though, the main thing that ties all these outfits together is that they were purchased from either Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity (now defunct part of the company), or Motherhood Maternity.  These three (now two) maternity outlets are sort of the American woman's dream mall store to turn to upon learning there is a bun in the oven.  I like them, but really had no choice of other brands six years ago when I was pregnant with Rex.  It was only after Rex and into the pregnancies of CW and Gus that there really were more options for those of us not in NYC and all the chic maternity boutiques.  (There was Liz Lange for Target, but again, not every mall has a Target, so for a great majority of women, these three are literally it.  And for every Pea in the Pod, there are far more Motherhood's, as the Motherhood Maternity is the least expensive option of the three.)

And to that end I say "thank goodness" for the newer offshoots of bigger brands, like the Loft Maternity, Boden Maternity, and the Gap Maternity.  Yes, you have to buy all those on-line, but now that the vast majority of the US is connected on-line, suddenly women can look beyond the two biggies. 

(Although I will say if you are in a bigger city the Gap may have a maternity section at your local baby Gap, the one here in NOVA is located at Fair Oaks.  This is LITERALLY the only shopping I do at the Gap anymore, btw.)

Okay...quick merchandise history lesson done...17 photos to go (!)...

Outfit #1:
Top: Pea in the Pod, Erge Burnout Top.  This is a size small and runs really long.  I think I bought it when pregnant with CW.

No head, slightly different view.  Besides the top, only the pants are Maternity, by Duo.  These are a recent acquisition, bought at another mall store that hasn't forgotten us pregnant ladies, J.C. Penney.  (Although I think women forget about them as an option, especially when there is one of the "big" two at their local.)


Cardigan: J. Crew Merino V-Neck from 2009, Size Medium.  I haven't pulled this cardi out in a long time, but it was perfection with the tee.
Boots: Madewell Suede Hightower boots, Size 9.5.  I waited and waited for these to come down in price...bought them on Monday when they went down to around $100 with the 30% discount.  (They still are on sale and all sizes are available.)  I really like the look of these and find them to be super comfortable.  Be warned, they are a pull-on type of boot and the shaft of the boot runs narrow and short.  These are in no way knee high on me...if they were the thinner part of the shaft would hit at my knee and fit perfectly.  This, however, is more about me, I have freakishly long calves and all boots are like this on me.  They do have an extended size, but those are much much more expensive, so only buy those if you are sure you need them.
Necklace: J. Crew Bubble Necklace in Papaya.  I have already done a review here.  Love this necklace.  Way more versatile than I thought it would be.

This outfit was worn on Thursday night for a Thai dinner out with the family.  Amazingly, Mr. Dina and my dad offered to both drop the kids off at preschool and pick them up from preschool (respectively), so I was able to spend the entire day asleep or resting.  I have been sleeping really poorly lately (major leg and hip pain owing to the weight of Gus), so I desperately needed a day off.  :) 

After I had gotten enough rest, I totally had a spa bath and full make-up session.  It felt wonderful.  I even did Heidi braids (can't see them here).  LOL.

Outfit #2:
This is from early December, by the way, and from this point forwards all of the outfits are in chronological order, so there should be some belly growth, too.  :)

Dress: Motherhood Maternity, Size Small.  This is one of those dresses that are meant to be worn with a top under it, and I usually pair a button down with them, however...all of my pregnancy button downs are HUGE on me (even now, not just back then in December).  I anticipate being able to pull them out soon, but they look ridiculous on me currently.
Top: J. Crew striped tissue turtleneck tee, Size Extra-Small.  This is from the fall and I bought it for around $9 on sale.  Definitely does not fit now but in December fit just fine over the belly.  I think J. Crew's tops are ridiculously oversized...
Tights: Assets.
Shoes: Clarks Artisan.  Yummy!

My belly is so teeny there.  I love it.

Kids really wanted to be in this shot, btw.  They come running now.  I think they like posing with the belly, honestly.

Outfit #3:
I wore this on a date with Mr. Dina to sushi (not all sushi is off the table during long as the salmon is frozen before they thaw it, salmon sushi is is uni--sea urchin--just so you all know).  We also went to a movie.  The dress wasn't the best for the movie, but I wasn't insanely uncomfortable, either.

Dress: Pea in the Pod, Size Medium.  This is a really short, silk, Asian-inspired dress.  I am glad I have it, but I definitely will sell this one upon not being pregnant.  I am going to sell a lot, but this one definitely.  I think I have gotten enough wear out of it.  I believe I bought this one with Rex.
Cardigan: Anthropologie, Decorating Committee Cardigan, Size medium.  This is such a fun cardi, love having it, even if I only get to wear it once a year or so.
Tights: Assets again.
Shoes: Ancient pair of Sam and Libby Heels.  I can tell they are ancient because they have that big chunky heel that was popular in the late 90s and early 00s.  I definitely take care of my shoes, but really, I should just purge some of these.  (I have started the process, btw, now onto the Goodwill.)

I love how sweet Rex looks here.  Such a cutie.

Another belly shot and another cutie pie pic from my first-born.

I publish this because I like the face I am making.  Really, I do.  LOL.

