Tuesday, January 24, 2012

J. Crew: Carriage Coat Dress IRL.

I am FINALLY getting around to publishing this review.  I wanted to make sure I could edit these photos properly (teeny computer from heck didn't have adequate photo editing on it), so I had to wait to get the new computer. 

I figured if you all are interested in this coat/dress, then you need good photos and not crummy, non-edited photos.  Right now, this is SOLD OUT on-line, but we all know that J. Crew has popbacks.  Maybe one of you will even be fortunate enough to grab it tomorrow before the extra 40% off sale ends (which would bring the price of the coat dress down a whole bunch, most likely to cost).

Lots of photos, so let's just begin.

UPDATE: Shopwithm has a wonderful review of this dress, so take a look over there for more info.  :) 

Okay, all, this was early December, so the belly is only 24 weeks along, so there is only a teeny bulge in these photos.

I cannot wear this dress now, but the fact that I COULD wear it at more than the halfway point of this pregnancy should tell you something about this dress...it runs large.

I asked my PS for the measurements and she sent them to me.  I was sort of shocked by what I was reading...the bust/shoulders/waist AND hips were almost exactly my non-pregnancy measurements (up an inch or two overall, obviously, so it's not skin tight).  I thought for sure I would have to buy a small...but nope, the extra-small (!!!) was the exact right fit.

I could write an essay on the vanity sizing of J. Crew, but it would be a dissertation, and that would bore you all, so let's just move on...

I chose to style this dress similar to the way it was styled on the model, with a turtleneck and darker bottom.  I did not go for jeans, but anticipate doing that next winter when I am not pregnant.

Dress: J. Crew Collection Carriage Coat Dress, Size Extra-Small.  FWIW, the hips are about 43", which may be why this worked so well on me.  The shoulders and bust run smaller, though, so I expect that pear shapes will warm to this dress more than other shaped bodies.

Turtleneck: J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck, Size Medium.  From a few years back and definitely a workhorse in my pregnancy wardrobe.

Tights: Assets.

Shoes: Clarks Artisan.

Bag: Boden Leopard Tote.  Yummy.  Love this bag.  The other colors this came in are on super sale right now.  The tan is all sold out.

Earrings: J. Crew Snow Sparkle Earrings.  Also on clearance right now.

It has pockets!  That are perfectly placed!  :)

And lined!

The price was ABSURD for this coat dress.  For one, it isn't really a coat.  Come on now.  It is a thick dress made from some very pretty material and made in a beautiful mid-century shape.  This dress will make the long run in my closet as it is a classic in a great shade of red, but the original price?  Feh.

I got it at 30% off, so a much more reasonable amount.  I would have recommended it at the 30% off, but at this current super sale price?  Yes, ma'am, especially if you are a pear shape.

I was headed out to dinner with other JCAs that night (dinner at Oyamel) and the kids and I were going to see the White House Christmas tree beforehand, so the kids wore their own "festive" look.

Close-up of collar and material.  You can see that the linen (flax?)/wool blend is lovely, especially with the bits of creamy threading.  The collar also has a hidden button or two, which if you look closely, you can see the loop of one of them near the bottom of the placket.

I am so glad to have Picnik back.  Love having fun with photos!

This is the Highland Coat from a few years back, Fall 2006.  I bought this from Molly (My Closet Travels) in a size 10, and boy am I glad I did.  Turns out that the 10 is perfect.  Normally I would buy a 6, but clearly this coat doesn't suffer from vanity sizing.  I could go with an 8 during non-pregnant times, but the 10 will allow me to layer thicker sweaters.

It was a cold night, so I HAD to wear a real coat, not just a dress pretending to be a coat.  LOL.

This shot makes me so happy.  We captured three happy smiles, with a beautiful sunset framing the (now closed--boo, earthquake) Washington Monument.

Carriage Coat Dress IRL!

Above is the polyvore, for you addicts out there. (Smile.  I am one, too.  I admit it.)

Okay, I hope that helps you all!  :)  Good luck, and fingers crossed the Carriage Coat Dress will pop back tomorrow!