Sunday, March 11, 2012

OOTDs: Countdown Commences!

Well, with only 2.5 weeks to go until my scheduled c-section, I can definitely start the countdown. (Thank God, btw, I am a little bit worn out...the extra 30 pounds, yeah, I feel them every time I attempt to you know, do normal things like stand or walk.) ;)

I have here a few outfits that I have worn recently, almost all of them repeats from earlier this pregnancy. I don't even bother with "real" clothing outside of cardigans/jackets, shoes, and accessories anymore.

So you all know...the MOMENT I walk in my door after doing my day's events (preschool run, doctor's appointments, grocery store runs, etc.)...I go to my dresser, pull out my most comfy sweat pants, most comfy tee shirt, and change. It's nuts. I am definitely all about easy wear when I am behind closed doors. Even better is when the easy wear is made from terry cloth, such a sucker I am for soft fabrics.

Worn to a doctor's appointment two weeks ago.  You all recently saw this dress in this post.

It was super warm that day, probably about 70?

Dress: Merona Maternity.
Shoes: J. Crew Classic Printed Ballet Flats.  These are the ones with the adorable apple print (called orchard, I believe).  The normal size I wear, 9.5, was perfect.  One thing to note...the print is on an ivory background, which got a bit of dirt on it from my first wear out.  It doesn't really get to me, because I can live with cleaning them and/or accepting that they will get stained with my lifestyle, but if you tend to freak out over that, only wear them inside.  I bought them with the 20% off (recent promo).  I do not think they are worth full price.

Yes, it got to 70 that day, yet I thought that I would need this lightweight Pea in the Pod trench (bought during Rex's pregnancy).  Nope.  I wore it a grand total of twenty minutes.  I did wear it last night and wore it constantly during Rex's pregnancy, so it does get wear, just not as much as I expected during this time.

Having said that, I have worn this trench whilst not pregnant.  It's cut is fairly workable, with a tighter fitted bodice and a slight a-line shape to the bottom.  I often pull it out when I need a dressier trench for going out to dinner, etc.  It has light metallic threading throughout, giving it a bit of a dressy look.

I should have just worn pjs, I was so tired and uncomfortable that day.  Since I couldn't (preschool run day), I just dealt and wore my most comfy "going outside" clothes.

Top: Liz Lange for Target.  Super soft.  For those of you that watch Desperate Housewives, Julie, Susan's daughter who is pregnant, recently wore this top.  Good to know that they bargain shop, too.  :)
Leggings: J. Crew.
Shoes: J. Crew Dreamweaver in cobalt and tan.

Dance class and dentist day.  My dentist was mad at me.  My gums were a mess.  Oops.  ;)  At least he didn't say I needed a root canal, although he did tell me that I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted.  (Sigh.)

Cardigan: J. Crew Factory, Spring 2008.  This was a cotton cardi re-issue of a medallion print from Spring 2007 that was really really pretty.
Top: Merona Maternity.  I recently wore the green version here, in a very similar outfit.  At least I am predictable.
Pants: Duo Maternity.
Shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren driving mocs I have had forever.

I felt great that day, but the pants slipped a bit as the belly band sits below the belly instead of on the belly.

Target shades.  I love the colors of the cardigan and top, very saturated and lovely.

Preschool run day.  My hubby took the kids that morning, and I went and got them in the afternoon.  It was nice to take my time getting ready for the day.  Another gorgeous day, highs last Thursday were in the mid-70s.  Amazing.

Dress: Boden Maternity, Breezy Jersey DressYou saw this one recently, too.  (Definitely a bit more dressed up, though.)
Shoes: J. Crew Jacquard Ballet Flats.
Sunglasses: Target.

I straightened my bangs that day but decided to let the rest of my hair wave up a bit.

We went to church last night and then dinner.  I don't know if you can tell, but I am beat down here.  LOL.  I mean I literally had to be rolled out of bed in order to get the move on to get ready to go out.  Pathetic, really. 

Top: Liz Lange for Target.  I wore it a while back, when I was able to see Gus in 3D.
Pants: Mimi Maternity.
Shoes: Naturalizer Bates Booties.
Earrings: Eiffel Tower earrings from the actual Eiffel Tower.  (There is a reason I am wearing them.)

CW has on the cutest outfit, btw.  I definitely expended more energy on getting her ready than myself. 

CW's outfit:

Top: crewcuts Paris stripe tee.  Love this tee, very sweet.  crewcuts does a great job with adorable graphic tees, and unlike past incarnations, this one seems well made and of a substantial cotton.  Plus it has an Eiffel Tower graphic (like my earrings!).
Pants: Target. 
Shoes: Target.
Scarf: My "free" Marie Claire France scarf that I wore with this outfit last.  She specifically requested to wear this scarf.

I got my bangs trimmed yesterday.  I was able to get them trimmed for a grand total of ten dollars.  Thanks to all you ladies who spoke up and let me know that this was an option for between "big" haircuts.  :)

Okay, that's it.  You all have a wonderful Sunday.  I will.  I plan on doing very little.  ;)