Outfit #4:
We were headed to Bethesda on New's Years Day, so I put on a fairly summery frock (paired it with a short khaki jacket--not seen).  It was warm-ish here that day (in the 50s), so I felt comfortable.  You all have seen this dress before, here in this picture.  I was pregnant (more fully pregnant--around 32 weeks, btw) with CW in that shot.

Dress: Pea in the Pod, Size Small.  Love the print and the cotton fabric.  I actually can get away with this one as a sundress non-pregnant, but haven't yet tried it.  Maybe I will this summer and then sell it.
Tights: I don't remember, but these have been around for a while...
Shoes: J. Crew Metropolitan Suede Ankle Boots, Size 9.5.  I have had these forever, too.  They get more comfortable the more I wear them.  They were really painful the first time I wore them out.

Hand on hips.  The top is smocked and has a high neck, so is really hard to pair with a cardigan.  It really is best on warmer days with sandals.

No belly shot, but you can see me cradling it here.

Outfit #5:
I promise you will see my head.  The first two you don't, but trust me, the faces I was making were just plain stupid and not even in a "cute" way.

Dress: Mimi Maternity, Size Small.  Honestly, this company of the three "big" ones was my favorite.  They ran a bit edgier, and were less expensive than Pea in the Pod.  Also, Motherhood runs really big, so often there size extra-small tops were too big on me.  Mimi was just the right fit.  Clearly they weren't the right fit for everyone else, though.  Sad!  This is a poly-blend and is darn comfy. 

CW is holding Rex's Saints pillow pet.  This was a Sunday that they were going to play in one of their playoff games.  Unfortunately for my favorite Saints cheerleader (she has a cutie pie toddler cheerleader outfit), they are done for the season.  (Mr. Dina is the most sad, obviously.  I am sad, too, as if they had made it to the Superbowl I could have visited one of my best friends in the whole world, who happens to live fairly close to Indianapolis.)

We were headed to church that day, btw.

The rest of the outfit is non-maternity.

Jacket: J. Crew Velvet Bella Jacket in Leaf Green, Size 4.  Definitely not doing up in the front, but still "fits" in the shoulders.
Tights: Assets.
Shoes: Madewell, Handbook Pumps, Size 9.5.  Oh, man, the first day I wore these (not here, fwiw), I almost keeled over from the pain.  However, now that I have worn them a bit more, they are more comfortable.  They are really cute, though, and worth the work.  They have sold out--except size 9--on Madewell, but they are worth the sale price (I got it with around 30% off extra) of around $90.  They also have a chunky heel (like the Sam & Libby pumps in the Asian dress outfit), but a much more modern cone shape.

There's my head making a fairly non-stupid face.  :)  Glasses can bring out the crazy face in me, not sure why, but when I take photos with my glasses, I often look silly.

Outfit #6:
We were headed out to dinner as a family, again.  (But remember, this post covers two whole months, so we don't go out that much.  Promise.  Hand on heart.  I make a mean casserole, fwiw.)

Dress: Pea in the Pod, Size small.  I bought this while pregnant with CW.  I have a very distinct memory of wearing this on the first day back to school two weeks before I gave birth to her.  I definitely did not have to wear it with tights, fur-lined boots, and a long cardigan.  It was cold the night I wore this.
Cardigan: J. Crew Soft Tee Cardigan, Size Small.  This is such a cozy cardi, wrinkles like crazy, but often just the perfect topper.
Tights: George (Wal-Mart), Size 3.  THE SADNESS.  After my LONG LONG run (sorry for the pun, btw) with no tights getting holes, etc., these awesome pair of tights bit the dust.  But not because the tights suck.  It was the boots fault!  As much as I love these boots, the zipper did catch on the tights as I was taking the boots off.  Having said that, I am thrilled to report that the boots fit perfectly now.  You can read more on that saga here.
Boots: J. Crew, Charley Shearling Wedge Boots, Size 9.5.  ON SALE.  RIGHT NOW.  They were 30% off extra yesterday, but will likely make it to the next 30% off again.  I (shh) re-bought as I am WELL within the 60 day return policy.  I didn't pay a ton for them initially (had received a 30% off), but um, $125 versus $275?  Yep, I will re-buy and return.  Since I rarely do this, I feel like I can get away with it this time (and you all do it, too, I know you all admit it constantly over at the mothership).  :)

I did a review of the boots here.

Haha, look at Rex in that photo.  Love the look.

Rex perked up when I took off the cardigan.

For those of you following my story on the Rex front (was having issues with discipline in December), it is all coming around.  The book "The Explosive Child" has been a godsend.  Seriously.  I can't say that it will always be wonderful and he still gives us issues, but with the emphasis being on working with Rex to learn how to better communicate what he is feeling, there has been a major mood shift in the house.  (And school!  And out and about!)  It takes time and a WHOLE lot of patience and understanding and loss of pride on my part, but omg, so worth it.

Okay, you all made it to the end.  If I had "virtual" star stickers to give out, I would hand one to each of you.  LOL.

I promise...the next theme posts won't be as involved.  I just waited far too long to get around to these.  ;)