Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: Day Two.

Hi, all!  I made it through another day of hanging with my elementary school homies...grade 3-5! 

Anyhow, I actually planned today's outfit as opposed to yesterday's, but what I didn't think about is that I am going to make these girls think I LOVE stripes.  Yesterday's outfit was pink with silver stripes, today's is black with silver stripes, and tomorrow's is white with navy stripes.  I think Thursday I have a solid dress, so that is in the clear.


Well, I just give the bleep up.  I literally wrote a fairly involved blog post and the darn thing was just eaten up by the computer (except the intro paragraphs above).  I HATE not having my computer.  I absolutely loathe this teeny-tiny, "let's eat all of dinagideon's hard work up," dumb, *@###-ing computer.  I am just about to cry.  There was a review of the Alpine boots in it, and a rather extensive look at this new necklace I wore today, plus some info on my next post on the Boden Weekly Review Roundup, AND. it. is. all. gone.

I am going to bed.  I will show the pics, I will show the polyvore and I will fill in the blanks on this post when I get over my anger.  (I get angry, you all, it just. takes. a. lot. to get me there.  GRRRRRR.)

You all have a great night.  My Aspire One ACER computer?  I hope you have nightmares, you beast.

Dress: J. Crew Alex Sweater Dress, Size Medium.

Leggings: Madewell Convertible, Size Medium.

Boots: J. Crew Alpine Boots, Size 9.  I will do a review, I promise.  Just not now.  Sob.

Side shot of Gus riding high.  Any of you mommas out there have a belly ride this high?  Seems a bit ridiculous, in my opinion.

I had spent two or three paragraphs explaining how I discovered this jewelry designer in Paris, and how my hunt took on epic proportions once I got back home to find his necklaces here, but alas, it must have not been meant to be.  For what it's worth, it is designed by Tzuri Gueta, and he truly is an artist.  The beads are silicone (!!!) and the cording is silk.  Very unusual, and definitely a statement, especially in this lovely blue/red combo.

Winter Wardrobe: Day Two.

Above is the polyvore, where you can find more info on the individual pieces, including the necklace.

Reminder, Boden did some second cuts on their items in their winter sale.  I explained it more in depth at this post.

;)  I will be back in a better mood tomorrow.  Promise.