Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boden: My 2012 Spring Picks PLUS a GIVEAWAY!


I have chosen the ones. LOL. Just kidding...but I have had all weekend to peruse the loveliness that is Boden Spring 2012, and wow, there is quite a lot of the pretty. Yay! And...I am pleased to announce that quite a bit of it is super chic, which is a vein that I want Boden to continue following, I still love big buttons and splashy prints, but they literally made my year by coming out with the ultra classic Leopard Tote last fall...

First, though, I am hosting a giveaway here at my blog and I really would love for you to have a chance to win...for those of you who. want. to. know. now., the info is at the bottom. ;)

Okay, onto the picks.  By the way, the links that I have provided say the "promo has expired," yet show correct percentage off (15% plus free ship and returns), so ignore the "promo has expired."  I am sure it is a glitch on Boden's part, no worries!
Fifties Party Dress. Umm, kinda crazy of me to want this in the state I am in, but oh, beating are SO FREAKING GORGEOUS. The blue print reminds me of Liberty of London and the style is very J. Crew circa 2005. Yum. I may just get it and make that my "goal" dress for losing the weight.

Floaty Jersey Dress. Very very similar to a dress I already own, however, I would sell the one I own and buy this one instead as this shape is more modern.

Regatta Dress Orange and white polka dots? Yes, I say yes.

Everyday Jersey Skirt This skirt is derivative of a lot of what I already own, but again, I am very much interested in culling what I own (read: sell or give away) in favor of more modern prints and shapes.

Swishy Cotton Skirt See above. That is how I feel about this one, too. :)

Spring Trench Could the yellow version really already be completely sold out? Sob!

Calypso Vest The red/blue version reminds me of something J. Crew would have made a few years ago. Very nautical and preppy!

Must Have Bag I love this in the yellow shade. Very fun and summery, but with a very sturdy/classic shape that will go the distance. Plus I love Boden bags...always well made.

Jewel Flower Necklace This is such a cute necklace. That is all.

Embellished Tunic This will be awesome for me in the later months of my pregnancy and postpartum. I probably will bite on this during this current promo period.

Breezy Jersey Dress Will likely order this one soon, too! :) Natch.

BTW, I did a spring picks already, at this post, but I actually have direct links to the items on Boden's site right now, so I thought I would add these to the bottom of the post for those of you interested in the items I chose a few months ago! Enjoy!

Border Print Tunic
Border Print Tunic. I did end up ordering this in the color you see on the model. It should fit, even pregnant (go stretchy material!).

Fun Jersey Dress
Fun Jersey Dress. This is the very definition of easy breezy summer style.

Plait Trim Top
Plait Trim Top. I had been nervous about pre-ordering this because I didn't know what material it was made of, but to my great relief it is a slub jersey cotton which means I can wear it now and postpartum, as slub jersey is stretchy. ;)

Riviera Shirt Dress
Riviera Shirt Dress. The pretty, come to me.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Bit nervous about this as the measurements are really teeny looking through the hips, so what I will do is measure against last year's textured cotton skirt to decide if I can keep it or return for the size larger. (I went with an 8 long, which fit fab last year.)

Twist Jersey Top
Twist Jersey Top. I love the idea of this top, especially for anyone who has a belly that is still a bit bigger from being pregnant. I have a feeling I will be wearing this top a lot postpartum. (And maybe one day with the above skirt!)

Beachcomber Bag
Beachcomber Bag. Although I really heart this, I just have to hold off until it is actually swimming pool weather. I wonder if it will make it or if it will sell out? Seems to be pretty popular. Hmmm...

Flowerburst Scarf
Flowerburst Scarf. I may try to get this on super sale later this season.

T-Bar Flower Heels
T-Bar Flower Heels. Once some ladies review this (either here or at the Boden site), I will bite. Boden shoe sizing is always hard for me, and I appreciate the feedback...especially when on a budget!

Uptown Heels
Uptown Heels. Love these in navy, but not right now. Maybe May?

Okay, thanks for looking with me!

Onto the giveaway...I am offering a $25 gift card to Boden and look forward to giving it to one of my blog

1. Become a follower. I am at 301 (AWESOME, btw) and would really love to give this to a blog friend. Just mention that you are a follower in the comment!

2. Pick your favorite item from the spring line that a $25 gift card would help you buy.

3. Leave your e-mail, need that to let you know you have won!

That's it! Talk soon!

P.S. Susan Moran, I need you to e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com, I have some info for you regarding your giveaway prize from last time...