Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Last Day and First Day!

Hi, wonderful blog friends!

I decided to name today's BWRR "Last Day and First Day" for two reasons, one is that today is the very last day of the Boden mid-season sale (and it is a great last day, as well, more on that in a minute), and two is that today is my first "real" day back to the review roundup.  As much as I want to pretend that last week was a true review roundup, I recognize that my look-see at the sale items wasn't really a review roundup.  :)

Okay, so here is the great news about today's last day of the mid-season sale...if you have read yesterday's post, you already know, but just in case you haven't, Boden is adding on an additional 10% off all mid-season sale items TODAY only.  My thinking is that not enough merchandise was moving, and the execs wanted better numbers, hence the additional % off.  I will add that for those items with a 30-35% off, that extra 10% is a nice little bit of money off.

Sadly I seem to have lost my code that allows for an extra 15% off non-sale items and with that the free ship and returns that HAD been useful for the sale items.  (Even if you couldn't use the 15% off on the sale items, the free ship and returns was a nice little incentive to buy from the sale.)  I think if you have a rather large order, or your item is very low in stock or is a popback, OR you need the item immediately, go ahead and buy the item with the sale and eat the cost for shipping (hopefully not returns, though, yuck, that is always a bummer).  Otherwise, wait until later in the season and buy it later when you can apply a coupon and free ship and returns.

The code for the extra 10% is at the top of the last post, in my sidebar, AND at the bottom of this post for those of you who are on a mobile device.

Okay, onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Spring Trench
Spring Trench.  I wore the yellow version on Easter Sunday out with the family.  Our attempts at family photography may have failed, but the trench looked wonderful.  ;)

Leggings. Poppy's Style had these on with last fall's show stopping tunic, and it looked amazing! She agrees with me on Boden's leggings, they are super soft and very nicely made.

Long Sleeve Breton Top
Long Sleeve Breton Top. Wow! I love Poppy's Style outfit with this top, cute navy printed short shorts, and colored flip-flops. Adorable!

Crinkle Jersey Shirt
Crinkle Jersey Shirt. I have actually never even thought about these shirts...have seen them through the years, obviously, but my eye went right over them. Now that I have seen it (last fall's version) on Poppy's Style, I get the fuss and why many of the colorways have already sold out.

Maxi Skirt
Maxi Skirt. Shopwithm looks so pretty in this (just ankle grazing) maxi skirt. There is a wonderful review associated with her outfit pictures, so if you are contemplating this skirt, give her review a look through before deciding on sizing, etc. THIS ONE IS ALSO in the mid-season sale, at 35% off. :)

Boden Limited Edition:
Evie Dress
Evie Dress. Oh, this dress. Yum, yum, and triple yum. I wore it (the printed version) on Easter to mass and it made this postpartum momma feel downright normal and (almost) fully fashion functioning again. I also know that it will fit just as lovely when I completely lose all the baby weight. WINNER!

Also, I forgot to add in the original post...I am wearing a size 8.  I looked at the measurements and saw it was very similar to the Stella Dress from last fall (which I wore here).  I am glad I did.  Although the 6 would have fit, the 8 gives me a lot more flexibility which I prefer.  Unless you are SUPER super SUPER tiny up top, you may have to size up in this dress.  Usually I have to size up because of my hips, not true here as the hips are free.  

Clearance Boden:
Anita wore a cami with hers, something makes me think a lot of women have to do that, too.

Love this on her.  I also HEART (big time) Derek McGinty, the fella in the middle.  Mr. Dina admits he is pretty awesome, but he says that because supposedly Mr. McGinty shops at Mr. Dina's comic book shop.  Men.  :)

Perfect Jersey Dress

Perfect Jersey Dress.  My favorite newscaster, Anita Brikman, was wearing this dress on Monday night's newscast.  The color she is wearing is sold out, but the silhouette was so flattering on her that I had to share these photos with you.  The plain black and blue hues are still left in the small sizes, so if you need a basic dress for more conservative environments that also feels good (love the jersey fabric), this may be for you.  There is a printed dress left in the smaller sizes, too, but that print is a WHOLE lot of print...

Okay, that's all...

Mobile Users, below is the direct link to the sale including the additional 10% off: (IF THE LINK DOESN'T DIRECTLY APPLY THE EXTRA 10% off, USE THIS CODE IN YOUR SHOPPING BAG: XTEN)
24-Hour sale! Shop and receive an extra 10% off mid-season sale items. Hurry, while supplies last!

P.S. Anyone have any finds from the sale that I have not mentioned or that you think deserve a shout-out?