Friday, March 23, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Accessories Explosion.

Well, haha, not really an explosion, but will two reviews suffice?  :)  (There are also some non-accessories reviews, too, for those of you, who are, you know, more interested in real clothing.)

Lately I have been the laziest lazy who ever lazied, so I didn't publish this on Wednesday, or Thursday, so yay for Friday.  (I guess!)

At least my "laziest lazy who ever lazied" is happening right now and not when I don't really have an excuse, like during the summertime when I am not caring for toddlers and helping a baby grow as big as possible (any bets on weight, lol?) before he comes to see us in a week or so.

Okay, 'nuff talk.  Onto the reviews!

Reminder...there is always a coupon running in my sidebar, and with any Boden-centered posts I will place the same coupon on the bottom of the post, so if you would like any of the items that are not currently on some sort of discount (like the necklace) to have a discount, use the coupon.  If the item is on promo (like the scarf), use the coupon for free shipping and returns.  If the item you would like is a clearance item, again you can use the coupon for free ship and returns.

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Boden for Women:
Flowerburst Scarf.  I am wearing it right now!  Yay!  :)  I actually am in super cozy maternity sweatpants and tank (Motherhood Maternity and Gap Maternity respectively) and since I knew the guys from West Elm would be dropping the bed frame today (yay for new, pretty furniture and a new, non-back breaking mattress), I wanted to have a little something something on beyond than what are PJs in a bit more substantial cloth.

Anyhoo, blah, blah, blah.

The scarf is cotton, very lightweight, not especially soft, but with wear and washing will become more so, and wonderful for the warmer months of the year (or travel to warm weather places).  I chose to get the grey version as I have many brightly colored pieces of clothing, so this allows there to be a neutral print against the more colorful summer wardrobe that I currently have.  I think the grey would look especially nice with yellow, green, bright red, and orange.

There are many other if you tend to have a more neutral wardrobe, then those could suit your needs better.

I tried tying it the way I do with my winter scarves, and in typical fashion, I prefer it shorter and more wide.  I think scarf tying is so personal.  Don't you feel like you always wear your scarf the same way?

Flowerburst Scarf
Flowerburst Scarf. Available in every color, but my faves (besides the grey I own) are the navy and the green (which is called gold but is clearly green).  This is currently on promo for an additional 20% off.

Semi Precious Pendant.  I own the green version, which has a few large circles, in both silver and gold, attached to a silver chain.  There are also beads in mint green and a light tan (the feather looking one).  The beads are not easy to keep in one place, but if you fiddle enough with them, they will stay close enough to how you want them.  Part of the allure of this necklace is that it does have some mobility, so bear that in mind if you are OCD about those sorts of things.

The first time I wore the necklace, it was to dress up an otherwise blah dress from Target (amongst the only pieces that still fit me).  With the sparkly glitterati flats from J. Crew, I felt at least a bit whimsical.

I wore it again, with this outfit (second to last photo--with CW).  :)

Semi Precious Pendant
Semi Precious Pendant. Vanessa is wearing the green version (the one I have), but there is also a very nice, yet slightly different, pinky-red version.  This necklace is not on promo, proving to be a very popular item this season.  With the 15% off link I have, though, it drops down to $40, which is more than decent for this well-made and substantial piece of costume jewelry.  I have a feeling the price, combined with what you receive, is why the two colorways are on backorder right now. 

Long Sleeve Breton Top
Long Sleeve Breton Top. Poppy's Style wears her navy/white version with a pair of bright green shorts from J. Crew and a pair of navy flip-flops. It is literally preppy perfection. :) Love it!

Must Have Jumper
Favourite Scoop Jumper
Must Have Jumper (top) and Favourite Scoop Jumper (bottom). CC has this to say about the above two sweaters...The Must-Have Jumper just has a very funny fit. From the armpits down, there is just so much extra fabric. I can't explain it. It is a very soft sweater, and I think the colors are so pretty. It is just a boxy fit, and a shorter fit too. I feels it needs to be belted or something. So, depending on how someone likes a sweater to fit...but, not wanting to end on a negative note, The Favourite Scoop Jumper (I bought it in Storm) has a better fit (go figure, since it has an empire waist). I ordered that sweater one size down to get a slimmer fit, and I love it!

Thank you, CC! This is very helpful for any of us on the fence about these two items from knitwear. :)  So you all know, the must have is NOT on promo, but the favourite scoop jumper is, with a 20% discount. 

Clearance Boden:
Easygoing Tunic
Easygoing Tunic. Poppy's Style looks downright HOT in her tunic with her bare legs! You go! :) Beautiful! (And your sweet little lady looks beyond adorable, as well!)

Okay, ladies and gents (any of them out there!), have a great afternoon.  I am not feeling the laziest lazy who ever lazied today, so I may even come back with another post today.  But, please, no one hold your breath.  ;)

Mobile users, as promised, here is the link to the 15% off with free ship and returns code I mentioned above (just remember, no extra discount on promo items or clearance items)...
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