Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: Day Four and Day Five.

Hi, everyone!  :)  I hope everyone is having a fab weekend.  I am recovering from my week of teaching the girls.  It is ridiculous that I need to recover, but by Friday I could tell my pregnant body was not taking the constant up and down and running around as well as I had hoped.  I think it would have been easier had I, upon returning home, not had young kids to take care of, but I know that is what I signed up for.  LOL.  Mr. Dina has been great, though, letting me sleep more and in general just allowing me to take my time and relax.  (Yay!)

Okay, so I totally am smooshing day four and five together, but for a good reason.  One, I don't want to bother with two posts and two, I sort of was disappointed by day four's look, so I want to start with a more positive note, which is my look for day five.

My day four look appears okay in the photos, but trust me when I say it wasn't exactly pregnancy friendly.  By the end of the day I was actually in pain.  I suffered for fashion.  Chortle.

Day five was far more pregnant friendly AND it was high fashion enough and comfortable enough to allow me to make it through the crazy that runway day entails.

So we will start there, okay?

I totally love this look.  It isn't necessarily "me," but the elements came together to become a definite "me" look.  The dress is the stunning Stella Dress, which I did a review of here (and if you use in conjunction with my current sidebar coupon you can get sent to you with free ship--no 15% off sale items, but free ship and returns nonetheless).  I was super glad that I had this dress in the house because the dress I had intended to wear, the Anthropologie Flickering Slip Dress did not do up at the bustline.  Turns out Gus riding so high has messed up the measurement of my underbust, so instead of that being my smallest measurement, it is now an inch bigger and means that the baby doll frocks won't work until he decides to "drop."  I am stoked that it fit over the belly, but if I can't do the zipper all the way up, it ain't happening for school.  ;)  Next year, though, you had better believe I am going to wear it.

The boots are the Charley Shearling Wedge boots.  Really, these are sort of insane for me to own, but the unusual look combined with wedge heels and the added warmth of shearling drew me in.  The 30% off deal I got when purchasing them also helped, to be honest.  Worth it at the 30% off, not so much at the full price.  Those of you who read this blog post know that I had initial issues doing up the back of the boot (where the zipper is).  I am glad to report that after wearing them multiple hours on Friday, they do up perfectly, and have stretched exactly to the right size.

The necklace is a Diana P. original.  I reviewed the handmade piece in this blog post.  The colors worked exactly right with the dress.

Dress is a size 8, one up from my typical Boden "stretchy" dresses sizing.  This is a Limited Edition piece and I have noticed that vanity sizing is non-existent in this line.

The boots are a size 9.5, which is my exact size in J. Crew shoes.  Remember if you need extended calves on your boots, these will probably not work for you unless you take them to a cobbler and have him or her stretch the calves for you.

Closer look at the boots.  The bit of ankle wrinkling only happened here.  When I wear them with leggings or skinny jeans or tights, this doesn't happen.  Weird, right?  It doesn't look bad to me, it almost seems intentionally worn that way. 

I rarely wear boots with dresses, but I am glad I did that day.  The boots held up well, looked chic, and were pretty darn comfortable.  I also loved being able to pet the suede of the boot.  Super soft.

Winter Wardrobe: Day Five.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.

Now onto the fashion folly of the fertile.
At this point of the day, the outfit felt okay.  The pieces fit okay (not great, but bear in mind this is non-maternity, just like the stella dress)...but by the end of the day I was feeling every inch of this outfit.  It was wearing this outfit that convinced me that unless it is a non-maternity piece that is flowy (like the Stella dress), I need to shelve it and just bring on all the maternity pieces I own.  (I am 28 weeks, not a bad idea at this point.  LOL.)

Dress: J. Crew Factory Madeline Dress in hot pink.  This was a wonderful dress in fall 2008 that the factory stores replicated in 2009.  I was super-excited to find it at Mint Condition, our local consignment shop.  I also am psyched because if it fits at 7 months pregnant in a size 8, it will for sure fit at not pregnant.  ;)

Shoes: J. Crew Coralie Patterned Heels.  Um, ow.  Ow.  By the end of the day not only did the dress feel wrong, but these shoes WERE KILLING me.  They are a 9.5 and fit, but the toe box is not especially pliant, so I have a feeling others probably have the same experience.  Misery loves company.  ;)

Turtleneck: J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck, Size Medium (few years old version).  Best part of the outfit, hands down.

Tights: Assets, Size 3.  Also fairly comfortable.

Front view.  I look forward to trying this look next winter.  It is really pretty on, especially with the heels...just not right now, ya know?

The ruffles on this dress are awesome.  The factory recently re-issued this and called it the Emeline dress.  I own that in the heather elm color, but in the size 6.  The size 6 fit in early pregnancy, but honestly, I look forward to wearing this with a much smaller waistline.  The last time I wore the Emeline, I did the same thing, black turtleneck and black tights, but with black heels.  I didn't grab photos that day.

Winter Wardrobe: Day Four.

The polyvore is above.

Okay, all that's it for my week as a fashion teacher.  It was a lot of fun, and recovery has been fantastic.  ;)

Later today or tonight I will publish a post with my picks from Boden's spring line that I hadn't noticed the first time Boden sent out their spring preview.  Lots to love!

Talk soon!