Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: End of the Old and In with the New?

Ooh, you all, it doesn't even really matter that I have only two reviews to share with you this week *not even my own, btw* because there is all sorts of buzz that with the sale ending tonight (it won't technically "end" it will just become its own clearance tab at the website).  Every time this happens, the new items from that season are rolled out that next day.  And yep, just like in prior will be Friday tomorrow, which is the day that Boden usually switches their website over.

My antenna is always up in January as I realize this is when the spring items that were ordered during the pre-order window from the Boden preview site (which is gone, fwiw, another great sign) get shipped out.  I am stoked, not so much for me, as I can barely wear anything anymore (lol), but because my kids have two fab raincoats coming.  (And golly, they so need them!)

All that said, I can't say that this week has been spent in Boden heaven for everyone who reads this blog.  Multiple people have e-mailed me regarding their sadness over Boden's refusal to do price adjustments on items they had ordered (and often still have not received!!!) when Boden switched over to second cut prices this week.  Oh, I so feel their pain.  I had the same thing happen to me in early December and it was a true bummer.  I had to re-order the items at the lower price, wait for them to arrive (3 long weeks from England), assure myself that they would fit okay and there were no issues with them, and then package up the two items originally ordered, along with their receipts, and ship them back.  I am still waiting for confirmation that they have received my return and will process my refund.  At this point, I anticipate that money I spent in December will not be in my account (remember I use a check card) until sometime in late January. 

I also have heard that packages are taking FOREVER to get to folks, and I have to agree...unless the item is from the Pennsylvania location, it takes a really long time to get to us in the USA.  I love it when I see "Shipped from Pittston," because that means it will come UPS and be at my door in three days, tops.

However, I am willing to deal with how long items take to get to me because I love Boden so much, but am very dismayed by the unwillingness on Boden's part to do price adjustments, ESPECIALLY on items that are still in the shipping process.  That's kind of consumer-unfriendly, really.

Do you all have anything to add?  Definitely let us know in the comments!

Onto the yummy reviews!!!

But before I get to that, I want to share with you the two items I decided to get in the second cuts of the Boden sale.  I had been watching the Fab Wallet and the Lounge Shoe since their respective debuts on the site, and finally I decided that I could afford them.  (They went from a total of about $220 to $102, which is over half off, YAY!)

Ladies, I assure that although I will absolutely use the wallet with the Leopard Tote, I will not wear the shoes with that bag. Um, no. LOL.

Pleat Detail Wool Dress. OMG. Love Your Life and Look Today (aka Yoga Girl) looks amazing in this dress, which is currently on sale for $94. I don't have the affiliate link for his dress, but have included the link in the name of the dress. Do watch for popbacks as it looks sold out but could potentially be a type of dress that many women have a hard time finding a great fit for their body (although clearly not Ms. Yoga!).

Stella Dress
Stella Dress. AudreyS left me a comment today (at this post), where she agreed with me on my original estimation on sizing for this beautiful dress. :) She said:  Also, off topic, but you were spot on about the Stella dress.  I am nearly always a 4 in Boden dresses, but the top felt like a corset!  The 6 is much better.  Thank you, AudreyS!

I am stoked to wear this tomorrow at my Winter Wardrobe's Fashion Class Runway show. I had planned on another dress, but sadly that one doesn't do up the whole way anymore (which is fine, of course). I do have to say I love the material of this dress and am glad that it has enough fabric in its a-line skirt to fit over my baby belly!  You all will get a look at that tomorrow night when I publish Winter Wardrobe: Day Five.  I will publish Winter Wardrobe: Day Four tonight, btw.  ;)

Okay, that's it! Easy Peasy. You all have a great night!

I don't anticipate being able to let you all know that the Spring Line has debuted on Boden tomorrow as I won't be done with school until 4 or so, but if you would like to keep us up-to-date, you are welcome to comment here on any happenings you see! THANK YOU!!!