Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Superfluities...It Has Been Three Years!

Ladies!  Squee!  I am FINALLY on my new computer.  :)  Yahoo!

Anyhow, now that I have full access to everything from disqus to picasa to blogger to facebook to everything else that is important for daily life nowadays (ha, not really, but I definitely missed them during the time from here on out known as "teeny computer days").

What a great way to start off my fourth year of blogging by inaugurating this computer with the 3rd blogoversary post.  Of course this third blogoversary post is really just a mishmash of a reminder, some information, and two pregnancy outfits incorporating Boden tunics, but still...

Okay, here goes.  :)

Reminder: Tonight is the last night to enter my $25 Boden gift card giveaway.  For more info on how to enter, go to the very bottom of this post.  I will most likely pick a winner tomorrow morning, so if you get your entry in before then you should be okay.

By the way, I had no idea that the giveaway was going to end on my blogoversary, just one of those serendipitous moments that happen.

Information: Thanks to both Ann (blog friend) and Amanda (my stepmom), I found out that the sidebar affiliate link (the one that gives 15% off with free ship and returns) is directing folks to the UK site.  That is fab if you live in the UK, but considering 85% of my readers are US residents, this is kind of a big deal.  LOL.  (However, Canadians--you can use the UK site, go have fun while it lasts.  Probably the only time I am going to be able to offer you all anything!)

So to help out, I am telling you all the same thing I told both Ann and Amanda...

1. Instead of using that link, go to one of my review roundups and find an item stock photo (or use the one that I have put in this post--the one for the border print tunic).

2. Click on that photo which will take you to the US item page.  There will be NO discount applied, but no worries.

3. Once on the site, click on the shopping bag icon which will take you to the shopping bag page itself.

4. On that page, locate the code box (it is on the lower left hand side), and put in this code AF29 (which is what the affiliate link had as the code when I tried it last week).  This code is for 15% off and free ship/returns.  If you have another code, you can use it there as well. 

5. I don't really know if this works 100% so if one of you all tries it and it is successful, would you mind letting me know?  Thanks!!!

Pregnancy outfits featuring Boden tunics:
In perfect timing news, it does seem super appropriate that I recently re-wore this tunic from 2009, which is the same time as I started this blog.  In fact, you can view the way I wore this way back when here.

Amazingly, I am only a couple of pounds heavier than I was in that photo.  I have to remind myself that although I am gaining a lot of weight overall I am still doing okay compared to my two prior pregnancies (with Rex I gained 50 total, with CW 40 total, at this point with Gus I am at 19, with a projected total of around 30-32).  I guess the blog has made me more aware of weight gain and loss.  And though I know it is fine to gain weight while pregnant (OF COURSE!), I do know that the 50 pounds I gained with Rex made the recovery slower and more difficult.  With two other little ones running around the house, I don't think I have the luxury of a slower and/or difficult recovery...I need to be able to recover a bit faster this time.  :)

Anyhow, I LOVE this tunic, and so does Mr. Dina.  I can't think of one tunic that I own from Boden that I am ready to get rid of, I wear them that often, and through all sorts of weight gains and losses.

From the side.  The tunic is Boden, the jeans are Duo Maternity, the shoes are J. Crew (real old school J. Crew), and the necklace is J. Crew.  All of these items are from 2009 and before.  My expanding waist has also created a closet cleanout, so I have rediscovered items I hadn't worn in a while.  :)

Close-up of the tunic. The colors are so pretty, especially in the dead of winter.

This tunic is from last year, and the reason I am buying this year's version should be obvious.  I cannot get over the fact that this fabric is just stretchy enough to work on me at my baby belly best and at my very thinnest (check out the bottom photo of this post to see).  Johnnie B. and co., you all have done well by women everywhere.

We were headed out for dinner at Moe's on one of the coldest nights we have had yet, so CW and I took the opportunity to dress our tunics up with leggings and furry boots.  Normally I would love to have cute ballet flats, but have you all felt how cold asphalt feels on ballet flats in the winter?  Brr.  I far prefer cute shearling lined cozies for those nights.  CW does, too.

Her tunic is from Tea, btw.  We got it from Garnet Hill on super sale.

Tunic: Boden Terazzo Tunic, Size US 6.  This was very popular and sold out in all colorways well before the sale last year.  Definitely pick up this year's version early if you are a fan of this style.
Leggings: J. Crew Everyday Leggings, Size medium.  Thank goodness for leggings, I sometimes just am not feeling maternity pants.  Leggings are YUMMY in pregnancy.
Boots: mini Boden, size 39.  I did a review here.
Earrings: J. Crew Factory.

Border Print Tunic
Border Print Tunic.  I bought the US 6 again, I am confident it will fit based on the material used to create it.  The grey color is 5 week wait in many sizes, but the other colors are still available.

Okay, that's all.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday night and Monday holiday (if you have it off...amazingly Mr. Dina does...first time in a long time).