Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In My Hood...

And wearing a J. Crew argyle sweater...

I was grocery shopping next door to Mrs. Obama and Rachael Ray today! While I grabbed produce and perishables, these fine ladies were eating lunch with some local elementary school students at one of our local schools (article says they were in Annandale, nope sorry, that would be Alexandria). No wonder I saw a secret service policeman at the Starbucks this morning! Rex and I even noticed the police officer which prompted me to quip to Rex, "you know, CW said she wants to be a police woman one day...did you know that?"

Rex said he didn't. But wouldn't that be pretty cool? My daughter protecting the lives of others? :) (CW was with Grandpa at her ballet lesson, btw.  She could be a second positioning, heat packing protector of lives.)

What surprises me more than anything with regards to Mrs. O and RR being in my hood? The traffic was unaffected. That never happens here in the DC area.

P.S. I love Mrs. O in this sweater, the jester sweater in orange is a perfect hue for her complexion!