Tuesday, March 20, 2012

J. Crew: April 2012 Catalog/Style Guide Images.

Hi, everyone, good evening!  Somehow I found time to get to Fair Oaks mall in Fairfax, VA, after my doctor's appointment this morning (read: my dad went to get the kids to be nice to me, ahh!) and I bee-lined it for J. Crew.  I haven't been to a real store since early January and it felt good.  For those of you in Northern Virginia, they now have crewcuts at the store, which I was stoked about, obviously.  They had adorable things for the kids, but especially for CW, who I know will want to own the merino cardigan in the pretty apple/orchard print that is everywhere at J. Crew now.  (See Gigi's post on it for more info.)

I also happened upon the new catalog/style guide.  From what I gather they just put them out this morning, and while a good bit of it is recycled pieces from prior rollouts, the styling was really pretty and very colorful.  I wanted to show off the bits of the catalog that have not already been shared with us (see Slastena's post for more on that) and also caught my eye.  I would have loved to photograph the entire catalog, but I have a bit on my plate and would prefer that "Photographing ENTIRE J. Crew Catalog" is not one of my "nesting" feats. 

So here you go! 

Cover.  The pants are not made with the weird color staining.  My camera's flash must have done that.  I do really like the bright flame color with the mint shoes.  Very pretty.

Image is not anything that caught my eye, but the prices for the shorts are on this page...

for this image, which include the orchard print on a pair of 3 inch inseam shorts (dagnabit...Jenna, throw those of us with taller frames a bone, maybe 5 inches next time?).

BTW, the shorts come in a dizzying array of neon shades, including a citron color that looked so good with this space-dyed cardigan that I picked up on sale today.  I will probably indulge in those shorts once they go on sale and I get back to my "fighting" weight.

This is a larger version of the apple print, which as much as I love it, may be too juvenile for me.  Very cute, though, and I could see a lot of you all looking adorable in it.  I do have to say the striped dolman tee is darling, but you better believe that one will make it to sale.

This is an interesting idea, taking the same print, in differing sizes and pairing them together.  I do like the way it looks, especially with the belt.  I have the skirt (bought with the 20% promo) and it is beautiful.  Many bloggers have done reviews of these pieces.  If you have, would you mind dropping the links into the comments???

This must be the yellow dress with back zip many folks have mentioned at JCA.  I think I saw it in the store, but I have two yellow dresses already (a back-button deco dot version and a pique knit version), so I definitely have zero need for another...but this is really pretty and seems perfection for casual Fridays in the heat of the American summer.

This was in the swim section, but I could for sure see folks wearing this out and about.  Very cute dress and it looks like the stripes could even work on the pear shaped amongst us.  :)

Do you have any picks from these images?  Any passes?

You all have a great night!