Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: Day One.

Hi, everyone!

Don't have a ton of time tonight, not because I don't want to actually write a blog post but because I am back to teaching my elementary school fashion class again, which means a really early rise (must be at school well before 8 am) and a very early to bed.  :)

Winter Wardrobe was a blast today, but oh, my, I guess starting the class on a federal holiday means my numbers (and all the other classes numbers) were teeny-tiny.  I had 7 girls in my first class (of a total of 10, woah) and 11 girls in my second glass (of a total of 15).  In the past I have never had a class with less than 18 kids, so I was a bit stunned.  But (and those of you who are teachers totally get this) those lower numbers made for a lot of one on one time and fairly easy transitions and the world's best set of kids and ZERO discipline problems.

Anyhow, I am not sure I will be able to do much more than these posts this week (and the Boden Weekly Review Roundup), but if I find I am high on energy and time (not likely, lol), I will add more posts.

I call this my "OMG I have no idea what to wear on 2 hours of sleep and whilst pregnant getting ready for a fashion class that I teach...yawn" outfit.  Surprisingly, after hubby saw it, and confirmed that he liked it (did I add that Mr. Dina is sick on top of all of the prep work I have been doing?) , I felt a lot better about my sartorial skills.  Not my best outfit ever, but it worked for today.

Top: Old Navy Maternity, Size Small.  LOVE this stretchy 80s inspired top that I bought during CW's pregnancy.  Great color, too.
Jeans: Duo Maternity, Size Small Tall.  Still have to wear these with a support belt to keep them up (belly is more up and down than out which means the built in panel is too big), but I love the fact that J.C. Penny's maternity brand has tall jeans, which means I can wear heels.
Shoes: Merona Collection, Size 10.  These mod heels are lovely, and I definitely don't pull them out enough...but worked wonderfully with the top.
Scarf: Old Navy.

I would like to point out the whole outfit probably cost less than $100 total.  It felt good to have a head to toe pregnancy look that wasn't an extravagance.  So much maternity wear is insanely pricey.

Hands on hips.  This outfit was plenty warm enough for school, but wow, even with the down jacket I wore with it, I was freezing at recess.  (Aw, darn it, I guess the December of 60s had to give way to normal January temperatures eventually.)

I think Mr. Dina was up to no good when he captured me in my side belly pose next to the referee doing the same exact pose on the TV.  I get belly is larger than a football official's.

My Favorites (From a Really LONG List)!

Before I go, I do want to show off my favorite pieces from 2011.  I created this Polyvore the other night...I am so glad I purchased these pieces, I anticipate they will be in my wardrobe for a long time...

I would eventually like to show off my favorite outfits from 2011, but it probably won't be for a bit...

Do you have any favorites from 2011 you would like to share???

Night, night, everyone!