Sunday, March 18, 2012

OOTD: Bit of Green.

Happy Belated Saint Patrick's Day, all! No Angus born on St. Patty's Day, so there you go...and no baby boy born on my daughter's half birthday, either (that would be 3.5, today, fwiw). That's fine. I am holding out for him to be born on time on the 29th or in the perfect world of a Rush fan, being born on 3/21/12. This date means nothing to you unless you really love Rush, as their album 2112 would always be part of his bday.  (Although would that mean I would have to name him Geddy?)

Not holding my breath, though. LOL. :)

Onto a bit of green! I love the color and am more than happy to wear as much green as possible on the actual day and during the week leading up to it in bits and pieces. Unfortunately, I am literally limited to the 6 or so pieces of clothing that still fit, and that means I have only two real items that will work. All good, though.

The first outfit is from the day the kids celebrated the world of shamrocks and rainbows and all things Irish--Tuesday.  (Thursday, the other day they go to preschool, they celebrated with a "leprechaun" party, in which their classrooms were destroyed by the antics of those Irish mischief makers.  CW was really irritated by them.  Hee.)

Dress: Pea in the Pod.  The ombre effect includes a deep green at the hem becoming a light tan color at the top.  You all have seen this dress before (of course...easy to do with a limited wardrobe).
Shoes: Boden.  These are the green animal bow flats from the fall.
Scarf: J. Crew.
Sunglasses: Target.

Mr. Dina was with me--he took the photo which is the only way I would ever pose like this in public--he took me to the doctor that day.  He really wanted to make sure that the doctor was comfortable with my due date, he is SURE that I should be giving birth earlier based on how big my tummy has become.  It turns out I just brew the children big.  Nice and hearty, like a Guinness.

Close up the dress, scarf, and sunglasses.  I do really love this dress!

Yeah, this is from St. Patrick's Day, just in case you were color blind (it's possible!!!).  CW is in a lime green splendor and I am in shades of dark olive.

Cardigan: Macy's Charter Club.
Top: Merona Maternity.  I wore this top with another very similar outfit a few weeks ago.
Shorts: Motherhood Maternity.  It was HOT that day.  I ended up, by the time we made it to the supermarket, not wearing the cardigan.  (BTW, at the supermarket a non-pregnant person parked in the expectant mother's spot. Le sigh.  Wasn't much I could do beyond giving them the side eye, but grrr!)
Shoes: J. Crew.
Necklace: Boden Semi Precious Pendant. This is a preview of this pendant, which I have better photos of for next week's Boden Weekly Review roundup. It is on backorder in both colors, I can see why. I think it is a keeper, and for the price, well worth it.

CW is in a selection of Carter's, Hanna Anderson, and Miss Trish of Capri for Target.  Her "purse" is an old one of mine.  She has a lot of my old purses.  And she carries them with her, without anything in them.  I think she just thinks they look good and that they add to her outfit.  She doesn't actually understand their utility yet.  ;)

My hair is in pigtails because it was so flipping hot...I would have melted if I had left it down.

Okay, so before I go, I had such a great day today!  Some of my blog friends invited me to one of the coolest restaurants in DC, America Eats Tavern (formerly Cafe Atlantico), for a Gus baby shower.  How sweet!  There will be more on today in an upcoming post, but I had to show off this adorable cupcake packaging that Summer (of the blog Sumsunshine) created for the party.  She had told the lovely folks at Georgetown Cupcake to package it for a boy's baby shower, but they must have not got the message, as we ended up with pink, but Summer swooped in and got the blue ribbon, blue safety pin, and "it's a boy" pendant on the package to show that I am having a little man and not a little lady.

Thank you so much, ladies.  It really was an amazing day!!!  

You all have a great night!