Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: A Lot to Look at This Week!

Hey, all.  With all my time being used in other ways (some mental, some physical), I don't have a lot of time for chit-chat today, so I will just lay out the reviews for you and you all can use them the way you need to. 

Reminder: My link to the bodenusa site is not working...sadly.   Still.  It takes you to the UK site.  Eventually I will receive a link that works, but until then, here are instructions on how to get access to the US site and get a discount.  :)

1. Instead of using the sidebar link, use an item stock photo (like the ones littered throughout this roundup) to get to the Boden USA site.

2. Click on that photo which will take you to the US item page. There will be NO discount applied, but no worries.

3. Once on the site, click on the shopping bag icon which will take you to the shopping bag page itself.

4. On that page, locate the code box (it is on the lower left hand side), and put in this code AF29 (which is what the affiliate link had as the code when I tried it last week). This code is for 15% off and free ship/returns. If you have another code, you can use it there as well.

(If this doesn't work for you, DEFINITELY let us know!) Thanks!

Spring 2012 Boden Reviews:

Textured Cotton Skirt.  This is actually the image from last week, but I received the exchange size pretty fast, so I will just use the same image (I am sure that is fine).

This new skirt is a size US 10 Long.  It fits just fine in the hips and is plenty long enough.  In fact, I anticipate it hitting right at my kneecap, which is a rarity in my life.  The waist, however, is quite large, with the difference between the waist and the hips being a mere 7 inches.  If you have a ruler or apple shaped body, this skirt may be perfection for you.  For those of us with pear shapes, you will have to size for your hips, and take in the waist (I will likely have to take the waist in a few inches).

I have read a few other reviews that are saying the same thing.  It's up to you if you are on the fence...if you love the print and don't mind the extra time (if you sew) or extra expense (if you don't) to have it altered, then go for it.  Otherwise, don't go there, it will just frustrate you.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt.  The printed floral pattern is selling quickly to backorder.

I have many blog friends who contributed new reviews to this week's roundup. One of them is even a new face here at this blog, so definitely go over and visit and follow her blog (Poppy's Style)! She is a big fan of Boden, so I know you all will relate to her. :)

Relaxed Knitted Tunic
Must Have Jumper
Effortless Cardigan
Relaxed Knitted Tunic and Must Have Jumpers and Effortless Cardigan. These items were all featured on Poppy's Style here. In fact, if you are a fan of the must have jumpers, she is modeling three different hues for us!

Ibiza Tunic
Notch Neck Tunic
Ibiza Tunic and Notch Neck Tunics. Poppy's Style showed off the quail egg blue version of the Ibiza Tunic and all four shades of the Notch Neck Tunic here at this post. If you are a fan of Boden tunics, this is definitely the post for you.

Speaking of the Notch Neck Tunic, Ema showed off the yellow version on her blog.

Chic Spotty Tunic
Chic Spotty Tunic. Poppy's Style gave a look-see of this tunic in the light brown/pink colorway (same one as on the model) at this post.

Clearance Boden (Spring/Summer 2011 and Fall 2011):

Pool Party Tunic
Pool Party Tunic. Ema picked up two colorways of this tunic (it's price has hit rock bottom--definitely a good buy). I have the pink version and am a fan...

A BIG THANK YOU TO Poppy's Style and Ema for their wonderful reviews!

Lounge Shoes (Tan Leopard).  I wore these as part of this outfit.  These are a size 40, which technically is a size 9 US.  Boden's shoes tend to run big and wide.  I often find I  have to buy a size 40 rather than what should be my size, a 41.  I made the right call going with the 40, the length was nice and long, but in a rare turn of events for Boden, these were made very narrow, which exactly fits my foot.  Normally the width is too wide, even in a smaller size.

The shoes are all leather construction, with a calf-hair upper.  The soles are leather, but have a rubber bit for traction.

Lounge Shoe
Lounge Shoes. Black Colorway is nearly all sold out, but the tan seems to be sticking around. The $58 price is good for what you get, especially when you compare this shoe to the one J. Crew sells for a whole lot more.

Pretty Party Dress (on CW--Baby Boden) and Big Appliqué T-shirt (Rex--Mini Boden).  CW is wearing the size 3-4, which is the largest that baby Boden goes.  She was a big fan of this dress, especially the "pink birds, Momma."

Rex's top is a size 5-6, and while a bit long overall, he is growing really fast and needs the length to ensure he can wear it next winter, too.  The pants are currently sold out (I have given you all an alternative below) but he took a size 5 in these, he has long legs but a smaller waist, so this was perfect...the jersey stretchy waistband wasn't too big or small and the legs are long enough that he should be fine to wear these into next year as well.

Pretty Party Dress
Big Appliqué T-shirt
Lined Cargos
Pretty Party Dress and Big Appliqué T-shirt and Lined Cargos.  If you find the size you need is sold out and it pops back, get it.  The mini and baby Boden stuff sells fast during clearance time.  Good luck!

Okay, all, that's it.  Hope you have a lovely afternoon and evening.  Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate all of you for spending time over here, I mean it!  :)