Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boden: This Week's Tempation...25% Off All Dresses...

and men's shirts.  (Also up to 25% off all women's swimwear...note the UP TO 25% off, which means only some swimwear is actually 25% off.)

I wish I looked like this lounging in my dresses.  Good on you, Vanessa.

LOL.  I almost left off the men's shirts part, but that is because I am not really sure how many of you buy things for your hubbies/males in your lives.

(Although there may be one or two guys that read this blog, so if you do, props, and btw, Johnnie B. was thinking of you all today.)

This seems like a fairly decent "surprise" that I alluded to in last night's post (very bottom of post) and I love that this promo lasts a full week before the next surprise comes our way.  (As much as I love catch of the day, the day part is a bit of a bummer if your budget that day doesn't allow you to get whatever wishlisted item you wanted.  This gives all of us a bit more breathing room.)

So what are my picks?

Of course I will always say go for anything that looks like it is low stock, or is a popback, as these items will NOT make it to the end of season sale/clearance.  However, if you want an item that is fully stocked, all sizes, all colors, and you don't need it now, definitely wait a bit...

Beautiful Broderie Dress
Beautiful Broderie Dress. This reminds me a lot of the one from last year's limited edition line, but this one appears to be a better fit for more women. This one is definitely selling quickly, with the navy colorway appearing only in popbacks, and the ivory looking like it might go "low stock" soon.

Flower Burst Shift
Flower Burst Shift. The brown one, which I blogged about here, appears to be in backorder for many sizes. This price is decent for a popular dress, so if this is one you have been eyeing, today (or this week) may be a good time to grab it.

Regatta Dress
Regatta Dress. I picked this one up before today, but at only 20% off. The orange/white polka dotted version I own is adorable, and really perfect for hot American summers. The cotton is soft and lightweight, but there is a cotton lining for modesty, too, if that is a concern of yours. I obviously am unable to IRL review it for a bit (maybe May???), but since I doubted it would be around in May when I could wear it, I chose to grab it earlier...

The blue polka dot version is most popular, and a few sizes have popped back as backorder, so again, this may your best time to grab it.

Ponte Roma Dress
Ponte Roma Dress. This is a very pretty silhouette, and I immediately thought my J. Crew blog friends would find this an appealing dress option from Boden. It is selling swiftly, so again, this may be a good time to grab it.

Riviera Shirt Dress
Riviera Shirt Dress. This is yet another item I bought early just in case it sold out (which it did, but now the colorway I purchased--the blue--is on deep backorder--9 weeks, or June). I do like it...and definitely think I can wear it within a month of giving birth. The cotton is a stretchy sort and the full skirt and covered arms make it very forgiving for a whole host of body types. The only women I would not recommend this one to are the very petite, those who are 5'3" and shorter, and a size 4 or smaller.  For some reason, this was one of the very few dresses Boden did NOT make in petites, even though this shape is very overwhelming on smaller frames.

You can order it (with the 25% off) in the solid black and red, though, which is awesome (they are technically part of the summer roll out, but are here inexplicably). The solid red and black are not nearly as "in your face" as the prints, so if you are unsure of the larger prints, the solids could solve your quandary.

Weekender Dress
Weekender Dress. What an adorable, simple, linen frock. It is also crazily sold out. But you never know...watch for popbacks.

Fun Jersey Dress
Fun Jersey Dress. This was the only dress I could review (outside of Boden maternity pieces) this season. It doesn't fit now, though, lol. Maybe mid-April??? (Here's to hoping.)

It is popular, but not like the weekender above.

I want to also point out that even though all of these dresses/shirts/swimwear have the 20-25% off, they are NOT subject to further 15% off (which you can get in my sidebar or at the bottom of this post). HOWEVER...if you use my 15% off coupon with free ship and returns, the items will be free ship and returns, which is something. :)

Mobile users, here is the direct link to the extra 15% off and free ship and returns that I mentioned in the paragraph above:
Save 15% at Bodenusa.com with Free Delivery and Returns!

Okay, that's all...you all have a great afternoon!  Do any of you have any picks from this current sale?