Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Taking Time for Savings.

Hi, all!  Happy Thursday!

Today is the very last day of the Boden spring fling savings, which means 25% off all mini Boden items (boys, girls, and baby!), and select women, men, and Johnnie b items.  I will make sure to include a link to the sale through this blog post (for those of you on a mobile device) and I will highlight some of my picks from the sale (at the bottom of the post below the roundup).

If you see an item that you like in the roundup and it is NOT included in the sale, I still have a 15% off and free shipping and returns link at my blog (in the sidebar), and that can be used on all items (but not in conjunction with the 25% off, durn!), so if you want to get that item today, you can still get the savings, just not the bigger 25%.

(However, and this is important, the 25% off sale does not include free shipping and returns, so only use this sale if you are sure of your size, you have a big order, OR the item you want is in "low stock.)  I have heard many of you are NOT using this sale to get items for yourself, but rather for your kids as ALL mini stuff is included, and I get that...heck, Rex, CW, and Gus are getting a few items, as well.

Regarding the review roundup, if you would like to see an item closer up, click on the photograph, or right-click the photo to be taken to another tab or window...if you would like to see an item on another blog friend, click through the link to their blog...or if you would like to see the item's measurements, sizing, availability, or other colors, click on the stock photo of the item from my Boden affiliate program.


Boden Maternity:
Maternity Leggings.  This is the only non clearance review I have this week, and I was so tired and lazy (like a freaking pregnant kitty cat), that I didn't even grab any photos of me wearing them.  Ugh.  ;)

I bought a size 8, figuring that if I typically wear a size 10 in Boden bottoms (often will have to as Boden has tighter hips in their bottoms), that a size 8 pair of stretchy leggings would be the exact right size.  The size 8 isn't falling down or anything, but they are quite loose.  I am glad I waited to get them for the third trimester.  I truly believe the only time they will fit will be in the last trimester, not even postpartum (unless I wear them with one of my belly bands--which is still a possibility).

I do like how comfy and soft they are, though, and even though they fit loose, I am finding I am turning to them, quite a lot.  :)  These leggings go UP to above the belly, so they cover up what can be a very sensitive spot.  I like having the soft jersey fabric covering Gus up from my tops.  My other leggings (non-maternity) still fit, but they must be worn below the belly, exposing the belly, which can be uncomfortable.

I decided that I don't need another pair of real maternity leggings, but I do find these SO comfy that I decided a pair of size 4 navy maternity leggings would be WONDERFUL for postpartum, when my C-section scar will no doubt need the softest of materials covering it (if you have had a c-section, you get it), and this will fit the bill.

I tried on the size 4 navy leggings and THEY fit, just more tightly.  So--here's the takeaway...I should have got a size 6 initially.  If you think you wear one size in Boden bottoms and you want these, SIZE down at least one or two sizes, even if you are pear-shaped.  These will stretch with you.

BTW, my belly is measuring 40 inches, and the 8 is definitely more than able to handle that, so measure your belly, too...and take that into consideration.

Maternity Leggings
Maternity Leggings. Not included in the sale, but with the extra 15% off, the price drops to below $30, and considering how much I wear leggings, this is a very good price.

Boden for Women:
Long Sleeve Breton Top
Breton Top. This is a perennial fave of Boden babes, and a blog friend, Amy, of Shop My Closet (follow her, you all!!!), did a wonderful review of this top at this post (very bottom). Thanks, Amy!!!

Must Have Jumper
Must Have Jumper.  Poppy's Style recovered from her little man's birthday shindig by wearing this adorable sweater in quail egg with other lovely items from Boden.  I feel your pain!  Toddler boys plus yummy sugary goodness plus birthday?  Yes, bit crazy!  But, still, Happy Birthday!!!

mini Boden:
Hotchpotch T-Shirt Dress.  CW loves, loves, LOVES her pear print and striped tee shirt dress.  We paired it with a pair of crewcuts terry cloth pants and Target Circo shoes.

She is wearing the size 4-5 here, and this will likely fit her well into age 6, based on its larger fit.

She wanted you all to see her pockets, btw, she too is a fan of dresses with pockets.  LOL.  :)

GAH!  So cute.  :)

All sizes and colorways are available, and because this is a mini item, all of the colors are on sale.

BTW, if you want to see other reviews by my kids, I have no direct way to get you to them, BUT if you go to prior BWRRs, many of them do have reviews of the mini Boden items if you are interested in how the pieces fit actual children.  LOL.

Hotchpotch T-shirt Dress
Hotchpotch T-Shirt Dress.  The other colorways are too cute, especially the dotted one. 

Clearance Boden:
Jersey Maxi DressI wore this way back when for a trip to NC, and it still works, almost 37 weeks gone.  I am so glad I bought this dress.  I also look forward to wearing it when I am without babe in belly.  :)

There are only two sizes left in this colorway, size 2R and 4R.  I bought a size 6L, so it does run big and shorter.  I think if you normally wear a size 6 dress in Boden, and are a pear shape, you could easily make the 4 work, etc.

This outfit will be shown off in its full glory during an ootd post, probably sometime this weekend.

Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress.  The other shades are all sold out, sadly.  Also, remember, clearance items are not subject to other discounts, beyond free ship and returns, so the extra 25% or 15% would not work on this price.

Border Print Tunic.  This is the only color of this fab tunic on sale.  There have been other reviews of this tunic, the most recent was the one I did a couple of weeks ago.  Originally $88, today is $66.

Denim Mini.  I don't know much about these skirts, but I have owned minis from Boden in the past.  Often their long "mini" will be quite long, nearing pencil skirt length, making the dark denim appropriate for casual Fridays at work.  Originally $58, today is $43.50.

Watercolour Floral Dress.  There is quite a bit in the Limited section on sale, including this beautiful printed frock.  Made from silk and fully lined, it could be a winner for you, especially if you carry your weight in your top half.  I wish this print came in an a-lined shaped dress, would be all over it!  :)  Originally $228, today is $171.

Notch Neck Shift.  They brought back this dress from last year.  I have two colorways from last season and adore the shape.  Did a review of it last year at this post.  Only a few of the colors are included in the sale, including this radish spot version.  Originally $124, today is $93.

Pretty Shorts.  This is a Johnnie b pair of shorts, but I figured the fuller shape combined with a decent inseam length could make this appropriate for some women out there in my blog world.  I would likely buy the size 32 if I were in the market for a pair of cute printed anchor shorts.  :) (The 32 is the largest size they offer, hip size on those is around 41 inches.)  Originally $44, today they are $33.

Okay, that's it!  Hope you enjoyed the combined BWRR and sale overview. 

If you are on a mobile device, here is the direct link to the 25% off sale:
Boden USA 3 Day Spectacular! Save 25% off Selected Styles at

If you are on a mobile device, here is the link for 15% off with free ship/returns (useful for non-sale items, like the maternity leggings):
Save 15% at with Free Delivery and Returns!

Talk soon!