Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boden: This Week's Temptation...25% Off Shoes, Accessories, and Knitwear...PLUS A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Hi, everyone! :)  I am able to do a post today.  Yay!  There was some discussion that I might have preeclampsia (again, I had it with Rex), so I was a teeny bit nervous that my doctor would call and say that I would need to go to the hospital TONIGHT to deliver.  Fortunately, the doctor's office just called and said the bloodwork was normal, so PHEW!  (VERY RELIEVED.)

Anyway, there is a lot going on in Boden land today.  Way more than I can cover in this one post, so I will go ahead and just cover all of it as briefly as I can...

1) There is another temptation this week, Boden is offering for you all--

25% off select Women's Shoes (about half of the shoes have the "up to 25% off" and the other half have no discount).
25% off select Women's Accessories (not a whole lot on sale here, but there are a couple of pieces).
25% off select Women's Knitwear (many of these are UP TO 25% off, with a smattering of non-discounted pieces).
25% off all Women's Swimwear (another up to 25% off, but all swimwear has some kind of discount).
25% off all Men's Swimwear.
25% off all Men's Knitwear.
25% off all Men's Trousers and Jeans.

For the first three categories, those that say "select" pieces, I would recommend that you only get the pieces that are discounted 20% off or more.  I have a 15% off coupon code running right now that appears to be good into April, so I think the 15% off pieces are just kind of bogus (unless you can join the two discounts together, and if you can do that, you had better believe I will tell you all, but I doubt it).

I always recommend that you click the code link I have running in the sidebar (it's also at the bottom of this post), because it gives you free ship and returns on these "temptation" pieces, otherwise you do pay the $10 to ship the items.

Here are my picks from the women's sale:
Jewelled Cardigan
Jewelled Cardigan. This is 20% off, not 25% off, but it is selling quickly and is really cute and highly rated. Surprisingly the mint one that Vanessa is wearing in the stock photo is not selling as fast, but that might be because it is a harder color to wear.

Beachcomber Bag
Beachcomber Bag. I am sort of shocked this one is on promo. This is the bag that has had a bit of a buzz...the stock photo shows the floral version, but the Union Jack version (in a lovely tan/red and brown/blue) is still very available and with no wait. This is also highly rated and 20% off.

Strappy Wedges
Strappy Wedges. These are cute and the wedge isn't super high, so I know it will work for many of you. These are also 25% off, which is awesome. :)

Fifties Swimsuit
Fifties Swimsuit. This one reminds me of the one highlighted in the Marie Claire article, but is better rated for those ladies with "girls." The vintage swimsuit in Marie Claire got some negative reviews because it was a harder for fit for anyone larger than a C cup.

2) Boden rolled out the summer line of Limited Edition, and as usual, I am in love, so much pretty.  :)  I will likely look at these more closely in another post, but for now...I leave you with this image:
Broderie Scallop Dress. Yum and EEE. Oh, my. This red broderie frock has me salivating. I sincerely doubt I will be able to get it in my size, I am 100% sure it will sell out before I am at the point where I will be comfortable with the price enough to justify it, but if I suddenly become an internet millionaire, I will absolutely give many thousands to my favorite charities and I will absolutely buy this. :) It also comes in a more muted navy shade, too.

3) Boden did ANOTHER roll out yesterday, too.  Busy week, Johnnie!  I almost highlighted this yesterday during the magazine post, but I figured it would suit today's post better (and it does).
Smart Linen Cotton Dress.  This is such a fun, appropriate dress for summer/spring.  I like that it is a blend, as well, because it could mean that it is less prone to wrinkling (grr, linen, which I love, the wrinkling, though, crazy!).  This dress comes in some lovely saturated hues including a grass green, a navy, and a pinky-red.

Okay that's it for me.  Do you have any favorites on sale?  Or do you have any new favorites from the new limited or workwear line?

Mobile users, here is the link to an additional 15% off with free ship and returns.  The 15% off works on the limited edition, workwear, and non-promo items, but will not work with the temptation pieces.  The free ship and returns work on everything, though!  :)
Save 15% at Bodenusa.com with Free Delivery and Returns!

Okay, talk soon. I hope to get an ootd post up soon!