Friday, January 6, 2012

Boden: New Arrivals for Spring 2012!

Hey, all!  I was running around on my last day of "fashion class" and took a brief moment to look at my smart phone and I saw that Boden had updated their website with spring arrivals.  :)  Yay, and exactly when everyone thought it would happen!!! 

I am very grateful to everyone who left messages at the last blog post and/or e-mailed me to let me know more about the new arrivals, etc.  When I got home I promptly took a nap (turns out two runway shows whilst really pregnant is very tiring, lol) and upon waking I saw that Boden's affiliate program had e-mailed me a coupon for me to use on my blog.  I will put it in the sidebar, as I usually do, but I will also put it into this post for any mobile users.  I know that some of you don't get Boden e-mails, or they come later, so I want to make sure you have access to coupons through my blog whenever I receive one!

I wrote a Spring 2012 Preview post a while back in which I showed which choices I had made for the pre-ordering, but I do want you all to know that I plan to do another this weekend, with emphasis on any pieces that had not caught my eye initially (or were not there, like Maternity!).

Do you all have any picks from the new season???  I would love to read what your favorites are...

Mobile Users, the link is below:
Save 15% at with Free Delivery and Returns!

Enjoy the Spring Arrivals!