Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Mid Season Sale Overview and Picks!

Good afternoon! :)

I want to reiterate a sentiment I expressed in my last all are the sweetest and every comment you have left for me and my growing family has been read and appreciated by me. I may never be able to comment back on all of them, but please do know that those comments truly mean a whole lot to me!

I know there is likely a few reviews that are in the hopper for an actual BWRR, but I have very little energy to go and hunt them out. I am slowly getting to tallying them up (which means next week there should be quite a few for us to enjoy), but until then, I decided to make this week's Boden Weekly Review Roundup into a "Mid Season Sale Picks" since the big sale is going on now and I know many of you look forward to it every season.

I have only highlighted the items that are 30-35% off as I believe those are the very best deals out there (with the exception of one Limited item for 20% off). If you do like something, though, that is 20-25% off AND it is looking like it is going to low stock or out of stock, this may be the best time to get it (I purchased the Uptown Heels in navy because I saw the size I wanted was about to go out of stock, and based on its relative popularity, I knew 20% off with free ship and returns would likely be the best deal I would get.)

Only some colorways in some items are deeply discounted...often there are colors that are more popular and they will have no discount at all (outside the 15% you can get with my coupon code). I have uploaded the photos of the items in the colors that ARE on sale, but sometimes the Boden stock photo is of it in the color that is not available on deeper discount...just so you all know.

You are not able to stack my 15% off coupon code with the sale price, unfortunately, but you can click my 15% off coupon code (sidebar or in the bottom of this post) to at least apply free ship and returns.

If I had a review for the item, or one of my blog friends did, I linked to it below the item.

Onto my picks!

Raw Edge Trim Top Petal. 35% off.  I like this patten and the color is fabulous for summer. 

Raw Edge Trim Top Khaki.  35% off.  This color could be a fab neutral for a brightly colored skirt, pants, or shorts.

Raw Edge Trim Top
Raw Edge Trim Top.

Swishy Cotton Skirt Green Retro.  35% off.  I am surprised this colorway is not more popular (the other colors are selling quickly), but it may be too bright for some.  I do own this and think it is worth the 35% off, for sure.  I can't tell you much on sizing, but from the measurements I took the size 6 I ordered should be fine once the baby weight is gone.  The 6 is one size down from my normal Boden skirt size.  The colors are true to life in the photo, and  the long hits me right below my knee.

Swishy Cotton Skirt
Swishy Cotton Skirt.

Uptown Tunic Navy.  35% off.  This appeals to me.  Not enough to buy it...but I do think it is very lovely if you are in the market for a breezy tunic for this summer.

Uptown Tunic
Uptown Tunic.

Border Print Tunic Radish.  35% off.  I am truly surprised this colorway is on deeper discount as the other two colors are definitely almost sold out, but again, the colors may just be "too much."  On me here (I am pregnant in the review, so bear that in mind) and on Ema here.

Border Print Tunic
Border Print Tunic.

Classic Colourful Tote in Silver.  35% off.  Reminds me a lot of J. Crew's uptown tote.  It is not made from Borge Gavari leather, but the design is familiar and may appeal to some of you.  This color is the only one at 35% off.

Classic Colourful Tote
Classic Colourful Tote.

Flowerburst Scarf in Grey.  35% off.  The purple color is also on sale.  Wore it in this review.

Flowerburst Scarf
Flowerburst Scarf.

Fun Cardigan Pewter.  35% off.  I think the other colorways are less pretty than this one, but that is likely because the other embroidered patterns are a bit louder and I have enough "fun" in my closet for a lifetime (lol).  I think Boden's knitwear is tops, but be careful when ordering from them, as if you order it too large, the silhouette can look frumpy. 

Fun Cardigan
Fun Cardigan.

Audrey Coat Parsley.  25% off.  The navy shade is full price (unless you use my 15% off coupon), but this one is on decent discount.  I like this shade but am curious to know if it is brighter in real life than this photo shows us.  I don't care for the back of this coat, but I know many of you could rock it.  At any rate, this looks to be really well made and in a classic design that won't go out of style.

Audrey Coat
Audrey Coat.

Merino Dress (Vine Print).  35% off.  This color, plus the other vine pattern shade, AND the pink shade are all 35% off.  I like the way this looks, but I guess the higher waistline could be difficult for some to wear.  If you can wear the empire waistline dresses well, you may want to consider this...

Merino Dress
Merino Dress.

Merino Henley Poppy.  35% off.  This shade combined with the stripes makes me smile.  Truly a happy sweater.  :)

Merino Henley
Merino Henley.

Patent Slingback Wedges.  35% off.  This is a great neutral shoe for dressier occasions during summer.  I personally find slingbacks difficult to wear, but I know a lot of you really like them, so I thought I would show these off to you all.

Patent Slingback Wedges
Patent Slingback Wedges.

Quilted Jacket.  40% off.  Wow.  40% off!  I gather all coats are in a recession of their own after this winter's warmth.  Who's to say that next winter will be warm, though?  Why not consider this coat for next year?  Just saying...but not enabling.  ;)

Quilted Jacket
Quilted Jacket.

Here is a direct link to the sale itself (SALE ENDS APRIL 11, 2012):
Shop Now & Save up to 35% on Boden Clothing! Hurry, Limited Time Only!

It is great to have a direct link to the sale, but if you want to get the free ship and returns, click on the link below for that. (And the 15% off is good on anything not included in the sale.)
Save 15% at with Free Delivery and Returns!

Okay, that's all!!! You all have a fabulous day, and remember enjoy your (sale) shopping!

P.S. If you have your own picks, would you mind dropping them in the comments area so we can see what you are crushing on???