Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yay! Boden Makes Second Cuts...

And there are even new items added to sale. I am at school, just finished up teaching, so I can't give you a lot of info, but I DO want to give a huge shout out and thank you to Lauren PhD for emailing me about this turn of events at Boden.

Below is a cut and paste duplicate of a recent Boden Review Roundup, including links to items and the sale directly. When I grab a moment tonight I will clean this post up a bit so that it is just about this second cut, but I have a feeling some of you are straddled to your mobile device (like me!) & will likely appreciate the links!

I will keep some of these links in the post, but for timeliness, I will get rid of the cut and paste Boden Roundup...it was nice to have easy access to links, etc., but in the end, was a means to an end, and not really what I was looking for when I published this post.   :)

Do any of you se anny see any (man, smart phones kind of make people look stupid, huh?) attention grabbers?

Talk soon!

UPDATE 9:28 PM.  I am finally able to just sit and do my work here on the computer, phew.  I love being busy, but wow, keeping two toddlers managed, a whole slew of elementary school girls happy, a sick husband placated, and a growing baby from going hungry does take a bit of energy.  Is it wrong of me to look forward to spending some time on my blog since that is really the only "me" time I get?  LOL.

I will be able to much more effort into tomorrow's weekly Boden Roundup, but I do want to give you all a few places to look for information in case you are waffling on a purchase.

I find going back to prior Boden Weekly Review Roundups helpful as the reviews are placed together under one single label BWRR and will feature either written reviews, IRL photos, ootds, and links to other blog's reviews.  Any review I received from any of my blog friends will appear there.  (Thanks a million, btw, to all of you who have participated in the reviews, very, very, very helpful!)

If you need some help deciding if an item is worth buying now (oh, no, it might sell out!), look for tell-tale signs that it will sell out.  If all sizes in all colorways are still showing IN STOCK (a blue checkmark), then go ahead and wait to purchase.  In fact, I plan on waiting on the pink colorway of the Embellished Collar Top because that thing is just not selling and I would rather include that in part of a future spring purchase so I can get free shipping.

If the item is showing the colorway you want is in stock but that others are low or out of stock, you may want to purchase as the item could be nabbed by someone who says, "well, if I can't get it in brown, I will get it in green."

If the item is showing a low stock tick (pink checkmark), do buy it now.  It is very likely the item will not be there the next time you go back to check on it (I know from experience...).

If the item is out of stock, check back for popbacks.  There is always a possibility someone will return it...best to look in the AM, however.

I hope that helped some of you decide!  Happy (Sale) Shopping!

Oh, and lovely ladies reading on their mobile devices, here is the link I promised you:

Shop Boden!